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    1. Hi Peggy - I'm trying to customize Notable for my own blog and am hitting a barrier from the beginning. I love the look of the Featured Post (yours has the red background: I chose green), but then on my subsequent pages, the colored bar is massive and I can't see the gadget where I can standardize it and make it a narrower band like you have. Tips please? My blog is

      1. Hi Kat: unfortunately there isn't a gadget to modify that header. I changed it by adding CSS styling code.

        To do that, go to your Themes (make a backup!) then click the Customize button.
        That will open the Theme Designer.

        On the Theme Designer page, click "Advanced" then scroll down the options and click "Add CSS".

        In the CSS editor paste:

        body.item-view .Blog .post-title-container {
        padding: 30px 30px 30px 30px;

        (Make sure you include both brackets)
        The "padding" is the amount of space around your blog post title, and 30 pixels is smaller than the default amount.

        You can try adjusting those numbers to your liking - the order is top, right, bottom, left. You may need to apply it to your blog, then reload the post page to see the changes.

        Advanced > Individual Post or Page lets you adjust the title text font, size and color.

        I also recommend sending feedback to Blogger directly, by using the "Feedback" option at the bottom right corner of your main Blogger account page - that will let Blogger know you'd like more widgets to adjust.

    2. Well, that did it. You could look at the link I gave you and see my green-background titles are much better. Thank you for your help!


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