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Live stream from a Google Meet Meeting to YouTube: Everything you need to know!

Live streaming to YouTube from Google Meet (or any other third party service) can feel pretty intimidating if you don’t know your way around YouTube’s features. I’ve put together a guide that tells you all the steps you need to follow to set up YouTube for your live stream, then manage your stream from inside a Meet meeting. Here’s what I’ll cover (click to jump to the section you are interested in): Requirements to live stream from a Google Meet meeting Browser  Paid account types Enable live streaming on your YouTube channel Phone verification Request streaming access Live streaming restrictions Make sure the person running the live stream has permission to stream to the appropriate YouTube channel Channel Permissions: Editor or Manager Brand Account Permissions: Manager or Owner Schedule a YouTube live stream event Manage the live chat Start and manage the

Creator Weekly: Google Bard, Canva Create, YouTube Podcaster Tools

This week I got my hands on Google’s Bard AI, learned about live streaming from Google Meet meetings to YouTube, played with Canva’s new “magic” tools and more. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Testing live streaming from Meet to YouTube This week I was joined by my friend and colleague Nina Trankova in testing live streaming from a Google Meet meeting to YouTube. This is a premium feature that requires either a paid subscription to Google Workspace Individual or Google One with at least 2 TB of data. It is also included in several Google Workspace enterprise and education editions. You can watch our live stream on my YouTube channel here . And then from the same meeting we live streamed to Nina’s channel here . I have a comprehensive tutorial on how to set up a YouTube channel for live streaming from Meet in the works. It will be published this weekend (it was supposed to be published on Friday, but I ran into some technica

Trying the Google Bard AI chatbot : nice writing, but not entirely accurate (and a bit boring)

Today I got access to Google's chatbot named Bard, and I've been giving it a spin.  According to  the Bard FAQ , Bard is based on Google's   LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications)  conversational AI model. Google is clear that they did not use data from Gmail or other private apps for training. Google also is very clear that it is not designed to return facts, help you code, or tell you about itself. Instead it is promoted as a creative tool that can help you brainstorm ideas for a party or write a draft email. As Google notes: LLM [Large Language Model] experiences (Bard included) can hallucinate and present inaccurate information as factual. When you sign in to Bard for the first time, there is a popup that makes it clear:  Bard is an experiment As you try Bard, please remember: Bard will not always get it right Bard may give inaccurate or inappropriate responses. When in doubt, use the "Goog

Creator Weekly: Google & Microsoft AI, Blogger Media Manager, AdSense Auto Ads

Happy Spring! This week Google and Microsoft both announced integration of generative AI tools in their productivity suites. It seems like “AI” is everywhere, with Microsoft diving in and Google taking a more cautious approach. Also new this week: Blogger has a new Media Manager, AdSense has updated the interface for managing Auto (as in automatic) Ads, plus updates for video creators, website owners, social media users and more. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Upcoming Free Webinars March 23: Join Canva Create to hear about new products and features to “supercharge the design experience”. Sign up here. March 28: Google is hosting a webinar for women creators and AdSense publishers, with sessions on increasing revenue, and overcoming imposter syndrome. Sign up here. Blogger Media Manager You no longer have to find your account’s Google Album Archive to view and delete images you’ve added to your Blogger blog. Now you can find your blog’s images by going to Setting

Use the Blogger Media Manager to manage your blog's images

You can now manage your Blogger blog images from inside your Blogger account.  Previously the images you uploaded to Blogger posts were only available in your Google Album Archive , which is pretty well hidden in your Google account. The new media management page is essentially the same as the Photos from Blogger  folder in your Album Archive, but is much easier to access. To manage your images:  1. Sign in to Blogger ( ) 2. Click Settings on the left menu 3. On the Settings page, scroll down to Manage Blog 4. Click Media from your blog Alternatively you can go directly to You will see:  A Blogger Pictures  album with your Blogger profile images An album for each of your Blogger blogs The Albums menu on the left side lets you easily jump between your different blog albums. When you open an album, you will see the images that you uploaded to that Blogger blog. Those are