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Find your end-of-year tax documents in your AdSense account

If you are having trouble finding the end-of-year tax documents for your AdSense or YouTube earnings, don't panic! If Google issued you a 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, or 1042 form, you can find that in your AdSense account.

For most of the United States, income taxes are due April 18. But even if your taxes aren't imminently due, you will want to have an official record of your total earnings and any taxes withheld last year. 

Note that if you opted in to "go paperless", Google would not have mailed you a copy. In that case the only copy is in your account.

AdSense also offers contact forms if you need a new paper copy of the form, you need to revise the form or dispute the form.

The forms are sent by and list XXVI Holdings Inc as the payer name, not "Google", "AdSense", or "YouTube".  

Watch a short overview. 

When does Google provide an end-of-year tax form?

Google only provides end-of-year tax forms (and submits information to the IRS) if required by US law.

If you submitted US tax form W-9

Google will issue a form 1099 if: 

  • You submitted form W-9 (or are presumed to be a US person)
  • You are not an exempt recipient
  • You were paid at least $600 in the calendar tax year OR you had taxes withheld
Note that YouTube earnings and other AdSense earnings count separately towards the $600 minimum.

That means you may be issued two separate 1099 forms if you were paid more than $600 in 2022 for both YouTube and AdSense.
  • 1099-MISC for YouTube Royalties
  • 1099-NEC for AdSense Non-employee Compensation
You should have received an email notice when your tax forms became available in the last week of January.

If you submitted US tax form W-8BEN

Google will issue a form 1042-S if: 
  • You submitted a form W-8 (or are presumed to be a non-US person)
  • You received US source income
Learn more: 

Find your end-of-year tax forms in your AdSense account

You can find your tax forms in your AdSense account. Note that you may also be able to find your tax forms in the Google Pay account that you use with AdSense. 

Find your US tax forms in your AdSense account

1. Sign in to AdSense (

2. Click Payments on the left menu, then select Payments Info

Note: if you have both an AdSense Payments Account and a YouTube Payments Account, you can select either.

3. Under Settings click Manage Settings to open your Payment Info page

4. Under United States Tax Info click the edit pencil

5. Click Manage Tax Info

That will open the page where you can manage your tax information, your delivery preferences (paperless or mail delivery), and download tax forms for 2021 or 2022. 

Note: your tax forms may also be available in the Google Pay account you use with your AdSense account. 

How to request a copy, revision, or dispute an US Tax Form

If you are having an issue specifically with a 1099 form, use the AdSense 1099 troubleshooter: 

If you need to request a new copy of your US tax form, or if you believe the information on the tax form is incorrect, use the AdSense tax form troubleshooter: 

That will lead you to the correct form to submit: 
  • Request a copy of your tax form for 2020, 2021, or 2022
  • Request a tax form revision
    • Incorrect money amounts
    • Incorrect name
    • Incorrect address
    • A return was filed when one should not have been filed
    • Missing or incorrect TIN 
    • Other issues
  • Dispute a tax form
    • Identity fraud
    • A return was filed when one should not have been filed
    • Other issues
Note that you must be signed in as the primary account user to submit the form.