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Creator Weekly: Google Photos AI editing tools, YouTube Shopping, Google Vids AI video creator

This week it’s all about AI, with new AI features in Google Workspace, Google Photos AI features available to everyone, the new Google Vids AI-powered video generator and more.YouTube also announced Shopping Collections and a new Affiliate Hub for creators. Plus a few short tutorials and lots more updates. Top news and updates this week Google Vids AI powered video creator coming in June AI features for Google Meet and Google Chat Google Photos AI editing tools available to everyone YouTube Shopping Collections and Affiliate Hub Substack is rolling out new features for podcasters, including Sync to Spotify Lyrak is a new social platform for news, with monetization options and (soon) Fediverse support Beeper is a new messaging app with one inbox for 14 platforms Read on for details and additional updates! Creator Weekly In Your Inbox 📨 Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Week

Choose how Google personalizes the ads you see on YouTube, Search and Discover

If you turn on ad personalization for your Google Account, you can control what personal information is used to customize the ads you see on YouTube, Google Search and Discover. You can also let Google know what topics and brands you would like to see more or less of. You can also set your account to not see personalized ads. Note that non-personalized ads may still use factors like your current location, time of day, and website you are visiting to determine which ads you see.  Here's a brief overview of the My Ad Center settings :  Or read on for more detailed information. What data does Google use to personalize ads? Google may use data from a number of sources to show you ads it thinks you would be interested in. Personal details in your Google Account like age and gender Web and app activity, including your searches and sites you visited YouTube History, including videos you watched and searches on YouTube

Scroll the YouTube Posts feed for creator photos, polls, quizzes and more

Community Posts are a way for YouTube channels to share non-video content with their fans, including text posts, photos, polls, quizzes, announcements and more.  The Posts Feed (currently only available in the YouTube mobile app) lets you see only  those non-video channel posts in one place. Here's a quick overview of how to find the Posts feed. What kind of content is included in Community posts? Most YouTube channels are eligible to create YouTube Posts.  Learn about Community tab  eligibility  and how to create a post  in the YouTube Help Center. There are a number of different types of Posts: Text does not have formatting options. But you can add an image, share a link, and so forth. Viewers may need to click "Read more" to read the full post. Playlist link: when this is pasted into a post, it creates a nice clickable preview when the post is published Images or GIFs : if you create the post in the YouTube mob

Creator Weekly: Meta AI policy, Facebook video feed, YouTube Analytics

It seems like everyone here is talking about Monday’s eclipse. It will only be a partial eclipse here in the SF Bay Area, but I’m still planning to pause and observe (my colander is ready!). This is an anniversary week: Creator Weekly Live is one year old! I’m grateful for everyone who watches, chats and comments. I suppose it’s time I write up my experience with different live streaming platforms (soon!). Consumer Google+ shut down 5 years ago. I wrote up my thoughts on social media since then, and into the future.I’ve also been hanging out with the OnEBoard crew for 5 years. We do weekly text chat on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and bi-weekly live streams. See our event calendar. Gmail launched on April Fool’s Day in 2004. Read the original announcement. I am a bit surprised that Google didn’t memorialize the anniversary, other than CEO Sundar Pichai resharing the retrospective at The Verge . It notes that “Gmail is like a passport for the internet

Five years after the demise of Google+: reflections on social media

Five years ago today Google+ shut down and I still haven't found a social media platform that's "home" in the same way. And I don't expect I will.  Five things I've learned Every platform works a bit differently, and there is no way to exactly reproduce a social experience in a new place. People tend to stay where they are, follow lots of profiles, and rarely unfollow. But these aren't deep connections, and followers mostly won't move with you to a new platform (at least that's the case if you aren't famous). If you are creating content, it's a good idea to have your own domain and website as your home base. You may change social networks, the algorithm may turn against you, and so it's one place people can always find you. Small private communities can be more fulfilling than large public communities. I am looking to a future with social sites with federati

Creator Weekly: Canva Acquires Affinity, Google Ad Safety Report, YouTube Member-only Shorts

Happy Easter weekend to all who celebrate! There are lots of updates this week for video creators, tips for bloggers, new AI-based features and more. Top news and updates this week Google’s 2023 Ads Safety Report details how many bad ads (and bad publisher sites) it removed from its ecosystem. Billions! Web-based designed platform Canva has acquired Affinity and its professional creative software suite. YouTube Partners can now post Member-only Shorts. Learn why you don’t need to turn off sharing of your YouTube videos to the subscription and notification feed when you try new formats or topics on your channel. StreamYard now offers automated editing of video recordings into Shorts and Reels. SnapChat added new video editing options and supports longer videos. Twitch now lets you limit followers to those with email or phone verified accounts. Twitch also updated their community guidelines to prohi