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Weekly Update - October 16, 2021: YouTube Creators, Google Cloud Next, Twitter Spaces

This was a busy week, with updates for Meet, Chat and Docs announced at the Google Cloud Next conference, more features available to YouTube Creators; a number of updates to Twitter Spaces, including a “Spark Program” for audio creators, and much more.  If you are a live streamer, web publisher or Chromebook aficionado there’s an update for you this week! Don't forget you can sign up to get my free weekly newsletter in your email inbox. Free AdSense Webinar This week I joined Michael Daniels on the Tinkering with Tech show. Watch the recording on Youtube. We talked about how to get help with AdSense and related topics. Upcoming  Google’s Pixel Fall Launch is October 19, with the much-anticipated live launch of the Pixel 6 phone, and maybe more. If you have questions about YouTube Music, Product Manager Jason Robinson will be answering questions in the official YouTube Music Help Community on October 21. Submit your questions before then, and he will answer as many as he can, AMA-

Free AdSense Webinar!

Join me on Wednesday, October 13 at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT when I join Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter on the Tinkering with Tech show. We will be talking about AdSense and you are free to ask questions during the live chat. Once the webinar is over, I'll add links and resources to this post.  Open the video link in YouTube to set a reminder or watch the video below.  I hope to see you there!

Weekly Update - October 9, 2021: YouTube Policy, Chrome RSS Feed Reader, AdSense Ad Auction

This week there are updates for AdSense publishers, YouTube live streamers, folks using Google Calendar for business and more. And in a nifty update, Chrome for Android now has a basic feed reader option. Reminder: you can get the Weekly Update in your email inbox by subscribing to my newsletter.   Top Stories YouTube announced several improvements to captions and audio features . Now all creators can enable automatic live captions for live streams in English. Previously this was only available to channels with more than 1000 subscribers. It will be expanding to all of YouTube’s captioning languages over the coming months. Future features include automatic translation of captions on mobile, multi-audio tracks and descriptive audio feeds ( example ), and channel permissions to add captions. AdSense publishers, YouTube creators and Google Ads advertisers are now prohibited from monetizing content or buying ads for content “that contradicts well-established scientific consensu

Use Chrome as your RSS Feed Reader

You can now follow blog or news RSS feeds in Chrome for Android. It's not as full featured as Feedly (or Google Reader RIP), but it's a handy way to see the latest updates. Starting today, we're experimenting on Chrome stable with a Following feature. You can choose websites to follow, and their RSS updates will appear on Chrome's new tab page. We've been working on this for a while & I'm super excited to hear what people think ๐Ÿ‘‡ — Adrienne P๐ŸŽƒrter Felt (@__apf__) October 8, 2021 This is currently available in Chrome 94 or higher for Android, and is coming soon to iOS. Eventually it should also be available on desktop.  Watch a quick demonstration, or read on for detailed instructions. Enable the Chrome Web Feed Flag  If you have Chrome 94, but the Following feature is not yet enabled, you can turn it on by enabling Web Feed in Chrome Flags.  1. Open the Chrome Andr

Weekly Update - October 2, 2021: YouTube Policy, Meet Translations, Google Search AI

This week YouTube banned all vaccine misinformation, Google Meet launched automatically-translated live captions (in beta), and at the Google “Search On 2021” event the company announced improved visual search using MUM AI and Google Lens. In social media Clubhouse now lets you share audio clips and offer room Replays, Twitter launched Professional Profiles for businesses, and Facebook is under fire (again). Plus there are more updates for video creators, new productivity features and more. Top Stories YouTube expanded their policy prohibiting medical misinformation so that false claims about any vaccines (not just COVID-19 vaccines) are not allowed.There are exceptions for content about vaccine trials, policy discussion, history and personal testimonials. Already YouTube has removed prominent anti-vaxxers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Joseph Mercola from the platform. Google Illustrations are new customizable images you can use as your Gmail and Google profile image. You can curre

Weekly Update - September 25, 2021: YouTube Chapters, Meet Light Adjustment, Chat PWA

Happy Autumn! It won't really cool off here in California for a couple more months, but it still feels like there is change in the air. (And no I don't mean wildfire smoke.) This week there are tips and updates for YouTube, Google Meet, Google Chat, Gmail and more. Plus a sneak peek at Google’s new newsletter platform in the works. To Try Google’s Area 120 has a new newsletter service called Museletter . This lets you create a public profile for Google Drive. You can publish any Google Drive files to your profile or an email list, including Google Docs newsletters, Google Slide decks, photos and other files. The plan is to offer analytics, community features and paid subscriptions. If that sounds interesting, request early access . Note that this may be limited to the United States. Learn Google Workspace for Education is offering free product training from September 21st to November 4th. These are 30 minute video sessions on Google Meet, Chrome, Classroom, Google Drive

Weekly Update - September 18, 2021: YouTube, AdSense, Google Search

This week there are tips and updates for YouTubers, AdSense Publishers, website owners and more. Upcoming There is a free AdSense ad-serving webinar on September 23 that will cover topics such as the Ads.txt and Sellers.json files, how to fix broken ads, native ads and matched content, sticky ads and more. The webinar will include a live Q&A session. If you are unable to attend live, the recording will be available on the official AdSense YouTube channel . Google Cloud Next is October 12-14 . It is virtual, free and you can now build a playlist of the presentations you want to see. Learn about machine learning, data analytics, databases, Google Workspace and more for your business. This Week's Top Updates There is now a “translate” button for YouTube comments in the Android and iOS YouTube mobile apps. More than 100 languages are supported. YouTube will translate the comments into the language it thinks you want, not necessarily the main language you have set. The lan