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Weekly Update - August 28, 2021: YouTube Partner Program, Google Meet, Facebook Posts

This week there are new tools for hosting Google Meet meetings, new security requirements for YouTube Partners, information about how Google Search and Instagram Search work, and a (criticized) report on what content is the most popular on Facebook. Plus there are tips and updates for video creators, website owners, podcasters, and more. Don’t forget that you can get all this information in your email inbox by subscribing to my new email newsletter ! New tutorials Google Meet has new safety and moderation controls that let meeting hosts control whether participants can use the in-meeting chat, share their screen, mute everyone with a single click or kick everyone out when the meeting is over. Get detailed instructions on how to do that, or watch this 60 second overview . This week’s top updates YouTube channels with at least 1000 subscribers can now add a trailer to scheduled live streams. Starting November 1st all accounts

Google Meet safety and moderation controls for hosts

Google Meet has rolled out meeting management and safety tools to everyone, making it easier for a meeting Host to prevent disruptions. A host can turn off chat and screen sharing, mute everyone, and end the meeting for everyone. There are two Host settings:  Let everyone Share their screen Let everyone Send chat messages If those settings are turned off, only the host can present their screen or post in the in-meeting chat.  Hosts can also:  Mute everyone with a single click End the meeting  for everyone These settings are available for both free personal Google accounts and Google Workspace accounts.  Read on for detailed instructions. Watch a quick demo of how to change the settings for screen sharing and chat.  Turn off screen sharing and chat for participants The Meet meeting host can turn off screen presentation and chat for all other meeting participants. This feature is available on desktop and in th

Weekly Update - August 21, 2021: YouTube, AdSense, Chat

If you are reading this Weekly Update as an email, be sure to subscribe to my new email newsletter before FeedBurner’s RSS to email service stops working . Learn why I chose the Revue platform . This week there are updates for YouTube creators, web publishers, podcasters and more. New tutorials Tutorial: If your YouTube channel content - videos, playlists, comments - is important to you, make a backup today ! Tutorial: Similarly if you have been working hard on your Blogger blog, back up your posts, pages, comments and theme . Upcoming: On September 1, under-18 students using a Google Workspace for Education account will lose access to YouTube and Blogger .Affected users should download their YouTube and Blogger data as soon as possible. Watch a video overview . This week’s top updates: YouTube is launching new features to improve search : you can view - and jump to - Chapters from the search resu

Alternatives to FeedBurner's RSS to Email Service (Subscribe to my new newsletter!)

Update December 2022: My Creator Weekly newsletter is now on Beehiiv. Subscribe here . You can now subscribe to my new Weekly Newsletter email at Revue. If you are reading this in your email account, please subscribe to the new version, as FeedBurner-managed email will be stopping imminently. Since FeedBurner announce the demise of their RSS to Email function, I've been struggling to figure out where to host the email version of my Weekly Update .  After some experimentation and research, I've decided to use the Revue newsletter platform.  Note: Joke's on me, Revue is shutting down January 18, 2023. I have moved the newsletter to Beehiiv.  See the update at the bottom of this post for more information about the platform. This is not an automated RSS to email service. Each newsletter is manually created by me. That is a bit more work, but Revue lets me import a post from blog's RSS feed with just a click, which is very easy. And it has a

Under 18 students will lose access to YouTube and Blogger September 1

Students who are younger than 18 will no longer be able to use their school Google Workspace for Education account for Blogger or YouTube starting September 1.  Any YouTube or Blogger content should be backed up as soon as possible.  After September 1, students will still be able to use Google Takeout to create an archive of Blogger and YouTube data for at least a couple of months, as long as the Takeout service is enabled.  Note that Blogger blog posts and comments downloaded through Takeout cannot be imported into a new blog. To create an importable backup, also export the blog from inside Blogger . Students must do this before September 1st.  Who is affected by this update? What will happen with YouTube? Student YouTube channels cannot be transferred Download an archive of YouTube content What will happen with Blogger? Download an archive of Blogger content Watch an overview: Who is affected? Google Wor

Back up your YouTube account data

If your YouTube content - videos, playlists, comments, posts, music uploads - is important to you, make a backup today! You can easily download individual YouTube videos (with some exceptions) or use Google Takeout to create an archived copy of all your YouTube account data.  Download individual videos from YouTube Studio Download all your YouTube account data with Google Takeout Do you really need to make a backup? Yes! There are many reasons for making a backup of your YouTube account data.  For example:  Content could be inadvertently deleted You could lose access to your Google account Your YouTube account could be suspended You want a copy of your live stream archives You want to edit or repurpose your videos I know many of you already have a backup of your videos. But there are many folks who do not.  If your YouTube channel was deleted, would you lose anything precious to you? If so, make a backup.  And note that th

Back up all your Blogger account data

Blogging takes time, effort and creativity. Make regular backups of your Blogger blog so that you will always have a copy of your creative output.  Blogger offers a number of ways to backup your blog content:  Export an individual blog's posts, pages and comments from your Blogger account Export an individual blog's theme from your Blogger account Export an individual blog's videos from your Blogger account Export an individual blog's images from Album Archive Export all the data in your Blogger account using Google Takeout What I recommend is:  Export all your Blogger data using Google Takeout Also download a backup of posts from each of your blog's Settings One major difference between exporting your content from your Blogger account and using Google Takeout is that the files are in a different format.  A blog's posts, pages and comments are exported from the blog's Settings as an XML

Weekly Update - August 14, 2021: Meet, YouTube, Teen Safety

It’s back to school time! With the focus on younger users, Google has announced new teen and kid safety features for YouTube and Google Search. Meet is launching a new feature that lets hosts (like teachers) add up to 25 co-hosts. Plus there are new features for creators in AdSense, Search Console, YouTube, and more. This week’s top updates: Google Meet will allow a meeting host to designate up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting . Managing participants and roles is also easier with the new option to search for a meeting participant. The co-hosting feature is limited to host accounts in certain Google Workspace editions. Google Meet is also making available new host controls to everyone , including free personal accounts. These include limiting who can share their screen and who can send chat messages, muting everyone with one click, and ending the meeting for everyone. Follow t his thread in the Meet Help Community to follow the progress of

YouTube Partner Program eligibility update: no active Community Guidelines strikes

Your YouTube channel will not be  eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program  if it has any active Community Guidelines Strikes. Note that this new criterion only applies to active Community Guidelines strikes.  It does not apply to:  Community Guidelines warnings Expired Community Guidelines strikes Copyright strikes That is in addition to the other YouTube Partner Program requirements:  At least 1000 subscribers At least 4000 hours valid public watch time in the past year  Channel follows all monetization policies YouTube  Community Guidelines YouTube  Terms of Service YouTube  Copyright  policy  Google AdSense program policies , including no repetitious or reused content Advertiser-friendly content guidelines An active AdSense account (which you can apply for from YouTube)  Check your YouTube channel's YPP eligibility status You can check whether your YouTube channel is eligible for the YouTube Partner Program on your monetization settings tab in YouTube studio.  1. Sign