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Weekly Update - September 25, 2021: YouTube Chapters, Meet Light Adjustment, Chat PWA

Happy Autumn! It won't really cool off here in California for a couple more months, but it still feels like there is change in the air. (And no I don't mean wildfire smoke.) This week there are tips and updates for YouTube, Google Meet, Google Chat, Gmail and more. Plus a sneak peek at Google’s new newsletter platform in the works. To Try Google’s Area 120 has a new newsletter service called Museletter . This lets you create a public profile for Google Drive. You can publish any Google Drive files to your profile or an email list, including Google Docs newsletters, Google Slide decks, photos and other files. The plan is to offer analytics, community features and paid subscriptions. If that sounds interesting, request early access . Note that this may be limited to the United States. Learn Google Workspace for Education is offering free product training from September 21st to November 4th. These are 30 minute video sessions on Google Meet, Chrome, Classroom, Google Drive

Weekly Update - September 18, 2021: YouTube, AdSense, Google Search

This week there are tips and updates for YouTubers, AdSense Publishers, website owners and more. Upcoming There is a free AdSense ad-serving webinar on September 23 that will cover topics such as the Ads.txt and Sellers.json files, how to fix broken ads, native ads and matched content, sticky ads and more. The webinar will include a live Q&A session. If you are unable to attend live, the recording will be available on the official AdSense YouTube channel . Google Cloud Next is October 12-14 . It is virtual, free and you can now build a playlist of the presentations you want to see. Learn about machine learning, data analytics, databases, Google Workspace and more for your business. This Week's Top Updates There is now a “translate” button for YouTube comments in the Android and iOS YouTube mobile apps. More than 100 languages are supported. YouTube will translate the comments into the language it thinks you want, not necessarily the main language you have set. The lan

Weekly Update - September 11, 2021: YouTube, Google Chat, Twitter

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I was fortunate. I didn’t lose family or friends and my life was minimally disrupted. But I will never forget.  Reminder: you can get the weekly update in your email inbox by subscribing to my Creator Weekly newsletter .  This week’s top updates YouTube is expanding Community posts to all channels with at least 500 subscribers . Community posts can include multiple images, polls, text or videos, and can be scheduled in advance ( learn more ). The Community tab replaces the Discussion tab, and with this rollout the Discussion tab will be removed from all channels on October 12. Google Chat’s Rooms are now Spaces . Spaces are designed for collaboration and are integrated with Meet, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Tasks. New features that will be available in the coming months include tools for content moderation, in-line topic threading, enhanced search, and discoverable Spaces within a

Weekly Update - September 4, 2021: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

This is Labor Day weekend in the United States. It isn’t just the (unofficial) end of summer, or a day to shop the sales. It’s a day to recognize the contributions of US workers. Take the day off if you can! This week Twitter launched Super Follows, LinkedIn is killing stories, YouTube is launching Music Library attributions while removing old video attributions, you can access more of your Google Drive files offline and more. Upcoming changes If you created videos in the old YouTube Video Editor that included Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) clips, YouTube automatically added a “view attributions” link to that video description. That is being removed after September. Creators should add the attribution to the video description manually. If you are not sure if that applies to your content, you can submit a form requesting a list of affected videos. However, what is old is new. YouTube is launching automatic attributions for music used from the YouTube Audio Library in the cur

YouTube removing "View Attributions" page from videos created in the YouTube Video Editor

After September, YouTube will no longer show the View Attributions page . This only applies to videos created in the old YouTube Video Editor that included CC-BY content. In 2011 YouTube l aunched the option to add a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to your videos. Organizations like C-SPAN and Al Jazeera licensed their content.  Those CC BY-licensed videos were available in the old YouTube video editor. In the editor you could create new videos by combining the the licensed clips with your own video content.  When you created a new video that way, YouTube automatically added a "View Attributions" link in the video description. Clicking that link let people see information about the source videos.  It is that View Attributions link that is being retired, due to "limited usage".  Creators should add the attributions manually to the video description instead.  Since this version YouTube Video Editor was retired in 2017, this change only applies to older

Weekly Update - August 28, 2021: YouTube Partner Program, Google Meet, Facebook Posts

This week there are new tools for hosting Google Meet meetings, new security requirements for YouTube Partners, information about how Google Search and Instagram Search work, and a (criticized) report on what content is the most popular on Facebook. Plus there are tips and updates for video creators, website owners, podcasters, and more. Don’t forget that you can get all this information in your email inbox by subscribing to my new email newsletter ! New tutorials Google Meet has new safety and moderation controls that let meeting hosts control whether participants can use the in-meeting chat, share their screen, mute everyone with a single click or kick everyone out when the meeting is over. Get detailed instructions on how to do that, or watch this 60 second overview . This week’s top updates YouTube channels with at least 1000 subscribers can now add a trailer to scheduled live streams. Starting November 1st all accounts

Google Meet safety and moderation controls for hosts

Google Meet has rolled out meeting management and safety tools to everyone, making it easier for a meeting Host to prevent disruptions. A host can turn off chat and screen sharing, mute everyone, and end the meeting for everyone. There are two Host settings:  Let everyone Share their screen Let everyone Send chat messages If those settings are turned off, only the host can present their screen or post in the in-meeting chat.  Hosts can also:  Mute everyone with a single click End the meeting  for everyone These settings are available for both free personal Google accounts and Google Workspace accounts.  Read on for detailed instructions. Watch a quick demo of how to change the settings for screen sharing and chat.  Turn off screen sharing and chat for participants The Meet meeting host can turn off screen presentation and chat for all other meeting participants. This feature is available on desktop and in th