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Creator Weekly: Canva Acquires Affinity, Google Ad Safety Report, YouTube Member-only Shorts

Happy Easter weekend to all who celebrate! There are lots of updates this week for video creators, tips for bloggers, new AI-based features and more. Top news and updates this week Google’s 2023 Ads Safety Report details how many bad ads (and bad publisher sites) it removed from its ecosystem. Billions! Web-based designed platform Canva has acquired Affinity and its professional creative software suite. YouTube Partners can now post Member-only Shorts. Learn why you don’t need to turn off sharing of your YouTube videos to the subscription and notification feed when you try new formats or topics on your channel. StreamYard now offers automated editing of video recordings into Shorts and Reels. SnapChat added new video editing options and supports longer videos. Twitch now lets you limit followers to those with email or phone verified accounts. Twitch also updated their community guidelines to prohi

Secure and recover your hijacked YouTube account

Is your Google Account secure? Is your YouTube channel? Do you know what to do if you believe your account was hijacked?  On Wednesday, March 27, I'm live with Michael Daniels on Tinkering with Tech to talk about Google Account (and YouTube account) security and what to do if you think your account was hijacked.  Join us live to join the chat or post your questions in the comments here or on the video.  Run a security checkup on your Google Account (and YouTube):  1. Sign in to Google and open 2. Click the Security tab 3. At the top of the page click Review security tips  or if you see a warning symbol click Protect your account Or go directly to 4. Go through each recommendation and make sure to add 2-step verification , r ecovery email and phone number , update any compromised passwords, and review third party connections.  5. Once you have 2-step verification enabled, make sure you have backup codes printed out and s

Creator Weekly: YouTube AI Labels, Yahoo Creator Program, Threads Federation

Spring has sprung and there a updates sprouting all over. New this week: YouTube labels for AI-generated and synthetic content, Threads federation, the Yahoo Creator Program for lifestyle and tech writers, and news and tips for YouTubers, SEOs, social media and more. Top news and updates this week YouTube videos with AI-generated content must now be labeled Threads has joined the fediverse Yahoo for Creators program for lifestyle and tech writers Remix a Remix in YouTube Shorts Tips for creating YouTube thumbnails and deleting old content (don’t!) Twitch retires Watch Party Google really wants web publishers and SEOs to create content for visitors Bing Webmaster Tools has new Insights X is showing posts “Pinned by people you follow” Let Instagram and Threads recommend political content to you Threads shows trending topics Instagram improves hashtag search Pinterest will be at Coachella Facebook is boosting AI-generated spam image posts Microsoft has a

Creator Weekly: YouTube Clips, Google Web Core Vitals & Search, BlueSky Moderation

Cheers to all celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. Wearing of the green will get you into the mood for Spring, which comes around on Tuesday. This week there are updates to Google Search for web publishers, businesses and visitors; YouTube updates for finding your Clips and watching on TV; updates for Instagram, Pinterest, X, Bluesky and other social media and, of course, AI. And more! Top news and updates this week Google’s Core Web Vitals now includes Interaction to Next Paint (yes, I try to explain what that means) Chrome can now better detect malicious sites. You can find your video Clips and Clips made from your videos in your YouTube Library. YouTube has a new design for your biggest screen - your TV. TikTok has a new Creator Search Insights tool to find topics with “search value”. Google Search's “Perspectives” filter is becoming the “Forums” filter. Google Business Profiles may show social media posts. The head of Instagram explains why

Creator Weekly: Google Search Spam, Twitch Roadmap, TikTok Creator Resources

What's new this week? Google’s updated spam policy and core update aims to reduce spammy Search results, Twitch shared their 2024 roadmap, TikTok updates resources for creators, X gets Articles and more. Plus I’ve collected a bunch of interesting writing and interviews about social media, blogging, newsletters and websites. It’s enough reading to keep you out of trouble, for a few days anyway.  Top news and updates this week Celebrate International Women’s Day Google’s updated spam policy and algorithm update aim to reduce spammy content in the Search results. Twitch announced their roadmap for the upcoming year. TikTok announced new creator resources and an updated monetization program. Learn about optimizing your YouTube thumbnails. The AdSense Policy Center now shows CMP Adoption Notifications. AdSense for Search has a new site approval process. X launched blog-like Articles (a subscriber-only feature) Threads let you save post drafts and take photos from the app. There is a