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Creator Weekly: YouTube Podcasts, Meta Paid Verification, AdSense Sites Management

  The question this week is “Would you pay to use social media?” Plus tools for podcasters on YouTube, an update to AdSense Sites management, expanded access to Google Photos cool editing tools, and more. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Podcasts on YouTube Podcasts will soon be added to YouTube Music . They will be audio-first and creators will be able to add their podcasts using an RSS feed. At least initially this will be US only. YouTube is also testing the ability to create and get analytics for Podcast playlists in YouTube Studio. According to a spokesperson , “Podcast playlists will be eligible for current and upcoming podcast features on YouTube, such as eligibility for , podcast badging, and inclusion in the YouTube Music app.” It is not clear how this will affect (or be integrated with) the current Google Podcasts ( ). You gotta pay to play Meta is testing a new paid option for “up and coming creators” that inc

Creator Weekly: YouTube Creator Music (and new leadership), Instagram Broadcast Channels, Twitter Security

The big stories for creators this week: Susan Wojcicki steps down as YouTube CEO, Creator Music is available to US creators in the YouTube Partner Program, Instagram launches broadcast channels, and Twitter limits 2FA with SMS to paid accounts (you should use an authenticator app or security key instead!). There’s also news about AI chatbots, worldwide disinformation campaigns, and more. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Change of leadership at YouTube YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced she is stepping down . Her replacement is YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, who has been at YouTube since 2015. Wojcicki has been part of Google for almost 25 years, ever since she rented her garage to graduate students Larry Page and Sergei Brin and decided to join their fledgling company. Over the years she has been involved in marketing, developing image, book and video search, acquiring YouTube and ad company Doubleclick and was the Senior Vice President of Ads. She took th

Creator Weekly: Google Bard AI, YouTube Shorts Replies, Twitter Blue Long Posts

Roses are red, violets are blue, there are a bunch of creator updates, Happy Valentine’s Week to you! This week the hot topic of discussion was Google and Bing’s announcements about their AI chat bots for search. Plus improved Shorts replies on YouTube, Instagram Gifts for Reels, long posts for Twitter Blue subscribers and more. Subscribe to get the Weekly Update by email. In the news this week My heart goes out to the people of Turkey after the devastating earthquakes . While governments and aid organizations around the world have sent assistance, tech companies are also responding. Amazon is donating relief items and providing logistics for delivering aid packages, and both Google and Apple say they are supporting relief and recovery efforts. Having trouble finding a gift?  Make a Valentine’s Day movie in Google Photos to share with your true love (or your mom). Super Bowl Online 🏈 The Super Bowl is Sunday, and social media is ready. YouTube lets you watch Super Bow

Creator Weekly: Go Live Together, Twitter API, AI-generated content

Dear readers, I hope you are staying warm!  This week YouTube launched the option to “Go Live Together” using the mobile app; Google will automatically create a Google Analytics 4 property for your site, if you don’t; Twitter announced they are ending free access to their API, likely killing many fun (and useful) bots and third party services; new Twitter alternatives launched and more. Subscribe to get the Weekly Update by email. Creator Weekly show YouTube, Blogger updates News for all to know. — beehiiv 🐝 (@beehiiv) January 30, 2023 Black History Month February is Black History Month, so it’s a great time to discover new creators, art and history as Black creators are highlighted around the web. Google is highlighting Black artists and creators of apps, games, books, Chrome background art and more. The Google Arts & Culture site has an updated Black History and Culture hub . YouTube Music has a Black History on YouTube playlist w