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Weekly Update - August 21, 2021: YouTube, AdSense, Chat

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This week there are updates for YouTube creators, web publishers, podcasters and more.

New tutorials

This week’s top updates:

  • YouTube is launching new features to improve search: you can view - and jump to - Chapters from the search results, preview snippets on mobile, and if there aren’t relevant search results in your language, you may see automatically translated captions, titles and descriptions when relevant content in the local language isn’t available. YouTube is also experimenting with showing website links from Google Search (so far only) in India and Indonesia.
  • AdSense has added three new settings to “Auto Optimize”: select the percentage of traffic you want to see the experiment, remove an ad style you don’t want experiments run on, and the option to block a particular experiment.
  • Google Chat is - finally!  -getting dark mode on desktop
  • Facebook launched Horizon Workrooms, which let you attend a virtual meeting using an Oculus Quest 2 headset. It uses Oculus Remote Desktop to let you bring your computer and keyboard into the meeting. If someone joins with video, rather than VR, they appear on the virtual screen in the virtual meeting room. If you have the right hardware and physical space (Facebook recommends 6.5 feet by 5 feet to use the virtual whiteboard), you can give it a try. Facebook promises not to use your work conversation and docs to target ads.

And more this week:

YouTube and Video

Web Publishers

  • AdSense has posted a reminder that its content requirements do not allow promotion of harmful health claims or “relates to a current, major health crisis [COVID-19] and contradicts authoritative scientific consensus.” Also prohibited: content promoting hate groups, demonstrably false election-related claims. If you are monetizing your website or blog these policies apply to both your content and comments on your posts.
  • The latest episode of #AskGooglebot explains why a site: query in Google Search miay not show all pages.

Social Media

  • OnlyFans is going to ban sexually explicit content, arguably why the platform is popular in the first place. Some nude content will still be allowed. The reason? OnlyFans says it was to appease “banking partners and payout providers”.
  • Pinterest is making it easier to find relevant beauty information by adding hair pattern filters. Refine your search for “summer hair styles” by limiting it to protective, coily, curly, wavy, straight or shaved/bald hair.
  • On the short vertical video front, Facebook is bringing Reels from Instagram to the main Facebook app. This is currently being tested for some users in the United States, India, Mexico and Canada.



  • If you use Google Chat with a Google Workspace account, the new “trusted domains” lets you chat with members of a trusted organization, even if external chats are otherwise not allowed. This needs to be set up by your Google Workspace administrator.


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    Image: Threads by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay (free for commercial use)


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