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Weekly Update - August 1, 2020: Cameos, Maps, YouTube

Summer is in full swing, and there are a bunch of new features and ubugpdates for creators. This week there are opportunities to share your expertise in Google Search Cameos and Maps, new features in Meet and Chat, and free PDF productivity tools from Adobe. There's a new management permission for YouTube channels and YouTube's community contributions are going away in September. Plus there's more for webmasters, publishers, and music lovers.Share your ExpertiseIf you blog about Food & Drink, Beauty, Fitness, Home & Garden or Video Games, there is a new opportunity for you: Google Cameos. Cameos are short videos that answer frequently asked questions. They appear on knowledge cards and in Google Search.This looks like a way to build your personal brand while helping others with your knowledge. Currently this is only an option for US bloggers. (Not sure what this is? Search for quesadillas, then look for the “top questions answered” section.)Google Maps is expand…