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Week in Review - June 11: Nearby, Project Fi, Motion Stills

New this week: Google Nearby lets you “discover the world around you”, Project Fi added new partner network US Cellular, the Motion Stills app converts Apple Live Photos into beautiful GIFs, and Tango gives devices a sense of space and motion.

Plus there are tips, updates and news for YouTube, Google+, Inbox by Gmail, photographers webmasters, AdSemse publishers, local businesses and more.

And no, Google is not manipulating search results in favor of Hillary Clinton.

And outside the Googleverse there is change: Vimeo’s CEO stepped down, Facebook hired a "head of global creative strategy" and *really* wants you to install the Messenger and Moments apps on your phone, and Twitter replaced their head of product (again) and gave their Android app a big makeover.

Image: Photographing New York City - on a slender support 18 stories above pavement of Fifth Avenue[man with a camera]. (1906)

YouTube and Video Creation

Live Broadcasting


Google Photos and Mobile Photography

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

Google for Hillary? 


Nexus and Android

Privacy and Security


Elsewhere on the internet

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