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Week in Review - April 25, 2015: AdSense matched content, Google Project Fi, YouTube API update

Ten years ago this week the first YouTube video was uploaded - you can still watch it  and take a peek at the original YouTube design. And there were lots of updates - Google introduces Project Fi, AdSense launches Matched Content units, older YouTube apps stop working, and more for webmasters, local business, live broadcasters and social media mavens! Read on for this week's updates, tips and articles.

Back up your Blogger blog: photos, posts, template, and gadgets

Updated for 2021: Back up all your Blogger account data When did you last make a backup of your Blogger blog? Imagine your blog's posts or photos were inadvertently deleted, you lost access to your account, or you made changes to your blog you could not undo - would you be able to restore your blog? Make a backup today! Your blog's posts, photos and template all need to be backed up separately. While that can be a bit of a hassle, it also means you can quickly make a backup of your blog's template before making changes or just your blog's photos. 1. Back up your blog's Photos 2. Back up your blog's Posts and Comments 3. Back up your blog's Template 4. Optional: Back up the contents of HTML/Javascript and Links Gadgets Before you start, create a folder on your computer, external hard drive or backup device to store all the files together.

Week in Review - April 18, 2015: complaining to Google, Google+ posting activity stats and mobile updates galore

This week's updates will enhance your productivity on your phone and tablet. Also learn what to do if the Google Chat plugin won't run in Chrome, how to effectively complain when Google removes your favorite feature, and a (perhaps) good estimate of the public posting activity on Google+. Read on for this week's updates, tips and articles.

Week in Review - April 11, 2015: YouTube to offer ad-free experience, new AdSense and YouTube Analytics reports, Snapseed update

What's been happening this week? If you're a music fan, check out the live stream of the Coachella music festival  (April 10-12).  And now that you've got the music playing, read on for updates, tips and articles about YouTube, Photos, Google+, AdSense and more.

How to Disable or Mute Replies to your YouTube Comments

NOTE October 2015: The option to disable replies is only available for comments you can view on Google+ - posted between November 2013 and August 2015. It is still possible to disable all replies to your comments in the Google+ settings for the Page or Profile connected to your channel under " Who can comment on your public posts?".     As YouTube separates from Google+  that option may disappear, and I'll try to keep this post up-to-date. ---------- Do you like posting YouTube comments, but hate the replies? You can easily disable replies - or mute notifications of replies - after posting your comment, as long as you can find your comment post on Google+. You have two options: 1. Disable replies to all  your YouTube comments and Google+ posts in your Google+ settings 2. Disable replies to individual YouTube comments by changing the settings on that post on Google+ Yes, you'll have to visit Google+, but only for as long as it takes to change the setting

Adjust posts from Google+ Circles in your Home stream

November 2015: the new Google+ desktop interface no longer has these options. Take control of your Google+ Stream!  Once you've adjusted the number of posts you see from  What's Hot and Recommended  and your  Communities , the next step is to adjust the number of posts you see from each of your Circles. Google+ Circles let you group the people and pages you are following. You can create Circles based on affiliation, relationship, topic or profile photo color or whatever other scheme you want to use. Circles let you easily control who sees specific posts and who can interact with you. But sometimes you want someone in your Circles, but aren't that interested in their posts. Or maybe when you check your Google+ stream you only want to see updates from your friends, but not any news. Fortunately, you can easily adjust the number of posts you see from each of your Circles in your Google+ Home stream.

Week in Review - April 4, 2015:Google Photos in Drive, Faster Phone Calls in Hangouts, April Fooling

Despite the April Foolishness this week there were some great updates, including Google+ Photos appearing in Google Drive, faster phone calls in Hangouts and AdSense for Malay blogs and websites. Read on for my roundup of this weeks tips, articles and posts on Google+.