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Weekly Update - September 19, 2020: YouTube, Meet, Blogger

Tuesday is the autumnal equinox, and with it fall begins in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m looking forward to cooler weather. And there also seems to be the usual end-of-quarter flurry of product updates. YouTube launched TikTok-like Shorts in India, Google Meet now lets you blur your background and see 49 participants at once, and Blogger no longer lets you switch back to the legacy interface.
Plus there are updates for video creators, webmasters, businesses, and much more.
Also, on Sunday, September 20, join OnEBoard for the Premiere of our interview with author David Amerland
YouTube and VideoYouTube Shorts launched in early beta in India. There are new camera tools that let you create a fun 15-second video, including combining clips, recording with music, and speed controls. Creators in India can sign up for a free workshop to learn how it works. If you don’t have access to the Shorts camera, you can still participate by uploading vertical videos that are less than 60 seconds long. I…

New Duo and Meet features: 49-person grid, background blur, screen sharing and more

2020 has been an exciting year for video conferencing, with millions of people around the world working, learning and socializing from home, and a steady stream of new video calling features. Google has two video calling platforms: Duo, for video chats with friends and family, and Meet , a video conferencing platform designed for businesses and schools. Google has released an amazing number of new features for both platforms since last April.  Updates just in the past week: Meet is rolling out a 49-person grid view Meet is rolling out  background blurring for Mac and Windows. The Meet mobile apps are getting a redesign to match the Meet experience in the Gmail app. Duo now has screen sharing on mobile.  (NOTE: the Tweet announcing this has been deleted, so maybe not quite yet) Read on for an overview of the major Duo and Meet updates since April. Duo UpdatesCommunication toolsVideo calling on more devicesJust for funGoogle Meet UpdatesSee more meeting…

Weekly Update - September 12, 2020: Android 11, Fundo, Meet

This has been a terrible week here on the West Coast of the US, with record heat, raging wildfires and heavy smoke blanketing the region. Fellow West Coasters, I hope you are safe!

This week Android 11 is finally available. This would have been version “R” under the old naming system - maybe in another universe it’s Rainbow Sherbet, Rock Candy or Red Velvet Cake.

Also new this week: the new Fundo creator event platform, collaborative playlists in YouTube Music, a new look for the Meet mobile app and more
AndroidAndroid 11 is rolling out. Some of the new features include messaging bubbles, built-in screen recording, improved media controls and more. If you have a Pixel 2 or later phone you get additional features including Live View with Location Sharing with your friends and family in Google Maps, smart reply in chat apps, new overview actions to copy text or take a screenshot, Find out when Android 11 will be available for your Android device.YouTube and VideoFundo is a virtual platfo…

The Fundo virtual events platform is now open to creators

Google's experimental "in-house incubator" Area 120 has launched the Fundo virtual events platform to all creators in the US and Canada (with more locations "coming soon"). It offers multiple ways to interact with your audience. And it's designed for easy monetization!

You can host a meet-and-greet, run a workshop, and even take photos "with" your fans. Fundo helps you take care of all the details, including scheduling, sign-ups, taking payments and the event itself.  It's designed with YouTubers in mind, but it looks like it can be used by all sorts of creators.Check out the Fundo home page ( to see featured events. This is my public profile (no events scheduled ... yet??). Can you tell I find this exciting?What Creators need to know about Fundo Events Fundo lets you set up three different types of events:
1:1 Chat + Photos: individual video call with fans. Take "photobooth" photos together with your own branded frame. Fans …

Weekly Update - September 5, 2020: Blogger, Image Search, Chat

We’ve made it to September and autumn is on the horizon (although it still feels like summer in my neck of the woods). Join me and the other OnEBoard members tomorrow when our Vacation 2020 video Premieres on YouTube, with summer images from around the world!

This week there are updates for Blogger, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, webmasters and more. Plus new features for Google Chat and Meet.
YouTube, Video and Live StreamingIn case you missed it: TeamYouTube has a roundup of all the YouTube creator updates in August 2020. Highlights are the new Editor (Limited) role on Channel Permissions, Audience Interests showing in YouTube Analytics, Dark Mode for the mobile YouTube Studio app, and a new option to subscribe to Advertiser Friendly content Guidelines updates. You can get a sneak peek at a new YouTube feature in the works, that checks your uploaded video for copyright issues as part of the upload process. Learn about Pre Publish Checks.Watch Parties are now available to all…

