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Weekly Updated - August 26, 2017: Android Oreo, International Webmasters, YouTube Borderline Hate Content

This week was pretty sweet:
Plus there are more updates and tips for video creators, live streamers, business owners, webmasters, Chrome users and more. 

Image: Oreo Cookies Birthday Cake Chocolate Special Limited Edition by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube. Posted to Flickr under a CC BY 2.0 License


YouTube and Video Creation

Go Live


Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

Google for businesses

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

Hangouts and Messaging

Made by Google, Android, Project Fi


Privacy and Security

More around the web

Posted by Peggy K


  1. This is very informative article. Android and you tube both have made so much changes. Now I am more excited to use these apps and softwares.


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