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Weekly Updated - August 26, 2017: Android Oreo, International Webmasters, YouTube Borderline Hate Content

This week was pretty sweet: Android Oreo was unveiled and may be coming to a device near you soon. Super sweet! There are a number of overviews of what’s new to dig into. YouTube updated the Blur Faces tool with improved face recognition. You can now select specific faces, and YouTube will blur them throughout the video, even when they are moving or partially hidden. YouTube videos with “borderline” hate speech or violent extremism content may now have their features limited, with content behind a warning message, and no comments, likes, suggested videos or monetization. This is the implementation of policy that Google originally announced in June. If you believe your video has been incorrectly categorized, you can appeal. A New York judge ruled that Ethan and Hila Klein (the husband-and-wife team behind popular YouTube channel h3h3productions ) use of clips from MattHossZone in a "reaction video" was fair use.  Franklin Graves at Tubefilter has a good overview .

Weekly Update - August 19, 2017: Google+ Discover, Allo on Desktop, Solar Eclipse, Online extremism

As the summer winds down, updates are heating up. Here’s what happened this week: Google+ launched Discover , a new way to find content and Communities from across Google+. The web navigation menu has been simplified, making it a bit more difficult to find Events and your own Collections. Google Allo is now available on desktop - sort of. You need to be running the Chrome Browser and have your Android phone running Allo linked.  Now you can use your Google Home to make phone calls hands free . Calls to the US and Canada are free, and calls to other countries are available for Google Voice and Project Fi customers. Google will be revealing Android O live on Monday (2:40PM Eastern) and has done some teasing about the name (Oreo? Oatmeal Cookie? Orangina? Omelette?) Android devices are getting a redesigned Google app with emphasis on topics and news. Plus there are video previews help you find what you're looking for faster. There are a bunch of new Google Docs, Sheets, &am

Weekly Update - August 12, 2017: Monetization, YouTube Sharing, Diversity

So first my good news. My YouTube channel finally reached 1000 subscribers (yay!). Have you subscribed? Why not? Do it now ! Next stop, 10k … Here’s what else was new this week: If you’re curious about where Google+ers are from, I shared the results of a totally non-scientific poll. The short answer: mostly the United States and India. For the long answer, read my post ;) YouTube introduced a new option for YouTube Partners. If your video is "not suitable for all advertisers" that is more clearly shown in your video manager, and there is a new chance to appeal. At the least this should help Partners understand why their monetized video is never (or rarely) showing ads. Sharing in the YouTube mobile app is now rolling out to all users. If this doesn't sound new to you, it may not be. Sharing has been available by invite for almost a year, and was launched in Canada in January. Facebook is introducing a new video platform "Watch" for personalized disc

1000 subscribers from around the world! Thanks Plussers and YouTubers!

This weekend my YouTube channel finally reached 1000 subscribers. Thanks to all of you who subbed! I know a lot of my video views and subscribers have come over from Google+. I took a poll to see where you all are from, and made a video to give you all a shout-out. Most of my Google+ followers and YouTube channel viewers come from the United States, India, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. Those are followed closely by folks from Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and Malaysia. Thanks to all of you around the world for reading, commenting, watching and subscribing! So what does 1000 subscribers get me? * YouTube for Creators Opal status  (this also requires 1,000 hours watch time) * I can now use Super Chat , if and when I live stream * I can enable paid content * I'm theoretically eligible for "Creator on the Rise" promotion  (but seriously, I know that's not going to happen) Now I'm aiming for 10k subscribers, so now

Weekly Update - August 5, 2017: Google+ Search, YouTube, Google Search Console

I’m a happy Plusser this week, as Google+ got a really nice update. This week Google+ introduced a number of really excellent improvements to search . The most noticeable difference is that clicking the search box no longer immediately starts loading the Explore page, which I found hugely annoying. You can sort the results by “Best” or “Most Recent”, filter by post author (including yourself), and easily switch between posts, people, Collections and Communities. And G Suite users can limit search within their domain . As a bonus, the search results Explore page may also show popular topics along the top of the search results, letting you, well, explore. Check it out. Things were a bit more volatile on YouTube. YouTube posted an update on progress fighting terrorist and violent extremist content online. They are using machine learning, as well as human Trusted Flaggers, to identify violent extremist content. Once it’s identified, it may be removed or eventually hidden behind a