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Weekly Update - August 13, 2022: E2EE, Meet + Duo, YouTube locations

  This week’s focus is on end-to-end encryption in video and chat apps. Consider what’s more important to you — more privacy or more features? Plus there are updates for YouTubers, social media mavens and more. Want weekly updates in your email inbox? Subscribe to my newsletter. End-to-End Encryption in Video Conferencing and Messaging Why would you want end-to-end encryption of your messages? That prevents your messaging platform provider, malicious actors, hostile governments (Meta started with accounts in Ukraine and Russia), law enforcement, or anyone from accessing the content of your messages. It can also help businesses comply with data privacy requirements. Why wouldn’t you want it? Many features in video calling platforms are managed through Google’s or Zoom’s or Microsoft’s servers, so aren’t available in end-to-end encrypted calls. And it can be technically confusing .  The Google Duo app icon and name are updating to Google Meet . The original Google Meet app sh

Weekly Update - August 6, 2022: Back to School, Clubhouse Houses, Twitter Security Breach

Happy August! As a sure sign summer is nearly over, many US kids go back to school this week. Before you know it the leaves will be turning and it will be sweater weather. This week there are updates for video creators, web publishers and social media users. Top updates: a small update to the YouTube video editor, social audio platform Clubhouse to get private “Houses”, Twitter security “flaw” exposed pseudonymous accounts and more. To subscribe to the Weekly Update by email,  sign up for my newsletter . Meet + Duo If you are a Google Meet user or Google Duo user, or both, you should see changes in the mobile apps. The Meet mobile app now has a green icon and is called Meet (original). Open up Duo and you will see a notice that it is getting new features and will become Meet.  If you haven’t tried Duo, give it a try. It’s designed for video calling family and friends, and has nice features like the ability to leave vid

Weekly Update - July 30, 2022: YouTube Shorts Editor, New Gmail Layout, Twitter & Feedback feeds

There are a lot of updates this week! Here's some interesting beach reading for you: Try the new Gmail integrated layout New video editing features coming to Google Photos and Chromebooks Create Shorts from your long form YouTube videos There’s a new YouTube Creator Safety Center Instagram and Twitter rolled back changes that showed more recommended posts in your feed. That is likely a temporary reprieve. And there are more updates and tips for video creators, web publishers, productivity tool users and more. To subscribe to the Weekly Update by email, sign up for my newsletter . Twitter Chat: Communities and Collaboration I am hosting the #OnEBoardChat this Sunday at 11 AM PDT on Twitter. The topic will be Communities and Collaboration. If that sounds interesting, follow me at @ PeggyKTC or follow the #OnEBoardChat hashtag . Everyone is welcome! Try the new Gmail integrated layout The new Gmail “integrated layout” is now rolling out to ever

Weekly Update - July 23, 2022: Meet livestreaming to YouTube, faster Content ID appeals, Shopping for YouTube Creators

This week there are lots of great updates for YouTubers, including live streaming from Meet, resolving your Content ID appeals faster, and Shopping to your channel. There are also updates and tips for using FeedBurner, a new Facebook Feed, updates to the Instagram Reels editor, updated messaging and productivity tools and more. To subscribe to the Weekly Update by email, sign up for my newsletter .  Meet live streaming to YouTube This week’s big announcement was the launch of live streaming from Google Meet to YouTube . Following up on last week’s announcement that Google One Premium subscribers in certain countries have access to Google Meet recording and longer group calls, this week Google announced that Google One Premium subscribers will also be able to live stream from Meet to YouTube. This is also available to personal accounts with a Google Workspace Individual subscription . And it’s available to Google Workspace Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise P

The new simplified FeedBurner has no Publicize features

FeedBurner's "non-core feed management features" are finally shutting down. In addition to the RSS to email service, they are also turning off tools to publicize your blog, including BuzzBoost, Summary Burner and the Headline Animator.  What appears to be the new simplified FeedBurner interface is occasionally loading for me, and with that access to the Publicize, Optimize, and Analyze services is gone. This change has been in the works for more than a year. Back in April 2021, FeedBurner announced  that as part of a migragration to a "more stable, modern infrastructure", they would would be shutting off its RSS to email service and going into "maintenance mode". There was an update in March of this year that said that the announced migration would be completed "in the coming weeks".  That shutdown has taken a lot longer than I expected, with emails of my new posts being delivered as recently as this morning

How to set up Google Meet Breakout Rooms before the meeting starts

One of the best ways to make virtual meetings and events you host run smoothly is to set up as much as you can before the meeting starts. In Google Meet the host can pre-assign meeting participants to breakout rooms, add co-hosts, and configure other meeting settings in Google Calendar before the event.  Here's how to easily set up and manage breakout rooms:  As the host, you must have a paid account that includes the breakout room feature ( learn more ) Set up your Meet meeting as a Google Calendar event ( learn more ) Invite individual participants to the meeting ( learn more ) Assign breakout rooms in the Calendar event's Video Call Options  ( learn more ) Optional:  Add co-hosts  ( learn more ) Optional: Turn on Quick Access  ( learn more ) In the meeting add additional participants or reassign breakout rooms  ( learn more ) Make sure Host Management is enabled in the meeting ( learn more ) Open th