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Creator Weekly: Data Privacy Day, Meta Rights Manager, AI Everywhere

  This week there were new productivity tools from Google, updates from Facebook and Twitter, and much more. And you can celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in your next video meeting. Plus today is Data Privacy Day. Check your accounts! Subscribe to get the Weekly Update by email. Happy New Year! Celebrate the lunar new year in your next Meet meeting with a cute rabbit AI Filter or more professional Year of the Rabbit background. I wish you all happiness and prosperity in the new year! Data Privacy Day January 28 is Data Privacy Day . It’s the perfect time to run a privacy and security checkup on your online accounts. On Google  and YouTube open your “My Account” settings > Data and Privacy ( ) to see your settings and take a Privacy Checkup ( ). On  LinkedIn  open Settings & Privacy > Data Privacy ( ). On  Meta , open t

Creator Weekly - January 21, 2023: Blogger Analytics, YouTube Community Guidelines Issues, Big Tech Layoffs

This week you can get more information about Community Guidelines strikes in your YouTube account, set up the new Google Analytics 4 for your Blogger blog, layoffs at big tech companies, news from Twitter and Amazon and more. I also have a brief overview of what I learned this week about disaster prep, both online and offline. Skip that if you aren’t interested. Subscribe to get the Weekly Update by email. Prepare for Disaster This is only slightly related to the topics I usually cover, but I wanted to share the information. Skip down for the weekly tech news. This week I went to disaster preparedness training, which I found really helpful. Not only did I learn about local resources, but there was also a focus on preparing a ready kit just from items that are already around the house or easy to buy. I have been researching this, and most websites seem to either be prepping for the zombie apocalypse (collect 50 gallon drums of beans and rice, plus weapons for everyone!) or promoti

Creator Weekly - January 14, 2023: YouTube Partner Program, WordPress Newsletter, Meet Reactions

2023 is off to a running start, with updates for video creators, social media, newsletters, video calling and more. Subscribe to get the Weekly Update by email. YouTube Partners: Start earning from your YouTube Shorts Back in September 2022, YouTube announced there would be new monetization options in 2023, and here we are. Starting February 1, channels in the YouTube Partner Program can start earning from Shorts as well as longer videos. If your YouTube channel is currently in the YouTube Partner Program, you need to agree to the new terms and conditions. Learn about the new terms . Sign in to YouTube Studio on desktop ( ) or in the YouTube Studio mobile app. You should see an “Action Required” banner prompting you to review the new terms. The new terms are now modular. There are base terms that everyone must accept and a separate set of “Watch Page terms” for monetizing your long form videos with ads and YouTube Premium, and a Commerce Product Add