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Week in review - February 28, 2015 - YouTube Kids, Blogger Porn, New direction for Google+ Photos and more

Some of updates, tips and articles from the past week:

Shorthand vanity URLs for YouTube channels: now based on new-style custom URLs

Ever since  the new YouTube custom URLs  were introduced, YouTubers have wanted to also have the equivalent shorthand vanity URL - one without the /c/ in the middle.  Now channels with a new-style custom URL automatically have the equivalent shorthand URL. A shorthand vanity URL - one without a /user/ or /c/ - is useful to use to promote your channel. In the past, that short URL was most often based on the /user/ URL for the channel. Now that's changed. Shorthand URLs are  now based on the new /c/ custom URL , not the old /user/ URL. If your channel's old and new custom URLs are different, you should check to be sure the old shorthand URL still leads to your channel. Not sure if your channel has new-style custom URL set? Check your channel's Advanced Account Settings ( ). Why does my old shorthand vanity URL now direct to the wrong YouTube channel?

Week in review - February 21, 2015 - Consumer Surveys, Branding Intros, Private Profiles

This week's roundup of tips, updates and articles about Google+, YouTube, AdSense, and more.

Get a Custom URL for your YouTube channel and Google+

Update April 2, 2019: with the shutdown of consumer Google+, Google+ custom URLs will no longer work. This will not affect YouTube custom URLs. Update  April 5, 2017: you can now remove Custom URLs, and add a new different Custom URL.  Learn how to change your Google+ Custom URL . Update December 16, 2016: YouTube Custom URLs are now independent of Google+ Custom URLs ( Official Announcement ) Go to  to see if your YouTube channel is eligible for a Custom URL. Learn how to add a Custom URL to your Google+ Profile or Page . Update 10/13/15: now only 100 subscribers are required for custom URL eligibility, rather than 500 subscribers.  Update 3/4/15: you can now check the custom URL set for your channel in your channel's Advanced Account Settings ( ) Update 2/26/15: shorthand vanity URLs are now based on the new /c/ custom URL, rather than the old /user/ custom URL. More details If you have rece

Week in Review - February 14, 2015 : GTalk going away,YouTube TC program, how not to spam

A sampling of updates, tips and articles about YouTube, Google+, Hangouts and more.

Week in Review - February 7, 2015: share from G+ to Facebook, YouTube Interactive Experience, Mute Ads

Updates, tips and articles about Google+, YouTube, AdSense, Blogger and more.