Weekly Update - August 29, 2020: YouTube, Meet & Duo, Chrome

This week there are updates to the YouTube video editor, the new Blogger interface, and Chrome tab management. Soon you can view Meet and Duo video calls on your TV. Plus there are updates on Facebook, Messenger, Medium and more. YouTubeYouTube wants you to help them improve! Apply to participate in user experience studies, and learn more on Creator Insider.YouTube released statistics on how their coronavirus-induced shift to more automated policy enforcement has affected video takedowns. The number of videos taken down for Community Guidelines violations doubled, as compared to the first quarter of the year. But successful appeals also increased, from 25% to 50% of appealed videos being restored. Only 3% of video removals are actually appealed, which suggests to me the vast majority is spam and other content where the uploader knows violated the rules.YouTube is improving the blur tool in the built-in video editor. The blur tool lets you easily blur out faces, license plates, logos an…

YouTube policy enforcement in the time of COVID-19: more removals, more successful appeals

Back in March, YouTube announced they were temporarily increasing automated content review due to COVID-19-related reduction to in-office staff. Today YouTube released a transparency report that shows this doubled the number of videos removed for Community Guidelines violations. But more videos were also restored on appeal. Usually videos flagged by YouTube's automated systems go through a human review to confirm that the flagged content violates YouTube policies. With coronavirus-caused limitations to their workforce, YouTube's reviewing team was limited.That meant they had to choose: either limit enforcement to what the reduced review capacity could handle, or rely more on automated systems, which were more likely to incorrectly remove content.  YouTube explained their choice:  Because responsibility is our top priority, we chose the latter—using technology to help with some of the work normally done by reviewers.  In most cases, those automated video removals did not result in…

Weekly Update - August 22, 2020: AdSense, YouTube, Meet

It has been a heck of a week here in Northern California. In the midst of a historic heatwave, there was a spectacular lighting storm that set hundreds of fires, many of which have been burning out of control for almost a week. Conveniently, Google has started showing almost real-time fire perimeters on Maps, which is useful information. I’m hoping the weather will become less interesting soon. 
This week there are changes for AdSense payments, YouTube Partners, updates to Blogger’s post editor, Google Meet can be cast to your TV and Zoom is popping up on all sorts of smart displays. YouTube comes out strongly against Australia’s proposed News Media Bargaining Code. Plus there are updates for webmasters, map lovers and more.
AdSense & MonetizationLast week AdSense announced that Western Union is no longer available to select as a form of payment. This affects both AdSense Publishers and YouTube Partners. YouTube has asked Partners who would be negatively affected by the change to…

Weekly Update - August 15, 2020: Profiles, Meet, AdSense

This week’s updates include new Google Search Profile Cards, updates to Google Meet for education, and changes to AdSense payment options.Plus there are updates for video creators, bloggers, business owners and more.

Stay cool everyone!
Show who you are  Google has introduced People Cards in the Google Search results. The idea is that someone searching for your name will see a “virtual visiting card” with information about you, including your Google profile photo, links to your website and social media profiles, and contact information. Google search will show multiple Cards in the results if there are multiple people with the same name. Currently this is only available to users in India with their language set to English. Learn more. Instagram will start “asking people to confirm who’s behind an account when [they] see a pattern of potential inauthentic behavior”. They say most accounts will not…

Weekly Update - August 8, 2020: YouTube Music, Blogger, Docs

This week there was both bad news and good news. Google announced the timeline to shut down Google Play Music. I’m sad about it, but I’ve transferred my music to YouTube Music, and I’m going to give that a try. Also YouTube subscription email notifications will be going away. 
On the plus side, the new Blogger interface is being frequently updated, YouTube Live Control Room has new features, and the Google Docs, Sheets & Slides mobile apps have some nice improvements.

Plus there are updates for video creators, webmasters, presenters and more.
Google Play Music Google Play Music will be gone by the end of the year. Starting in October, you will no longer be able to stream from the Google Play Music app.You have until December 2020 to transfer your Google Play Music library of uploads and purchases, playlists, and likes to YouTube Music using the transfer tool. Uploaded music can be played in YouTube Music offlin…

Weekly Update - August 1, 2020: Cameos, Maps, YouTube

Summer is in full swing, and there are a bunch of new features and ubugpdates for creators. This week there are opportunities to share your expertise in Google Search Cameos and Maps, new features in Meet and Chat, and free PDF productivity tools from Adobe. There's a new management permission for YouTube channels and YouTube's community contributions are going away in September. Plus there's more for webmasters, publishers, and music lovers.Share your ExpertiseIf you blog about Food & Drink, Beauty, Fitness, Home & Garden or Video Games, there is a new opportunity for you: Google Cameos. Cameos are short videos that answer frequently asked questions. They appear on knowledge cards and in Google Search.This looks like a way to build your personal brand while helping others with your knowledge. Currently this is only an option for US bloggers. (Not sure what this is? Search for quesadillas, then look for the “top questions answered” section.)Google Maps is expand…