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Weekly Update - November 27, 2021: YouTube uploads, Reddit video, AdSense Matched Content

As we move into December (already!), tech companies are slowing feature launches. That, plus the US Thanksgiving holiday, means few updates this week.


If you have a YouTube channel, you should have received an email announcing aTerms of Service updates taking effect January 5th. The content has been reorganized and made a bit more transparent, but there do not appear to be any substantial changes in the terms. Read the updated terms.

YouTube is rolling out a new feature that lets you reuse details from previous uploads. During the upload process, you can choose to reuse title, description, video language, shorts sampling permission, or category. This is different from the default upload settings, as those automatically apply to every video you upload. Learn more.

YouTube is testing search insights, which let you see what your audience looks for on YouTube, and also let you see information for any keyword search on YouTube. And, kind of excitingly, they are looking at “content gaps”, which surface searches that don’t have high quality results. It should make content research easier. Watch the video demo.

Social Media

Reddit is shutting down its recently-acquired Dubsmash app, and integrating its online video editing tools into Reddit proper. Reddit creators will be able to use its mobile camera to change recording speed, set a timer, adjust, and edit and trim multiple clips. The editor can then be used to add text, draw on the image, apply filters, or add a voiceover. And you can use Reddit-centric AR filters.


AdSense will be converting “Matched Content” ad units to “Multiplex Ads”. Matched Content lets you promote your own content, along with ads. The new Multiplex Ads will only show ads. While Matched Content was not available to everyone, Multiplex Ads will be available to all publishers. This change goes into effect on March 1, 2022.

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Image: Pomegranates and citrus by VisionPics on Pixabay. Free for commercial use.