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Where should you upload video? Google Photos vs YouTube

Should you upload your videos to Google Photos ? or to YouTube ? Both offer free unlimited video uploads - with limitations. I've put together a comparison chart to help you decide. What I think each does best: Google Photos: automatic backup, private and personal videos, sharing with a small group YouTube : large videos, videos you want share publicly, promote or monetize detailed comparison of Google Photos and YouTube video upload options learn what happens when you upload video when posting Blogger or Google+ using Google Drive to view your Google Photos videos and direct video upload options how to get help with video uploads

Week in Review - May 30, 2015: Google I/O, Google Photos, Android M

This week I/O 2015 - Google's annual developer conference - had plenty of sweet treats. The big news? The new stand-alone Google Photos and Android M. And there are loads more updates and tips for Google account management, Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, Blogger, AdSense and more.

Week in Review - May 23, 2015: Hangouts New Look, Ripples Retired, Google Search Console

Are you ready for Google I/O on May 28-29? If you can't attend in person, watch the Keynote and other sessions live . Also follow the official Google Top Contributor Program I/O Requests Collection to request I/O information and see the answers. What's new this week? The Chrome Hangouts desktop app gets a new look and Mac support, Google+ retired Ripples, Google Maps no longer links to Google+ Local business pages, Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console and more.

Week in Review - May 16, 2015: New forum look, mobile app updates, local business tips

This week the  Google Product Help Forums got a new look, you can boost your mobile productivity with updates to the Drive, Slides, Docs and Gmail Android apps, Project Fi gets rolling, and Local business experts share tips and problem-solving suggestions in a Hangout on Air.

Share your YouTube video to Facebook with the correct thumbnail and description

Sharing a YouTube video to Facebook is easy, but sometimes Facebook uses an outdated thumbnail or description. Fortunately, you can fix that - or at least make it less likely to happen. YouTube does not offer any way to automatically post your videos to your Facebook profile or page. Instead you can share the video - yours or anyone else's - from the video watch page or by directly posting the link on Facebook.

Week in Review - May 9, 2015: Collections and a cleaner Google+

Don't forget to call your mom on Mother's Day! You can use Google Hangouts from your  desktop  computer,  Android  or iOS device to call the United States or Canada for free (or at least send her a homemade digital card). The big news this week was on Google+ with the introduction of Collections, and the quiet retirement of Local search, visible auto-hashtags, and Circle sharing. And there are more tips and updates for small business owners, bloggers and YouTube creators. Read on!

The new Google+ Collections: Get creative!

March 2019: Consumer Google+ shuts down on April 2, 2019. The G Suite version of Google+ will phase out Collections. Information about the change :  G Suite users won’t be able to: * Create new collections. Any existing collections will remain. * Add content to a collection that is not domain-restricted. G Suite users will still be able to: * Add content to a collection that is domain-restricted. * Delete internal and external collections that they own. -------------- On May 4th Google+ introduced Collections , a new way to group your posts by topic. Follow just the Collections you are interested in, and unfollow Collections you aren't. And you can create Collections to organize your posts for your followers and yourself. To get started, simply sign into Google+ and click "Collections" in the left menu or the Google+ app's Home screen. Collections: Basics Collections can be public or private Posts in a Collection have the same visi

Week in Review - May 2, 2015: Free calls to Nepal, Google+ Still Not Dead, the Big Business of Fake Profiles

What was new this week? In response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal , tech companies have stepped in to provide free calls, collect donations and help people find each other - a good use for technology in terrible circumstances. Read on for this week's tips and articles for Google+, Hangouts, and more. [painting: May Day Central Park by Maurice Prendergast (1901)]