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How to send feedback to YouTube

Do you hate the latest YouTube channel design? Have an idea for a new feature? Spot a bug?

The best way to let YouTube know is to use the official Send Feedback option at the bottom of every page on

1. Start on the YouTube page where you are experiencing trouble or would like to provide a suggestion

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Send Feedback link

3. A box will pop up where you can describe the issue. You can also highlight sections of the page to include in a screenshot.

Your feedback will be read, even though YouTube doesn't usually respond.

A few tips for sending effective feedback:

The Send Feedback form is not a way to ask for assistance with your account or using YouTube. If you have a questions or need some help, please check the YouTube Help Center, which offers troubleshooters and contact forms for many issues. You can also post your question in the official YouTube help forum.
Be as specific as you can about what you don't like or …

Google+ Tips: Cover Photos, Custom URLs, Account Privacy & Security, G+ Beginner Guide

A round up of recent helpful posts, tips, and tricks for Google+:

Keeping your Google account secure:
Official Google Blog: How not to get tricked: Your favorite online safety tipsNick Rock: How to control connected apps, sites and services on your Google account
From me on Google+: 3 Steps to more privacy on your Google+ Profile

Mike Blumenthal @ Understanding Google Places & Local Search:
Tips for your New Google+ Cover Photo

Learn how the new Google+ cover image format introduced this week looks on different displays and devices.

Jaana Nyström @ G+ Helper: Custom URLs on Google+ For Everyone

Google+ started offering custom URLs to Google+ Profiles and Pages in the last week of October. Jaana has the latest information on your options and how the vanity URLs are being offered.

Plus Your Business provides a Beginner's Guide to Google+ (click to enlarge):

Source: Plus Your Business

How to reply to old YouTube comments using the new Google+ comment system

One significant limitation of the new Google+ commenting system on YouTube is that comments posted under the old system have been effectively orphaned. Conversations have been abruptly terminated and pending questions are going unanswered, because there is no easy way to directly reply to those old comments.

Andrew Bossom suggests a work-around that lets you respond to at least some of those old comments, and hopefully will let you get the discussion going again on your channel. If the channel that posted the original comment is linked to Google+, you can post a new comment that + mentions the commenter. They will receive a notification of that new comment that mentions them.

Of course that only works with channels that are connected to a Google+ Page or Profile. If the channel is not connected to Google+, and it's important to reply to them, the only other option I can think of is sending them a private message. At least then they won't think you've forgotten them.

More in…

Google+ Comments on YouTube: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Today YouTube introduced Google+ comments for video watch pages. First introduced for YouTube channel discussions in September, the Google+ commenting system should allow channel owners greater control over the comments that appear on their videos.

On the downside you are now required to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Profile or Page to make a comment and Google+ notifications aren't really a substitute for your YouTube Inbox. And even for Google+ enthusiasts, the new commenting system will take some getting used to.

Here's a brief overview of my first impressions some of the features and drawbacks of the Google+ commenting system:

The Good: better moderation options, longer formatted comments, communications managers and more
Better Moderation Options

I think one of the best features of Google+ comments is the ability to easily block posters and prevent comments that contain specific words or phrases.

To manage who can comment on your channel and videos, open the com…