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Recent posts

Weekly Update - August 1, 2020: Cameos, Maps, YouTube

Summer is in full swing, and there are a bunch of new features and ubugpdates for creators. This week there are opportunities to share your expertise in Google Search Cameos and Maps, new features in Meet and Chat, and free PDF productivity tools from Adobe. There's a new management permission for YouTube channels and YouTube's community contributions are going away in September. Plus there's more for webmasters, publishers, and music lovers.Share your ExpertiseIf you blog about Food & Drink, Beauty, Fitness, Home & Garden or Video Games, there is a new opportunity for you: Google Cameos. Cameos are short videos that answer frequently asked questions. They appear on knowledge cards and in Google Search.This looks like a way to build your personal brand while helping others with your knowledge. Currently this is only an option for US bloggers. (Not sure what this is? Search for quesadillas, then look for the “top questions answered” section.)Google Maps is expand…

YouTube discontinuing Community Contributions

YouTube will be discontinuing Community Contributions.  Community Contributions allows anyone to submit closed captions, and translated subtitles, title and description of your videos. That way your fans could help make sure your content is accessible in multiple languages.
Community Contributions will no longer be available after September 28, 2020.  Why are Community Contributions going away?According to YouTube, there are two main reasons for this change: Low usage: in the past month, and was used by less than  0.001% of channels,with less than 0.2% watch time. If there are 30 million channels, that means only about 300 used the feature in the past month.Low quality: not just low quality contributions, but apparently also used for spam and harassment. A year ago YouTube stopped automatically publishing Community Contributions due to abuse and spam, so this has been an ongoing issue.  Unfortunately for those channels that did successfully use Community Contributions, there isn't a f…

Opportunity for Bloggers: Google Cameos video answers

If you are based in the US, and blog about Food & Drink, Beauty, Fitness, Home & Garden or Video Games, you may be eligible to share your expertise in Google Cameos.
Cameos are short video answers to commonly asked questions that appear in the Google Search results. They display your name and can be shared.
Announcement:  NEW! Invitation to Answer Top Searched Questions on Google
Cameos are invite-only, and this is a special invitation for bloggers to apply to participate. If you are interested, fill out the application form with your name, email, blog URL and category, and your country. 
Google says this may be open to more blog categories and countries in the future.
For more details about Google Cameos, read on.
What are Google Cameos?Google Cameos appear in the Google Search results as video answers to common search questions.  For searches where Cameos answers are available, they appear on the right Knowledge Panel under Top Questions Answered.
Search results for "quesadilla…

Weekly Update - July 25, 2020: Meet & Chat, Messages, AdSense

This week we learned more about Google’s plans for Meet, Chat and their vision for a “home for work”, learned which playlist features YouTube plans to deprecate, and updates to AdSense content policies, prohibiting medical misinformation and spyware content. Plus there are updates for Messenger, webmasters and more.
Google Cloud Next ‘20: On Air: Meet, Chat, Docs and moreWeek 2 of Google Cloud Next 20: On Air focused on Productivity & Collaboration. G Suite VP Javier Soltaro talked about the new “home for week” with more integration of Gmail, Meet, Chat, Docs and Tasks. Watch a demo of “G Suite’s vision for content collaboration” to see how that works..There was a sneak peek at new Meet features in the works. Watch the Meet session starting at 14:11 to get a glimpse of breakout rooms, hand raising, polls, virtual backgrounds and more. Meet will be getting new security and moderation tools, that allow the meeting host to control whether participants can chat or present their screen…

Some YouTube Playlist Features to be Removed

Playlists are one of the few features that is still managed in "classic" YouTube, rather than the new YouTube Studio. While playlist management will eventually be available in new Studio, YouTube has announced that a number of playlist features will not be making the transition. 
If you are a YouTube power user, you probably know that playlists go beyond manually adding videos to a list. You can select keywords to add videos to a playlist automatically, set a playlist to be the "official" list for a series, and more. 
Some of those playlist features will not be available when the classic playlist editor is retired:  Set as official seriesAuto add video rulesVideo notesTranslate playlist informationRemove duplicatesYouTube has not given a date this change will happen, so, for now, you can continue to use these features. Which playlist features will be deprecated?Set as official series

You can create an official series playlist of your own videos. When someone watches a v…

August AdSense policy updates prohibiting spyware and dangerous health crisis-related content

The Google Publisher Policies for AdSense will be updated in August. The changes include an apparent COVID-19-related prohibition of misleading medical content and there will be a clarification of prohibitions on content promoting spyware. 
There will also be a few other changes to the policy language.  Upcoming Changes to the Google Publisher PoliciesThe following changes will be made in August 2020. Be sure to check the Google Publisher Policies in August for more detailed information and examples of prohibited content. 
Dangerous and Derogatory Content
The policy will be updated to explicitly prohibit "content that relates to a current, major health crisis and contradicts authoritative, scientific consensus."
This would prohibit monetizing misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and probably some coronavirus conspiracy theories. 
Related information:  COVID-19-related changes in AdSense site reviews and paymentsCOVID-19-related changes to YouTube monetization and content…

Weekly Update - July 18, 2020: Google Chat, Meet, Live Streaming

This week Google announced their vision for a “home for work” with integrated Gmail, Docs, Meet video calling and Chat. One place with all your apps. There was an AMA with the YouTube gaming team, who answered questions about live streaming, monetization and gaming content.
Google Cloud Next ‘20: On AirThis week Google Cloud Next On Air kicked off with “Industry insights”. Of particular note is Google’s vision for G Suite as a “home for work”, with deeper integration between Gmail, Google Meet, Google Chat, Docs and more. Sign in to Gmail and you will be able to chat with your colleagues, join a video call, edit documents, and more without switching between different sites. Watch the demo video.

There are new safety and privacy features for Google Meet video meetings that will be available in the coming weeks, starting with personal accounts (yay!) and G Suite for Education:
All participants in a G Suite for Education-hosted meeting will now need to be signed in to a Google account. …