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Creator Weekly: Podcasts in YouTube Music, Meet full HD video, Microsoft Designer

  May is nearly upon us. I hope you are having sparkling (but not too hot) spring weather! This week YouTube is offering more podcast features and shared details on how they create and enforce policy, Google Meet is launching full HD video streaming, Microsoft has an AI image editing tool you can use for free and more. Now a question for you: would you be interested in listening to a podcast with a roundup of the latest creator news? I’m live on YouTube every Sunday and they could be turned into a YouTube podcast. Let me know in the comments or by replying to this newsletter! Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live Join me live on Sunday for a recap of this week’s top updates! I’m live at 10:30AM Pacific time (5:30 UTC). Set a reminder on YouTube here . Google Meet Video in Full HD Google Meet is now allowing some meeting participants to set 1080p Full HD for incoming and outgoing video streams. There are some limitations: This is only available for (some)

Creator Weekly: YouTube Policy, Imgur Terms Change, Instagram Links

Happy Earth Day! This week there are updates for YouTubers, web publishers, Instagrammers, Redditors, and Twitterers. Plus updates on your favorite generative AI tools and more. If you are interested in discussing how tech can help you use fewer consumables, water and fuel, improve your local environment or otherwise do better for the Earth, join OnEBoard Chat on Sunday. I’ll be hosting. Check my profile at 11AM Pacific time or watch the #OnEBoardChat hashtag . Subscribe  to get the Creator Weekly by email. Join me live on Sunday for a recap of this week’s top updates! I’m live at 10:30AM Pacific time (5:30 UTC). Set a reminder on YouTube here . YouTube Policy Around Eating Disorder Content YouTube has worked with experts to update their policy around eating disorder-related content. Current policy prohibits content that promotes or glorifies eating disorders. In the updated policy, content depicting behavior that at-risk viewers may imitate is also prohibited. That includes b

Find your end-of-year tax documents in your AdSense account

If you are having trouble finding the end-of-year tax documents for your AdSense or YouTube earnings, don't panic! If Google issued you a 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, or 1042 form, you can find that in your AdSense account. For most of the United States, income taxes are due April 18. But even if your taxes aren't imminently due, you will want to have an official record of your total earnings and any taxes withheld last year.  Note that if you opted in to "go paperless", Google would not have mailed you a copy. In that case the only copy is in your account. AdSense also offers contact forms if you need a new paper copy of the form, you need to revise the form or dispute the form. The forms are sent by and list  XXVI Holdings Inc  as the payer name, not "Google", "AdSense", or "YouTube".   Watch a short overview.   When does Google provide an end-of-year tax form? Google only provides end-of-year tax

Creator Weekly: Currents migration to Chat Spaces; Twitter Monetization; YouTube Posts

This week there are nice updates for Currents communities; Twitter, YouTube and Instagram creators; Blogger bloggers; and more. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly is Live! As an experiment, I will be live streaming the top creator updates on Sundays at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (17:30 UTC). Head over to YouTube to set a reminder or watch. Join me if you have questions, comments, or want a quick recap. Watch last week’s surprise edition. I confess that knowing no one was watching made it easier. Currents (formerly Google+) is in the final stages of migration to Chat Spaces The migration of communities from Currents to Google Chat Spaces has begun. This process will be completed by the end of June, and Currents will shut down on July 5. I’ve written up an overview of the latest timeline and migration details . Note that the migration will only include communities and community members active starting in July 2020. This will not include any personal Google

Migration of Currents Communities to Google Chat Spaces is in progress

Migration of Currents Communities to Google Chat Spaces is entering its final phase. When Google+ for personal accounts shut down in 2019, it remained open for G Suite (now Google Workspace) users. It was simplified and rebranded Currents. Over time it became pretty clear that Currents was not getting much love from Google, and when the new Google Workspace was launched as a “better home for work” in October 2020, Currents didn’t even get a mention. So it was no surprise when Google announced last year that Currents would be shut down and ( at least some) Communities would be migrated to Google Chat Spaces . Note that the migration will only include Communities and Community Members active after July 2020. That means this does not include any personal Google accounts. Here's  the current timeline :  December 31, 2022: This was the deadline to opt in to the migration. Organizations that did not opt in will n

Creator Weekly: YouTube Live, Twitter vs. Substack, Flickr Creative Commons

Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrate! I hope you have a sunny spring weekend! This week Twitter went to war on Substack, YouTube launched new features for live streamers, YouTube launched new features for live streamers, Flickr's updated community guidelines prohibit copyleft trolling, and more. Want the Creator Weekly in your Inbox?  Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Twitter versus Substack It has been another chaotic week at Twitter . The lesson seems to be that it’s a bad idea to use the platform to promote your business or services or newsletter or other content without a backup. It started with an announcement from Substack .  Substack is a newsletter platform where issues are also available on the web. It’s blog-like, with subscribers being able to comment on newsletter posts. This week Substack launched Notes , where “writers will be able to post short-form content and share ideas with each other and their rea

Creator Weekly: Twitter Pay-to-play, Google Ad Transparency Center, YouTube Quizzes

When I started my weekly roundups, years ago, all the tech companies had a goof prepared for April Fool’s Day (see 2016 or 2017 ). It seems like those were simpler times. I’m not expecting much foolishness today beyond the usual foolishness. That said, Wikipedia’s English home page has a “Did you know?” box with what sound like fake facts, but they all turn out to be true. That’s the kind of “fool” I like. Reddit also took a look back at April Fool’s Past and a new post that looks like the start of a scavenger hunt . Plus there are a bunch of updates this week, no fooling. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Learn how to live stream from Google Meet to YouTube My latest tutorial has everything you need to know to set up your YouTube channel for live streaming, and an overview of how to get started streaming from a Meet meeting. Whether you were a Hangouts on Air user back in the day, or if you are just interested in browser-based live streaming options, check out my guide