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Weekly Update - January 22, 2022: Meet Companion Mode, YouTube earnings, Live Control Room management

Welcome to the first weekly update for 2022! This first edition of the year is later than planned, as it turned out I really needed a longer break than I originally expected. My commitment focus for 2022 is “Reflection” and that is part of what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. I’ve realized that I feel most creative when I have a chance to work on projects away from home. In the Before Times I often went to the library or a cafe or other comfortable space to work on things. But with COVID, that hasn’t been a practical option. I’m still working out what will work best, but I feel like just trying to work that out is a step in the right direction. I’ve also set aside some time for a couple of personal projects that had fallen by the wayside. That means less time for blogging, but it’s been good for my spirit. As I write this I’m feeling more mentally energized than I have for several months, so it’s been a good thing. And now I’m back for your weekly updates. Onward into 2022! T

YouTube and other AdSense earnings will have separate payments accounts

YouTube earnings and other AdSense earnings will have separate payments accounts starting in March 2022.  If you are a YouTube Partner you should have received an email from AdSense this week with the announcement. Email from AdSense:  A new way to manage and view your YouTube earnings Do YouTube Partners need to make any changes?  No. Your YouTube earnings and payment information will still be available from your AdSense account.  Your current payment method and any custom payment threshold will automatically be applied to the new YouTube payment account. Any unpaid YouTube earnings will be transferred to your new YouTube payment account when that becomes available. You will continue to be able to access your already-paid YouTube earnings and payments information in your AdSense payments account.  As now, you can see your YouTube channel's estimated revenue and ad performance reports in Analytics in YouTube

Weekly Update - December 18, 2021: Holiday Meets, Twitter Video, Instagram Embeds

This week you can make your virtual holiday parties more festive, watch automatically captioned Twitter videos, and embed your Instagram profile on your website. Plus there are new features for Calendar, Docs, Drive and Slides to improve your productivity into 2022.  If you are a YouTube creator and partner, be sure to check your AdSense US tax settings (go paperless!) and check out Qaya, Area 120's new merch storefront. Read the details below. This is the last Weekly Update until 2022! The next edition will be Sunday January 2, then will return to the usual Saturday schedule. There will be an end-of-year round-up in the meantime. Have a wonderful holiday, a merry Christmas and on to the new year! Reminder: you can get the Weekly Update in nicely-formatted email form by signing up for my newsletter. Holiday Cheer Use the new winter holiday background in Google Meet or the (slightly disturbing) Duo AR Christmas tree to make your Christmas meetups more

Weekly Update - December 11, 2021: YouTube Permissions, Google Chat callss, Meta's Horizon Worlds

  As 2021 winds down, there were a slew of new features announced for YouTube (Permissions support in Live Control Room, Places Mentioned, subscription collections), Meta (professional mode for Profiles, comment moderation tools, Facebook Live features, Horizon Worlds metaverse opening), Google Chat (video and audio calls), Google Workspace tools (tables in Docs, shortcuts in Drive, Tasks in Calendar), and much more. Plus you can get your end-of-year recaps from YouTube Music, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook. Find out where all your time went! Reminder: if you would like the Weekly Update in your email Inbox, subscribe to my newsletter. Note that FeedBurner-based email subscriptions may be turned off at any time. More Best of 2021 If you are looking for the top 2021 trends for YouTube, GIPHY and more, c heck out last week’s update . Google released their Year in Search 2021 . You can dig into all the search trends around the world, or check out the top entertainment trends . T

Weekly Update - December 4, 2021: Best of 2021; Twitter personal info policy; Google Photos memories

I want to start this week's update with a pearsonal plea. This week I got my COVID booster shot. There were some minor side effects, but it is worth it. If you are eligible, and haven’t gotten your vaccination or booster yet, please do, for your health, for the health of your family, friends and co-workers, and to help prevent new variants from emerging. In the US you can find a location at or on your state’s vaccination website (in California it’s ). Do it now, and you will have protection in time for your Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. Just do it. OK, with that out of the way, this week we take a look back on what was popular in 2021, and have a few creator updates. There was a change in leadership and policy at Twitter, new creator features on YouTube, Facebook, Clubhouse and LinkedIn; new Memories in Google Photos and more. Best of 2021 Facebook’s GIPHY shared the top GIFs of 2021 . Here’s number one : And 2021 has often been ...

Weekly Update - November 27, 2021: YouTube uploads, Reddit video, AdSense Matched Content

As we move into December (already!), tech companies are slowing feature launches. That, plus the US Thanksgiving holiday, means few updates this week. YouTube If you have a YouTube channel, you should have received an email announcing a Terms of Service updates taking effect January 5th. The content has been reorganized and made a bit more transparent, but there do not appear to be any substantial changes in the terms. Read the updated terms . YouTube is rolling out a new feature that lets you reuse details from previous uploads . During the upload process, you can choose to reuse title, description, video language, shorts sampling permission, or category. This is different from the default upload settings, as those automatically apply to every video you upload. Learn more. YouTube is testing search insight s, which let you see what your audience looks for on YouTube, and also let you see information for any keyword search on YouTube. And, kind of excitingly, they are looking at “

Weekly Update - November 20, 2021: Google Meet, Google News Initiative, Twitter

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s a day for feasting, family and giving thanks. Thanks to all of you for reading! New this week: Google Meet has new immersive backgrounds, Google News Initiative offers new data analysis & presentation tools for journalists (and everyone else), and Twitter makes the case for pseudonymity. And more. If you want to be sure you get this newsletter in your email inbox, subscribe to my newsletter . Top Updates Google Meet is rolling out new immersive backgrounds on the web, with “subtle animation” and different versions for different weather (sunny, rainy, snowy). Three new backgrounds will be available to everyone, with five additional immersive backgrounds and color filters available to Google Workspace and G Suite customers (excluding Google Workspace Individual customers). The Google News Initiative supports journalists and local newsrooms with money and tools. There are new data analysis tools available to every