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Weekly Update - October 14, 2017: YouTube Creators Hub, Android Video Calling, WordPress & Google

This week there were nice updates for video creators, bloggers, and more:
The YouTube Creators Hub got a makeover, and has launched a series of Master Class videosYouTube has expanded their “harmful and dangerous content” policy to prohibit videos “that demonstrate how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly”. Some in the firearms community aren’t happy with the changeIf you use WordPress for your blog or website, you can now easily insert Google Photos images and the new VCP Events Plugin lets you easily embed YouTube live streams + Google+ comments on your site.Google is making video calling from the Phone, Contacts, and Messages apps easier on Android phones. If your carrier supports ViLTE (e.g. T-Mobile), no app is required, otherwise you will need to install Google Duo.Local Guides are getting new badges on Google MapsMedium has opened its Partner Program to everyone. They call it “the internet’s first open paywall”. You can make your articles members-only. Non-member…

Weekly Update - October 7, 2017: Made By Google, Google Assistant, Fake News

There was a lot happening in the Googleverse this week, with some cool new hardware and updates for Hangouts, Webmasters, and Google+.
On October 4th Google had it’s big hardware event, where they introduced “a few new things made by Google”, showcasing their focus on an “AI-first” world. Google Assistant is everywhere!
New products include the new Pixel 2 phones with an excellent new camera and eSIM, earbuds with Google Assistant, Google Home Mini and Max, more integration of Google Assistant with Nest, new AR and VR experiences, the Google Clips AI-enabled camera and the shiny new Pixelbook Chromebook. Google+ got two excellent new features: the web image lightbox now emphasizes captions and comments  and Community moderators can now remove recent content from banned members.You may have noticed a change to Google Hangouts Contact Search. There are no longer suggestions from across Google and Google+ - all you will see in the resules are people from your contacts or organization. I…

Weekly Update - September 30, 2017: YouTube Link Cards, Google Slides, AdSense in Bangla

This week was pretty quiet, but even so there are updates for presenters, webmasters, AdSense publishers, YouTubers, live streamers and more:
My favorite update was the shiny new features for Google Slides. There are now add-ons, synced slides and drag and drop integration between Google Keep (Google Blog)For YouTube Creators, there’s been a change to the eligibility requirements for adding external link Cards - you now need to have monetization enabled to share any external links, including to Merch and Crowdfunding sites.অ্যাডসেন্স এখন বাংলা (বাংলা) বুঝতে পারে - AdSense now supports Bengali (Bangla)Google celebrated their 19th birthday, sharing fun Google Doodle games from years gone by.Outside the Googleverse, Twitter is testing out letting users have 280 characters to Tween. They explained why, but many Twitterers aren’t happy with the change.Image: Detail from Atardecer en el mar [La ola roja] by Joaquín Clausell (~1910) (Public Domain)

Weekly Update - September 23, 2017: YouTube Sponsorship, Project Fi Phone, Google+ Bulk Moderation

This week there are updates and tips for YouTubers, live streamers, Google Plussers, webmasters, advertisers, photographers and much more!
YouTube announced a new way for Creators to make money: Sponsorships. Fans can sponsor your channel for a small amount each month, and in return they get access to private chats, custom live chat badge and emoji and more. The catch? Sponsorships are currently only available to gaming channels. If you don’t have a gaming channel, you can submit an interest form .While YouTube said hello to Sponsorships, it bid goodbye to Paid channels and videos. Current paid channels will only be available through the end of November.Also this week, the YouTube Video Editor and Photo Slideshows was retired. While there are decent free video editing apps for Windows, Mac and most mobile devices, creators with Chromebooks unfortunately have few alternative options. The YouTube Creator Studio app is now officially YT Studio, and has some nice new features, including …

Weekly Update - September 16, 2017: Google News Local, Google+ apps, iPhone X

This week there are updates for Google Plussers, video watchers, advertisers, webmasters, smartphone buyers and much more.
If you have a phone running Android 8 (Oreo), Google+ 9.20 has new notification options. The catch: unless you are familiar with Oreo’s new notification options, they are a bit hard to find. The Google+ iOS app also got an update with bug fixes.Google News added Community Updates so you can easily find out what's happening locallyYouTube TV is available in 8 more US metro areasYouTube is making HDR playback available on select Android devicesProPublica discovered that Facebook enabled advertisers to target anti-Semitic ad categories. These were algorithmically created based on self-reported profile information. Facebook is implementing changes to help prevent this from happening in the future. The Google AdWords keywords planner also allowed anti-Semitic ad targeting - but according to Google such queries would be filtered so no ads would appear. They have tu…

Weekly Update - September 9, 2017: YouTube Live, Google My Business, Privacy Settings

This week in the Googleverse there are updates video makers, live streamers, business owners, webmasters, travelers and much more. Here are my top updates:
YouTube Live got a sweet update, with real-time ultra-low latency streaming and new chat moderation tools. You can also now stream games or apps on your iOS device using the YouTube app. If you want to give ultra-low latency streaming a try, check out BarbaraEMac’s encoder setting tips.If you are a YouTube Partner, and you have a video that is “not suitable for all advertisers”, check out the latest update on the YouTube monetization appeals process for videos with yellow $ icon. Your channel needs at least 10,000 subscribers, or your video has to have had at least 1000 views in the past week to appeal. Uptime is an iOS app from Area120 at Google that lets you watch YouTube videos with friends. It’s latest feature is “Parties” - invite your friends and the YouTube videos will be synced for all of you, even when you jump from vide…

Weekly Update - September 2, 2017: YouTube's New Look, Monetization, User First Beta

New this week in the Googlevers  there are tips and updates for video watchers and creators, live streamers, business owners, webmasters, bloggers and much more.  This week YouTube unveiled a redesigned and very bright logo, plus a new look and new features on mobile and desktop.YouTube Creators have been understandably concerned when their monetized videos started showing the yellow “"not suitable for all advertisers" icon. In response, Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt (Head of Global Gaming, Content & Partnerships at YouTube) posted a FAQ to explain “what’s up”. The take-away message is there is now an option to appeal: “... no system is perfect. When you appeal, our reviewers take a look and their decisions help our systems get smarter over time. Deleting the video and re-uploading won't help.” Another change for YouTube Creators is the new requirement that monetization be enabled before you can link to your own website on a video Card or End Screen. There is an exception for no…