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Weekly Update - November 27, 2021: YouTube uploads, Reddit video, AdSense Matched Content

As we move into December (already!), tech companies are slowing feature launches. That, plus the US Thanksgiving holiday, means few updates this week. YouTube If you have a YouTube channel, you should have received an email announcing a Terms of Service updates taking effect January 5th. The content has been reorganized and made a bit more transparent, but there do not appear to be any substantial changes in the terms. Read the updated terms . YouTube is rolling out a new feature that lets you reuse details from previous uploads . During the upload process, you can choose to reuse title, description, video language, shorts sampling permission, or category. This is different from the default upload settings, as those automatically apply to every video you upload. Learn more. YouTube is testing search insight s, which let you see what your audience looks for on YouTube, and also let you see information for any keyword search on YouTube. And, kind of excitingly, they are looking at “

Weekly Update - November 20, 2021: Google Meet, Google News Initiative, Twitter

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s a day for feasting, family and giving thanks. Thanks to all of you for reading! New this week: Google Meet has new immersive backgrounds, Google News Initiative offers new data analysis & presentation tools for journalists (and everyone else), and Twitter makes the case for pseudonymity. And more. If you want to be sure you get this newsletter in your email inbox, subscribe to my newsletter . Top Updates Google Meet is rolling out new immersive backgrounds on the web, with “subtle animation” and different versions for different weather (sunny, rainy, snowy). Three new backgrounds will be available to everyone, with five additional immersive backgrounds and color filters available to Google Workspace and G Suite customers (excluding Google Workspace Individual customers). The Google News Initiative supports journalists and local newsrooms with money and tools. There are new data analysis tools available to every

Weekly Update - November 13, 2021: YouTube hides dislikes, Twitter Blue, Lightship AR Platform

The big news this week is that YouTube no longer displays dislike counts on videos (but you can still dislike). There are also new features for creators who use StreamYard, Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, Clubhouse Rooms and more. Beyond creator tools, Twitter Blue subscriptions, with fancy Twitter features, are now more widely available. And there are updates to the metaverse and live stream shopping (prediction for 2022:metaverse shopping). Top Updates YouTube stopped displaying dislike counts on videos . You can still dislike a video, which will help tune your recommendations. The channel owner will see the video dislike numbers in Analytics in YouTube Studio, but the numbers are not publicly visible. YouTube tested this earlier this year, and found a decrease in dislike attacks, which disproportionately affect smaller creators. The response has been mixed, but I think it’s a positive change. As I noted on Twitter , there is no way t

Weekly Update - November 6, 2021: AdSense, Google Business, Facebook

As we move into November, tech companies are starting their last push of new features before the end of the year. This week AdSense announced improvements to its in-account Policy Center; Google My Business is now Google Business Profile, with new management tools in Maps and Search; and Facebook announced it’s shutting down its facial recognition system (but Meta is not). Plus there are updates for web publishers, Instagrammers, Twitter Spaces hosts, Facebook Group owners, NaNoWriMo writers, online shoppers and more. Upcoming November 7 : I’ll be hosting the #OnEBoardChat Twitter chat on Sunday, November 7 at 11AM Pacific time. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion. Follow me or the #OnEBoardChat hashtag for the latest. The topic will be autumn, and how that relates to your creative and business activities. That will be followed by the Premiere of OnEBoard’s collaborative Autumn movie. November 12 : Deadline to apply for the Google Black and Latinx Publisher’s Summit. Th