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Configure YouTube's new For You recommendation section of your channel

YouTube has a new feature that will help your fans find more of your channel's content to watch. 

The For You section of your channel will recommend content to viewers based on their own preferences and viewing habits. This section displays in addition to playlists and content you are featuring. 

The For You section will display starting November 20, 2023, and you can configure it now.

Note: I first went through this tutorial in my weekly live stream on November 12 (watch here). If you want to get the tips and tutorials first thing, join me live on Sundays on YouTube.

Update March 2024: The "For You" is now a positionable shelf, also available on YouTube Studio mobile.

Get a quick overview of how to configure "For You" in your YouTube channel settings:
Watch the Short on YouTube.

How to configure the For You section of your YouTube Channel

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio ( on the web

2. Click Customization on the left menu

3. On the Layout tab scroll down to For You
     You can toggle the section of your channel on and off. 

4. Click More Settings

5. Select Content Type
    The For You section can include, long form videos, Shorts and livestreams

6. Set Recency
     The For You section can be limited to Recent Content (past 12 months) or All Content