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Download your YouTube Channel Data from Google Analytics

Google Analytics will no longer show YouTube channel data as of February 1. You can export a report with the data until then. Google Analytics linking going away: The ability to link your channel to  Google Analytics  will be discontinued on November 17, 2020. You can continue to use  YouTube Analytics  to understand your audience and monitor the performance of your channel. If you already have a link set up, you can view your updated channel homepage data until February 1, 2021. You also have the option to  export a report .   ( Source ) The data includes the demographics of visitors to your channel home page, including where the traffic came from. For example, you could see if people were visiting your channel from a particular blog post or social media site.  The Google Analytics data does not include stats on video watch page visits, video views or earnings.  If you linked your YouTube channel to Google Analytics before November 17, 2020, you can view and download this dat

Weekly Update - January 30, 2021: YouTube, Twitter, Account Privacy

This was a quiet week in the Googleverse. YouTube rolled out new features for Premieres, tested Clips, and CEO Susan Wojcicki outlined YouTube’s direction for the coming year. And in social media news, Twitter Birdhouse is a test of crowd-sourced identification of misinformation, Instagram has a new professional dashboard; and Facebook explained how it orders your news feed.  January 28 was Data Privacy Day. This is the perfect time to run a privacy checkup on your Google (and YouTube), Facebook and Twitter accounts, to make sure you aren’t inadvertently sharing or displaying content you would like to keep private. You can also set how much of your data is retained and used by the big tech companies. YouTube and Video Google Analytics will stop showing YouTube channel homepage data on February 1 . If you have that set up, now is the time to export your data! YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared her review of 2020 an

Run a Privacy Checkup on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Happy Data Privacy Day!  Celebrate by spending a few minutes checking the privacy settings in your accounts.  Google and YouTube Privacy Checkup Facebook Privacy Checkup Twitter Privacy Checkup Read on for detailed instructions on running a privacy checkup on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Google & YouTube Privacy Checkup To check your Google and YouTube privacy settings:  1. Sign in to Google in a browser 2. Click your profile photo at top right 3. Select  Manage your Google Account If Google has privacy suggestions for you, you will see a notice. 4. Click Data and personalization  on the left menu 5. Click  Privacy Checkup   Or go directly to   6. Review your privacy settings Personalize your Google experience Google Web & App activity: Turn on or off, or auto-delete after a set amount of time Location History: Turn on or off Google s

Weekly Update - January 23, 2021: US Inauguration, Google Meet Troubleshooting, YouTube Hashtags

  January is usually a quiet month, with stay-inside weather and few updates. It’s a great time to slowly get back into the swing of things after the holidays. Only the past few weeks turned out to be more news-filled than anticipated.  The attack of the violent mob on the US Capitol on January 6th, was a hell of a way to start of the year. On the tech side of things , Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other social media platforms struggled to deal with content denying US election results and promoting violence. The result was platforms updating their policies on the fly , and the termination or suspension of President Trump’s personal social media accounts and removal of misleading content. For example, YouTube removed “thousands of videos” spreading election misinformation. It was also interesting to watch as Twitter transferred the @POTUS, @VP, and other official US government accounts to the new administration. That happened across social media, with YouTube t

2020 Review: AdSense, YouTube Partner Program, and Monetization

In 2020 many YouTube Partners and AdSense publishers saw declining ad revenue as businesses spent less money on advertising . Of course that meant Google's ad revenue also dropped . Both AdSense and YouTube implemented changes were designed to help creators earn more revenue. YouTube Partner Updates in 2020 Self-certification that video content is advertiser-friendly More restrictive content policies New reports in YouTube Analytics Insertion of mid-roll ads in shorter videos Memberships for Partners with at least 1000 subscribers Opening the Fundo event platform to all creators AdSense Publisher Updates in 2020 Redesigned Reports page, without older data and YouTube stats Vignette ads on wider screens Redesigned anchor ads Easier to run Experiments Read on for more details about all these changes. One of the updates I was expecting in 2020 was monetization of podcasts, as Google has been investing in its Podcast Manager platform . Maybe

2020 Review: Communicate with Meet, Duo, Chat and Messages

2020 was the year of the video meeting. As millions of people stayed home, and school, work, socializing and entertainment moved online, there was an urgent need for improved video calling platforms. Zoom became a household name. And there was a bit of an arms race between Google Meet and Duo, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger and other platforms as they quickly added new video call features. Google Hangouts is entering the final months before it’s retired . Google Meet (formerly Hangouts Meet) has replaced Hangouts video calling , and text conversations will be migrated to Google Chat  (formerly Hangouts Chat) in the first half of 2021. Phone calls and text messaging will not be migrated from Hangouts to Chat. Users in the United States can sign up for a free Google Voice account and use the Google Voice app, or pay for Google Fi mobile service with integration with Android Messages for a similar experience. And to make sure there is a “coherent vision”, Google brought development

Looking back at 2020: Communication, COVID-19, Creator Updates

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted product development, with teams suddenly working from home, and new priorities for product features. And there were evolving policy updates meant to limit the spread of misinformation.  Conferences moved online and provided free virtual access to speeches, panels and office hours. And that is just a part of a larger shift to online content, with concerts and plays, tours, and more of usually in-person events available over the internet. With the coronavirus still raging, vaccinations only slowly becoming available, many people struggling without work, and businesses without customers, it’s looking like 2021 may not be much better. I’m hoping I’m wrong about that. It’s been an interesting year as a Google product expert, watching the changes and trying to help users navigate the new normal. The main trends for creators this past year:  Advances to communications and t