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Cheers to 2022!

Farewell 2022! On to 2023! I’m still taking time off with family until next week, but I wanted to say thank you for reading and give a brief end-of-year update. Newsletter Update First off, my weekly newsletter has moved to the Beehiiv platform, since Twitter is shutting down Revue on January 18. If you are already a subscriber, you don’t need to do anything. You will continue to receive the weekly newsletter as usual, just from a email address (if you are reading this in your email, it's working!). If you haven’t subscribed, you can do so here . The migration from Revue to Beehiiv was pretty painless. I followed these instructions , and all my existing posts and subscribers were quickly transferred. Find Me On Mastodon With all the turmoil over at Twitter, I (like many others) have been giving Mastodon a try. I am enjoying it! The people I follow are posting interesting things, and I am not missing Twitter’s algorithmic feed. You can find me at . I am

Weekly Update - December 17, 2022: YouTube Comments, E-E-A-T in Search, Meet Holidays

I will be taking next week off for the Christmas holiday, so this is my last weekly update for 2022. I'll be back in the first week of January Note that if you are receiving this by email, the newsletter will be moving from the Revue platform (which is shutting down) to Beehiiv . Your subscription will be moved automatically. Please unsubscribe or let me know directly if you no longer wish to receive this subscription. This week Amazon is shutting down their Kindle Subscription platform, hurting small magazines; the new Flickr Foundation was formed to help keep historical photos accessible for the next century, Google Meet helps celebrate the holidays, and there are updates for YouTubers, web publishers and more. And Twitter drama, of course. I’ve saved that for the end so you can more easily skip it entirely. Subscribe for email updates. Holiday fun in Google Meet Last week I noted that there were new Meet  meeting backgrounds for the holidays. This week they added a Sant

How to export your Revue newsletter data

This week Twitter's newsletter platform Revue announced they would be shutting down on January 18, 2023. If you have a Revue newsletter, you can export all your data with just a few clicks.  Twitter acquired Revue in January 2021 , as a way to "jumpstart their efforts" to support long-form writers. With the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk at the end of October, many employees were laid off, and a number of features have been removed. It was expected Revue would be on the chopping block, so this does not come as a surprise.  Note that if you have a paid newsletter, you should wait until December 19 to export your data to be sure it includes paid subscribers.  Export your Revue Newsletter Data Your Revue export includes:  Your list of email subscribers as a .csv file Email address First name and last name Date subscriber was added Your newsletter issues, including content and metadata issues.csv file: issue ID, description, date and time issue was sent, subject line and p

Weekly Update - December 10, 2022: YouTube Emotes, Free Translated Dubbing, Canva Docs

This week there are some nice updates for YouTubers, including Emotes and free dubbed translations, plus updates for web publishers, collaborators, Facebook and LinkedIn creators, and more. Subscribe to get the Weekly Update in your inbox. Holiday Season Google Meet meetings has new backgrounds for Hanukkah and Christmas . You can drive with Santa in Google Waze . Participants in Snapchat’s holiday Spotlight Challenges can earn part of the $125,000 prize money. On Facebook it’s Stars Gifting Season. Fans can buy seasonal virtual gifts for their favorite creators, Stars are on sale, and Stars creators can receive bonuses if they meet specific goals. More 2022 in Review Google posted their annual Year in Search . If you are in the United States, you can see what searches trended locally for you . If you want to know who was cool on YouTube this year, check out this year’s Streamy awards. Reddit Recap 2022 lists popular posts, AMAs, the

Weekly Update - December 3, 2022: Annual Music Wrapped Recap Replay, YouTube Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines, AdSense Side Rail Ads

Good grief it’s almost 2023! As the year winds down, the annual “top in 2022” lists are out. Have you been watching the most popular videos and listening to the most popular music? Or is your taste outside the current trends? Plus there are updates for YouTuber creators, web publishers, and social media (and not just Twitter). Subscribe to get the Weekly Update in your inbox. Looking back at 2022: Your Music If you are on social media, you have probably noticed all the Spotify Wrapped posts. Spotify gave every user an easily shareable story about their 2022 music listening habits. Spotify also has Wrapped for Artists , where music artists can learn about their “top fans, how they listen, and how else they engage with you on Spotify”. Earlier this month Spotify gave artists an end-of-year checklist that encouraged artists to make sure their profile is up to date, add their latest merch and concert dates, and make a video for top fans, all of which may be featured in fans’ Wrapped s

Update to the YouTube Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines

YouTube has updated the  advertiser-friendly content guidelines , with some policies more restrictive, and others now less restrictive. YouTube channels monetizing through the YouTube Partner Program must ensure video content complies with the advertiser-friendly content guidelines. Non-compliant content may either have limited ads or no ads at all.  If your channel is not in the YouTube Partner Program now, but you plan to apply when your channel is eligible, then you should be making sure your content is advertiser-friendly.  If you don't care about monetization, then stick to the slightly less restrictive Community Guidelines . There's a summary of the changes below, but if you are a YouTube Partner it's really important that you read up on all of the changes.  Creator Insider also has a video with an overview . Adult Content NO ad revenue:  Thumbnails, titles, and videos with: Sexualized texts or adult links Obscene language Se

Weekly Update - November 26, 2022: YouTube Community Posts, Google Search Ranking Systems, Twitter Alternatives

This Thanksgiving weekend I want to give my thanks to all of you for your support! I write about the tech news that interests me, and it makes me glad that there are folks who read what I write. Thank you! Even though this was a holiday week in the US, there were updates for YouTube, Google Meet, Search Central and more. Plus there are tips and notes on Twitter alternatives Hive, Posts and the Fediverse. Subscribe to get the Weekly Update in your inbox. Get your business and content ready for the holidays (or shop!) AdSense has a holiday checklist for your website Instagram Announces New Live Events Series to Assist Marketers with their Holiday Campaigns New ways to find holiday deals on Google : new labels for coupons and promotions, deal comparisons, price insights New Google  AR shopping features for beauty products and sneakers Easily track your packages with new Gmail features Pinteres

Apply for the YouTube Partner Program in the YouTube Studio mobile app

 If you manage your YouTube channel on your Android or iOS mobile device, you can check for eligibility and apply for the YouTube Partner Program in the YouTube Studio app.  Watch a quick tutorial . 1. Sign in to your YouTube channel in the YouTube Studio app ( iOS , Android ) 2. Tap the $ Monetize  button at bottom right 3. View your channel's progress towards the YouTube Partner Program eligibility requirements 1,000 subscribers 4,000 public watch hours No active community guidelines strikes 2-step verification enabled 4. If your channel is eligible tap Apply now Otherwise, keep uploading original videos and building your audience.

Weekly Update - November 19, 2022: YouTube Studio mobile updates, YouTube comments on TV, more Twitter tumult

This week it was beautiful to watch the launch of NASA’s Orion spacecraft to the Moon, as part of their Artemis I mission . It’s in preparation for Artemis II, which will bring people back to the Moon. So exciting. Meanwhile, back on Earth, YouTube has some nice updates for creators, with new features in the YouTube Studio mobile app and the ability to engage with comments when watching videos on TV. And there’s more news for live streamers, web publishers and more. Sign up to get the weekly update in your email inbox. Time to back up your Twitter data! I thought last week at Twitter was chaotic, but this week seems to have topped it. Close to 80% of Twitter’s contractors were fired. Contractors moderate content and review abuse reports, manage property and payroll, and other unglamorous work. Employees were given 24 hours to decide whether they wanted to sign on for Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” vision, along with “hardcore” work hours. Most apparently did not. Twitter offices were closed t