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Week in Review - June 25, 2016: YouTube, Live Streaming, Spaces and more

This week was all about video. At VidCon, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki made several announcements, including live streaming from the YouTube mobile app (soon!) and new features and support options for YouTube Creators. Facebook and Twitter also announced video updates: Twitter now allows longer video uploads (up to 140 seconds!) and bought a machine learning startup to improve real time video, while Facebook announced that you’ll be able to schedule live broadcasts and a few other livestreaming features. Plus you can now livestream right into your Tumblr blog. But it’s not all video in the Googleverse: Spaces got an update and launched a Trusted Members program, and you can now manage your Brand Accounts in your Google Account settings, sign in to your Google account with your phone, and test AdSense experimental features with just a few clicks in your account. Plus there are tips and updates for photographers, bloggers, webmasters, Hangouts chatters, and more.

Manage your Google Brand Accounts for YouTube, Google+, and Photos

Update: Starting in August 2021 all new Brand Accounts can only be used for YouTube and will have a (limited to YouTube) label. This change will not affect existing Brand Accounts.  Update: When consumer Google+ shuts down on April 2, 2019, all Google+ Pages will be deleted . This will not affect your YouTube channel or the underlying Brand Account.  If you use a brand name, business name, band name or any name other than your personal Google account name for YouTube or a Google+ Page, you likely have a Google Brand Account.  Some Google My Business Locations created before October 2017 may also have a Brand Account. You can manage your  Google Brand Accounts  in your Google Account Settings, independently from Google+, YouTube, and Google My Business. If you'd like to just dive in, open to get started. Manage your Brand Account on the Details page Brand Account Owners and Managers will have slightly different options on the Details

Week in Review - June 18, 2016: WWDC, Google Sites, Google+

This week was the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), so there are a bunch of updates for Mac and iOS users. And also outside the Googleverse, Facebook Messenger has a redesigned “inbox” and started supporting SMS. There were also some nice updates from Google this week: Google Sites got a major facelift, Google+ got several updates,YouTube lets you appoint comment moderators, and Google Photos now supports slideshows. Plus there are more tips and updates for webmasters, bloggers, AdSense publishers, YouTube creators, small business owners and much more.  Upcoming Events June 18: Google Local Guides Meetup Day June 23-25: VidCon, streamed live June 23 4:45 PM: YouTube VidCon Keynote: CEO Susan Wojcicki’s talks about the company’s latest innovations and programming initiatives June 23 3pm ET: Small Businesses Tweet your questions with #AskAMobilePro June 25/26: #GooglePlus5Global meetups to celebrate Google+ turning 5 Upcoming Google Webmaster Central Offic

How to add Comment Moderators to your YouTube Channel

Fostering lively discussions on your videos can help build your YouTube channel.  But not all comments are good, as spam and abuse can drive fans away. And if you are a busy creator, you may not have time to constantly monitor and moderate comments on your videos. Now YouTube has a solution: you can designate other channels as Comment Moderator s. Moderators can remove comments from your videos. Those comments are then added to your channel's Held for Review Comment queue as "Flagged by moderator" until you approve or remove them. There are two ways to add a Moderator : Promote a channel that has commented on one of your videos Add the channel as a Moderator in your Community Settings You can also remove Moderators in your  Community Settings . Read on for more detailed instructions!

Week in Review - June 11: Nearby, Project Fi, Motion Stills

New this week: Google Nearby lets you “discover the world around you”, Project Fi added new partner network US Cellular, the  Motion Stills app converts Apple Live Photos into beautiful GIFs, and Tango gives devices a sense of space and motion. Plus there are tips, updates and news for YouTube, Google+, Inbox by Gmail, photographers webmasters, AdSense publishers, local businesses and more. And no, Google is not manipulating search results in favor of Hillary Clinton. And outside the Googleverse there is change: Vimeo’s CEO stepped down, Facebook hired a "head of global creative strategy" and *really* wants you to install the Messenger and Moments apps on your phone, and Twitter replaced their head of product (again) and gave their Android app a big makeover. Image: Photographing New York City - on a slender support 18 stories above pavement of Fifth Avenue[man with a camera]. (1906)

Week in Review - June 4, 2016: Google+, Hangouts, Accounts and more

As we roll into summer, there were a few updates this week: updates to the Android Google+ and Hangouts apps, improvements to your Google Account Settings, Google Now on Tap, and Google Keep. The image is a detail from A Love Story by E. Phillips Fox (1903). The perfect summer day.