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Week in Review - November 28, 2015: Google+, YouTube, Local Businesses and more

Happy Thanksgiving! This week is all about Google+:  tips and updates for the new Google+, the new option to set up a G+-free YouTube channel, and changes to Local Pages. Plus more tips for your Photos, Hangouts, YouTube, Local Businesses and more! Gobble gobble gobble!

Create a new YouTube Channel without Google+

Now when you create a new YouTube channel, the new channel will not be connected to Google+ unless you want to use an identity different from your main Google identity. New YouTube channels use the name and profile photo from your Google About Me page ( ). Note: As of the end of 2016, you can create a new YouTube channel for your Business or Brand without Google+. Learn more here:   Create a YouTube Channel for your Brand, Business, Organization or Band Create a new YouTube channel without Google+ using your Google account name   Reasons to use or keep a Google+ Profile (some features require G+) Create a YouTube channel with a business or other name connected to a Google+ Page What happens to YouTube if you delete your Google+ Profile? What if your channel has never been connected to Google+? Confirm your name!

Picasa Web Albums is the new (old) home of your public photo gallery

Note: August 1, 2016, Picasa Web Albums will be retired. All albums can be accessed in the new Google Album Archive . You can share a link to the Album Archive for others to view your public and shared albums.  The URL is :[21-digit user ID] Learn more about how to use the Album Archive. ------------------------ In December 2013 Google+ removed albums from the profile Photos tab,  changing the profile design to display photos of you and "Highlights". If you figured out the link to your Google+ album gallery page, you could share it. That worked until last week when all Google+ Photos links started redirecting to Google Photos. I think  Google Photos  is pretty good for basic image editing and album organization , but it's designed for private storage and sharing of your photos. You can share a link to individual images or albums, but there is no publicly accessible "Gallery" you can use to showcase your photos to the pu

Week in Review - November 21, 2015: New Google+, Google Photos and more

This week the new Google+ launched , with a snappier interface, redesigned profiles and simplified features. The new Google+ is “focused around interests” with an emphasis on Collections and Communities. It’s still a work in progress, and you can opt in (and back out) on the web by simply clicking a link. Where is everything? Hangouts can be accessed at , in Gmail, and using the Chrome Hangouts app or extension. Events are available in the Android Google+ app and the Classic G+ interface Hangouts on Air can be scheduled starting from or YouTube Live Events, or by switching back to Classic G+ Links to Google+ Photos “highlights” and albums redirect to Google Photos, meaning you can only access your Blogger and Hangouts image albums in Picasa Web Albums. There are more details below. If you try the new Google+, be sure to send feedback to Google+ directly to let them know what you like, dislike and which features are essential to y

How to restore a deleted Google+ Page (and its YouTube channel) at Google My Business

Note 2: All Google+ Pages will be deleted with the shutdown of consumer Google+ on April 2, 2019. T his will NOT delete the Google+ Page's Brand Account or any associated YouTube channel. Download your Google+ Page's data before that date. Note 1: As of January 25, 2017, Google My Business no longer supports Google+ Brand Pages. In addition, Google+ Pages and YouTube channels are now separate Google Services on a Brand Account. You can find all your Brand Accounts at If you deleted a Brand Account, follow the instructions here to restore it: Manage your Brand Account If you only deleted your Google+ Page or only deleted your YouTube channel, there is no way to restore it. -----Original Article ----- A Google+ Page is like a sub-account of your main Google account. It lets you use a different identity for Google+ or YouTube than your main Google account identity or real name. In September management of Google+ Pages was moved

Week in Review - November 14, 2015: YouTube Music, Hangouts Video Calls, About Me and more

This week YouTube Music launched, Hangouts streamlined the video call experience, you can control what people see about you on your new Google About Me page ( and use Google Maps to navigate even when you are offline. And there are tips and updates for AdSense, Google+, Hangouts on Air, Inbox by Gmail and more. Image:  Seine and Eiffel-tower in the sunset by Henri Rousseau (1910) Support in response to the Paris terrorist attacks : Google has made international calls via Hangouts free to France . Project Fi calls to France are also free. (limited time) Facebook Safety Check lets you tell your friends and family you are safe Telstra offers free calls to France  through November 21st

How to set up your Hangout on Air in YouTube Live Events

1-Aug-2019: Hangouts on Air shut down completely and removed from YouTube Live. 1 3-Sept-2016: It is no longer possible to set up a Hangout on Air on Google+.  You can still  create a regular Google+ Event in the Classic Google+ interface and add your live stream video . 15-Aug-2016: It was announced that Hangouts on Air will be moving from Google+ to YouTube on September 12, 2016. After that date all Hangouts on Air will have to be run from YouTube Live Events. Learn more in the YouTube Help Cente r. 17-Nov-2015: The new Google+ web interface does not include Events or Hangouts. That means to set up a Hangout on Air in Google+ you either need to switch back to "classic G+" or, if you are hosting the HOA as a Google+ Profile,  start at and select "Hangouts on Air" in the left menu. Hangouts on Air set up in YouTube Live Events are not affected. ----- A Hangout on Air is an easy way to broadcast a live discussion or performance that can

Week in Review - November 7, 2015: YouTube VR, new GMB forum,

What’s new this week? The YouTube Android app now supports Virtual Reality video, Google My Business moved to a new help forum, and Inbox by Email will write responses to your emails. Plus the Plus for Google+ extension adds back Google+ Photos to the Google+ menu, AdSense launches a new site, and there are tips for Hangouts, Blogger and more!