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Weekly Update - September 24, 2022: YouTube Monetization, Creator Music, Twich Streamers

  Happy autumn (and spring to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere)! This week there is big news for YouTube creators (good) and Twitch streamers (not so good). You can check to see if your art or photos have been used in an AI training set. Plus there are tips and updates to make you more productive. Want weekly updates in your email inbox? Subscribe to my newsletter. Upcoming September 28 is Google’s #SearchOn 22 event . Learn what’s new in Google Search. More YouTube monetization options Starting later this fall and into 2023 YouTube will be offering more monetization options. The two big changes are the ability to earn ad revenue from Shorts and new licensing options to earn from videos with commercial music. Eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program is expanding to include YouTube shorts creators. You will be able to qualify for YPP with 1000 subscribers and either 4000 hours watch time in the past year or at least 10 million Shors views in the past 90 days (no one

New YouTube Monetization options in 2023

There were several exciting announcements from this week's invite-only YouTube Creator Summit, with a number of new monetization options that will (mostly) become available in 2023 Full details will be available in the coming months. Update January 2023: New YouTube Partner Program terms of service and Shorts Ad Revenue Sharing . Update June 2023: YouTube Partner Program open to more creators with new Fan Funding tier Here is a brief overview of the update: YouTube Partner Program eligibility with 10 million Shorts views in the past 90 days All channels in the YouTube Partner Program will be able to earn ad revenue from Shorts Earn from Super Thanks on Shorts Lower eligibility threshold for fan funding Creator Music lets Partners license commercial music tracks for monetized videos Watch the official announcement by YouTube Creators:     Read on for more details. Eligibility Requirements for the You

Weekly Update - September 17: YouTube Live Redirect, Canva Visual Worksuite, Google Photos Memories

  As we head into autumn, leaves will start changing, the weather will turn cooler, and tech companies will start pushing out the updates to get them done before the end of the year. I expect the coming weeks will be interesting! This week there are new features coming to graphic design platform Canva, updated shareable Google Photos Memories and collage creation tools, new YouTube features, updates to Google Chat and Meet, and more. Want weekly updates in your email inbox? Subscribe to my newsletter. Join #OnEBoardChat about Presentations and Webinars I’m hosting this week’s #OnEBoardChat, and the topic will be dos, don’ts and tools for presentations. If you have ever given a presentation, joined a webinar, or watched a lecture, please join in the discussion! It starts Sunday, September 18, at 11AM Pacific time on Twitter. Follow me (@ PeggyKTC ) or the #OnEBoardChat hashtag for updates. And if you can’t join live, comment when you can. I hope you can join us! News in online desig

More details about the upcoming migration of Currents content and communities to Spaces

This week Google Workspace hosted a webinar with more information about the migration from Currents to Google Chat Spaces. Previously:  Google+ Successor Currents will be replaced by Spaces in 2023 As Google+ shut down for personal accounts in 2019, Currents was launched as the evolution of Google+ for G Suite (Google Workspace) users. In July 2020 all remaining Google+ content was migrated to Currents. Currents was notably absent from Google’s big Google Workspace “Home for Work” launch in the fall of 2020. That did include Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and (notably) Chat. Those Google services are integrated with each other, with Gmail as a sort of home base. With Currents out in the cold, it was not a big surprise when in February Google announced that Currents would shut down in 2023. But not all will be lost! Some Currents content and communities will be migrated to Google Chat Spaces . If you use Currents, I recommend watching this week's webinar v

Weekly Update - September 10, 2022: YouTube policy, Meet games, Twitter Birdwatch

It’s been an extraordinarily hot week here in California. I am so ready for fall. I hope wherever you are reading this from the weather is mild! This week there are updates in YouTube for education and YouTube’s sexual content policy; new ways to play games in Google Meet; expansion of Twitter’s Birdwatch anti-misinformation program and more. Of special note are links to several excerpts of tech reporter Mark Bergen’s new book “Like, Comment, Subscribe: Inside YouTube’s Chaotic Rise to World Domination”. He delves into interesting history and more recent content moderation struggles. If you are interested in what happens behind the scenes, be sure to check them out. (I want to read this whole book!) Want weekly updates in your email inbox? Subscribe to my newsletter. YouTube for Education YouTube is working to improve as an educational tool for both teachers and creators. And, of course, students. There is a new YouTube video player for education, that will show videos wi

Weekly Update - September 3, 2022: Hangouts, YouTube mobile live streaming, Twitter Circle

This week there are new features from Twitter (circle posting, pinned replies, and Tweet editing), video tips from Facebook, new ways to manage your mobile live streams on YouTube, and more. We also have a date for Hangouts last day 😢. Plus tips and updates for video creators, web publishers and more. Want weekly updates by email? Subscribe to my newsletter. Hangouts will end October 31 There is finally a date for the final transition from Hangouts to Google Chat. Beginning November 1, will redirect to . The “Google Apps Team” sent out emails this week notifying users if some of their conversations will not be migrated to Google Chat. And people using a Brand Account with direct sign-in for Hangouts were notified that they will not be able to use Google Chat, If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to move from Hangouts to Chat. YouTube and Video You can now manage your mobile live streams in YouTube Studio Live Control Room .

Hangouts will stop working for Brand Accounts November 1st: download an archive of your Hangouts data!

If you have been using Hangouts to communicate from your Brand Account, that will stop working on November 1, 2022.  Your Hangouts data can be exported using Google Takeout until January 1, 2023.  This will only affect Brand Accounts that have direct sign-in enabled. The option to add a password to a Brand Account was only available through the fall of 2016, but any password set before then continues to work.  Note that Google Chat, the successor to Hangouts , does not support Brand Accounts.  If this affects your account, you should have received an email notification from "The Google Apps Team".  The important part of the email says:  You are receiving this email because you are a Brand Account owner who created and used Google Hangouts with your Brand Account that was created before August 4, 2021, when Brand Accounts could be used with a variety of Google services. Since August 4, 2021, new Brand Accounts can only be linked