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1000 subscribers from around the world! Thanks Plussers and YouTubers!

This weekend my YouTube channel finally reached 1000 subscribers. Thanks to all of you who subbed!

I know a lot of my video views and subscribers have come over from Google+. I took a poll to see where you all are from, and made a video to give you all a shout-out.

Most of my Google+ followers and YouTube channel viewers come from the United States, India, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. Those are followed closely by folks from Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and Malaysia.

Thanks to all of you around the world for reading, commenting, watching and subscribing!

So what does 1000 subscribers get me?

* YouTube for Creators Opal status (this also requires 1,000 hours watch time)
* I can now use Super Chat, if and when I live stream
* I can enable paid content
* I'm theoretically eligible for "Creator on the Rise" promotion (but seriously, I know that's not going to happen)

Now I'm aiming for 10k subscribers, so now is the time to subscribe to my YouTube Channel !

Check out the map of locations of all the folks who responded to my Google+ poll. I've also included a few additional countries where multiple subscribers to my channel are from.

Add your location: vote on my Google+ Poll.

Poll results as of March 2019: