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Select a Profile for your Blogger Account: Google+ or Blogger

In March 2019, Blogger will revert all accounts using a Google+ Profile to a Blogger Profile. The first time you sign in to Blogger after the change, you will be prompted to set up your Blogger Profile. Learn more . If you are using a Google+ Profile for your Blogger account, click  to switch, then  customize your Blogger Profile . Blogger does not require you to blog under your real name. You can choose whether to use your Google+ profile or create a new Blogger-only profile. That means you can use your real name, a pseudonym, or a brand or business name. The only limitation is that you can only use one identity for your Blogger account. If you want to blog under more than one name, you will need to create another Blogger account using a different Google account What is the difference between a Google+ Profile and a Blogger Profile? Google+ Profile Your blog author name links to your Google+ Profile, where al

Weekly Update - February 25, 2017: (In)Security, Spaces, Messages

It was a topsy-turvy week. My top updates: So much insecurity: Cloudflare vulnerability (Cloudbleed) may have leaked personal information for months and Google researches show common crypto tool SHA-1 is insecure Google Spaces will shut down April 17 Android Messages (formerly Messenger) is the new default messaging experience for Android Google Hangouts temporarily won’t support phone and video calls on Mozilla Firefox AdSense expands category blocking with more sub-categories and languages  Plus more updates and tips for brands, businesses, webmasters, YouTubers, and more. It's Carnaval! Google+ wants to see your Carnaval photos  - use the #mycarnaval tag! Image:  Ceres (Float design from Krewe of Proteus 1886 in the Tulane Digital Library > Carnival Collection )

Create a YouTube Channel for your Brand, Business, Organization or Band

If you are a business owner, pseudonymous vlogger, band, non-profit organization or gamer, you may not want want to use your Google Account personal name for your YouTube channel. To use a different identity, you can create a YouTube channel on a Brand Account . A Brand Account can have have multiple managers and owners , making it a good solution for collaborative YouTube channels. A Brand Account channel is not hard to manage. You sign in to your Brand Account channel using the same email and Google account that you usually use to sign in to YouTube. And you can switch between channel identities by clicking your channel icon at top right. October 2017: New Google My Business listings are no longer created on a Brand Account. April 2019 :  All Google+ Pages will be deleted with shutdown of consumer Google+ on April 2, 2019.  This will NOT affect Brand Accounts or YouTube channels.  Only the Google+ Page and its content will be deleted. You can  download your Google+ Page data  be

Create a Google+ Page for your Brand, YouTube channel, Business or Organization

As of February 5, 2019 it is no longer possible to create a Google+ Page. All existing Google+ Pages will be deleted  with the shutdown of Google+ for consumer accounts  on April 2, 2019.  Back up your Google+ Page data  before then! -- original article -- If you want to use Google+ as a brand, business, organization, band or any identity other than your personal Google profile, you can create a Google+ Page . A Google+ Page is linked to a Brand Account , which can have multiple managers. Brand Accounts can also be used for YouTube channels, Google Photos and Google My Business listings. Google+ offers the same features for Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles. A Page can create and participate in Communities, run Events, and, of course, share, +1 and comment on posts. If you have an existing Brand Account (for example created with your business or brand's YouTube channel ) you can add a Google+ Page to your Brand Account. Sign in to Google+ ( as th

Weekly Update - February 18, 2017: YouTube, Community, Maps & More

My top updates this week, in and out of the Googleverse: YouTube now lets creators fix videos with unrelated or misleading tags YouTube Star PewDiePie lost lucrative deals with Maker/Disney and YouTube after the Washington Post wrote about his anti-Semitic stunts. Much hand-wringing ensues. (Posts are collected below) Twitter begins implementing new anti-harassment measures Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has a manifesto: Building a global community Google Maps gets social,now lets you create and share location lists Plus there are more tips and updates for YouTubers, Live Streamers, Blogger bloggers, AdSense Publishers, Project Fi customers and more. Image: The Great Backyard Bird Count is February 17-20. Learn more and sign up to start counting toda y. The image is Starling (Winter Plumage) from T he birds of the British Isles and their eggs . (1919)

Weekly update - February 11, 2017: YouTube Live, Google+, and more

Love is in the air, and there were some sweet updates this week: YouTube mobile live streaming rolls out to all channels with at least 10000 subscribers  Google announced Android Wear 2.0 with Google Assistant and more  Google+ iOS updated with offline posting with smart retry You can now insert videos from Google Drive in Google Slides Plus tips and updates for Bloggers, webmasters, AdSense publishers, YouTubers, Google+ers and more. Image: For Valentine’s day Google+ wants to know: What Can't You Live Without? #CantLiveWithout - I choose technology :)

Check the traffic to your YouTube videos from Google+ (and other external sites)

Is it worthwhile to promote your YouTube videos on Google+, Facebook or other sites? Check your YouTube Analytics Traffic Sources report   to see your videos' watch time and views from external websites. If you view the External  sources in the Traffic sources  report you can see "traffic from websites and apps that embed your videos or link to your videos on YouTube."  The External sources report is broken down by website and includes traffic from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, from Google Search, blogs, forums and more. The Playback locations  report lets you see analytics from videos played while  embedded  on an external website, such as Google+ or your blog. It shouldn't come as a surprise that a substantial portion of my YouTube channel's views come from Google+. Here's what I found about my Google+ viewers: 81% of my watch time is from traffic from External sites More than 40% of my External site watch time is from

Weekly update: February 4, 2017: YouTube, Google Photos and more

Some smaller updates in the Googleverse this week: The previously announce d YouTube Super Chat tip jar is now available to creators in 20 countries . And the YouTube mobile apps got a nice little update . Google Photos for Android has a redesigned Albums tab and the Snapseed photo editor now lets you edit using curves. Google has cooked up improved recipe search (Google blog) Dominating the news: Alphabet (including Google), Facebook, Apple and other tech companies announced their 4th quarter 2016 earnings  The Trump administration’s immigration restrictions caused turmoil and pushback within the tech industry (and elsewhere) There are also tips and updates for Google Plussers, YouTubers, live streamers, Bloggers, Webmasters, AdSense Publishers, Hangouts chatters and more. Wondering what happened last month? Check out my overview of the top updates for YouTubers, Plussers and Bloggers in January 2017 The Super Bowl - this Sunday - is an unofficial holiday in the

Blogger tip: add a link to any image with no HTML editing

When you insert an image into a Blogger blog post, it is usually linked to the larger original-sized image, which - when clicked - is viewable as a Lightbox overlay . Sometimes you may want the image to link to a different web page instead. Not sure what I mean? Click to see a larger image: Click to open my Blogger Tips Page on this blog:  If you are a HTML expert, you can switch the blog post editor to "HTML" mode and manually edit the image link. But if you aren't comfortable editing your blog post code, you can add a web URL to the image with just few clicks. Here's how you do it: