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Creator Weekly: Google Bard, YouTube Shorts, Spotify Royalties

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I am thankful for so much, including my readers here. This week is a bit light on updates, probably because of the holiday, but even so there’s news for YouTubers, music artists, website owners, and, of course, generative AI users. Read this newsletter on the web Top news and updates this week Reminder: Google will start deleting inactive accounts in December. YouTube Studio now separates long form videos from Shorts on the Create tab. Google’s Bard AI can better understand YouTube videos. Google Meet can detect when you raise your actual hand to raise your virtual hand. Spotify has updated their policies to (hopefully) improve royalties for legit artists. OpenAI has been through a lot this week, ending up with the original CEO, but a new board. Read on for details and additional updates! Creator Weekly In Your Inbox 📨 Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live 🔴 What

Creator Weekly: YouTube AI-generated music, Google Search Notes, AdSense Ad Review Center

In the spirit of this week’s Thanksgiving holiday, I want to express my deep thanks for reading my newsletter and posts and watching my videos. I am truly grateful! This week is all about generative AI, with new music creation tools and labeling requirements on YouTube, Microsoft Copilot widely available, generative AI features being added everywhere and a new statement from Google on their AI principles . Plus there are updates for YouTube, AdSense, Google Photos, Google Search, Instagram, Twitch, Bing, Vimeo and more. Top news and updates this week YouTube will be implementing a new requirement to label realistic looking synthetic AI content. YouTube and Google DeepMind have created new AI music generation tools. Instagram has updated their Reels editor with new features. There is an updated ad review center for AdSense, AdMob and Google Ad Manager. There was a problem with AdSense GDPR messaging that could affect your earni

YouTube Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines Adult Content Update: More Breastfeeding and Sensual Dancing allowed

If your YouTube channel is in the YouTube Partner Program with ad revenue sharing, your videos must comply with the advertiser friendly guidelines to be fully monetized.  Periodically YouTube updates those guidelines, so it's important to keep up with the changes.  This week's update to the Adult Content guidelines  allows more content showing breast feeding and sensual dancing to be monetized. Breastfeeding If a child is present, the video can earn ad revenue even with visible nudity (nipples or areolae showing). Demonstrating hand expression or breast pump usage with nipples visible and a child in the scene    can earn ad revenue. Breastfeeding-related thumbnails focused on breasts without visible nudity can earn ad revenue. Breastfeeding-related nudity  without  a child present in the scene cannot earn ad revenue. Sensual Dancing Non-sexually graphic dancing involving rhyt

Configure YouTube's new For You recommendation section of your channel

YouTube has a new feature that will help your fans find more of your channel's content to watch.  The For You section of your channel will recommend content to viewers based on their own preferences and viewing habits. This section displays in addition to playlists and content you are featuring.  The For You section will display starting November 20, 2023, and you can configure it now. Note: I first went through this tutorial in my weekly live stream on November 12 ( watch here ). If you want to get the tips and tutorials first thing, join me  live on Sundays on YouTube . Update March 2024: The "For You" is now a positionable shelf, also available on YouTube Studio mobile. Get a quick overview of how to configure "For You" in your YouTube channel settings: Watch the Short on YouTube. How to configure the For You section of your YouTube Channel 1. Sign in to YouTube Studio ( ) on the web 2. Click Customiza

Creator Weekly: YouTube Channel Design; Tumblr Development; Chat's New Look

There are tons of new features and announcements this week. For video creators there are updates this week for YouTube (lots!), TikTok, Twitch, and X; for bloggers there are updates to WordPress and Tumblr; plus updates for Instagram, Facebook, and Google Chat. And if you are interested in generative AI there are new options to try and policy issues to think about. Top news and updates this week New quick video tutorials for monetizing your website or YouTube channel. You can now customize the new “For You” section of your YouTube channel. YouTube is removing the “About” and “Channels” tabs on channels. YouTube’s simplified ad settings are rolling out to channels in the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube is testing generative AI features in comments: summaries and questions. TikTok is shutting down its Creator Fund in favor of its new Creativity Program. Facebook creators can now offer a 30 day free trial for

Creator Weekly: YouTube Studio, AdSense Ads, SEO

As we move into November, tech companies are pushing out a myriad of updates and they work to get changes out the door before the Christmas-New Year season. If you are in the US or Canada, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour! Top news and updates this week AdSense is moving to pay-per-impression ads and a new revenue share model For YouTube Partners AdSense payment history will be available in the YouTube Studio app Meta is offering A/B testing tools for Facebook Reels thumbnails and titles SEOs are talking about an article that asked if they are ruining the internet Google Search is celebrating the completed move to mobile-first search indexing The new top level .ing domain lets you get creative with your website’s address (if you have the $$$$) On social media: LinkedIn has more AI tools, Threads added web features, and X won't monetize posts with Community Notes. G