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Creator Weekly: Google Gemini AI Subscriptions, YouTube on TV, Reddit's Deal with Google

This week was all about AI. You can access Google’s Gemini in different Google products and services (if you pay and don’t mind that it’s still learning), Google is paying Reddit for data access for AI training, get Chrome’s AI writing tools, use the AI image editor in Windows Photos, AI AI AI! There are also important updates for YouTube creators, website owners, and social media folks so don’t miss those! Top news and updates this week Make sure your YouTube channel has a TV-ready cover image. YouTube Partners can see their top earning content by format. Google now offers Gemini AI subscriptions for Google Workspace and personal accounts. Reddit has a data deal with Google that includes AI training and announced their IPO. You can now make Remixed “Collabs” in the YouTube Shorts editor on Android. Glen Gabe shares how to find the experimental Notes left on sites in Google Search. Windows Photos has a new AI-generative erase tool. Bluesky is federating. Instagram creator marketplace

Creator Weekly: YouTube Post-Only Feed and Music Video Remix, Sora Text-to-Video, Speaker Spotlight in Slides

This week’s updates include new features for YouTubers, OpenAI’s new text-to-video AI, a better way to create presentation videos in Google Slides and more. Top news and updates this week New YouTube posts-only feed. Speaker Spotlight in Google Slides for more engaging presentations OpenAI’s Sora, an impressive text-to-video AI model Upload YouTube videos and shorts in the YouTube Studio app Remix music videos into YouTube Shorts Co-stream the Twitch Streamer Awards TikTok Creative Assistant in Adobe Express Changes to Google Search in the EEA Android app photo picker can access images in the cloud X’s poor ad performance (maybe bots?) A look back at Twitter’s last days Pinterest color trends Filter your Instagram DMs to only see people you follow A look at robots.txt and how it’s not keeping up with technology Read on for details and additional updates! Creator Weekly In Your Inbox 📨 Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live 🔴 What do you think about th

Creator Weekly: YouTube Live in Shorts Feed, Bard is Gemini, BlueSky Opens, Threads Recommendations

  This week has three celebrations to brighten your winter.  Today is Lunar New Year, which is celebrated in China, Korea, and Vietnam and in Asian communities around the world. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, which might as well be a holiday here in the US (go Niners!) and Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. I hope you have a fabulous week and prosperous year! I ♥️ you all! This week there’s news for YouTubers, Google’s Gemini replaced Bard, Threads shared how its recommendations work, BlueSky opened to everyone, and much more. Top news and updates this week Get Super Bowl ads and music without having to sit through the football. To try this week: Make a Valentine movie in Google Photos, add a dragon to your Meet meeting, use Opus Clip Captions for free. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan shared the platform’s priorities for 2024. You can now go live in the YouTube Shorts feed. Google Bard and (soon) Duet AI are now Gemini. Google is turning down Web Stories. Meta will identi

Creator Weekly: YouTube Playlist Analytics, Google SEO Starter Guide, Universal Music splits with TikTok

Welcome to February! This week there are updates for YouTubers, website owners, and other creators. Plus new AI image generator tools to try and a contest to celebrate Flickr’s 20th anniversary. Top news and updates this week Try the updated AI-powered image creation options in Google Bard and ImageFX Get Google’s updated SEO Starter Guide Universal Music Group has pulled its music from TikTok Add Clips to your YouTube channel View your playlist analytics in YouTube Studio Google Search no longer links to cached web pages Flickr wants your entry to their 20th birthday photo contest Improvements to Google Calendar Appointment Scheduling  Google Meet lets you pin messages in the in-meeting chat. The Apple Vision Pro VR-headset is now available and the reviews are in Read on for details and additional updates! Creator Weekly In Your Inbox 📨 Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live 🔴 What do you think about th