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Creator Weekly: YouTube Trends, Twitch Tip Jar, Patreon Free for Fans

Happy summer all! This week is VidCon in Anaheim, the annual meeting of fans, video streaming stars, and industry members, including title sponsor YouTube and TikTok . You can watch this weekend’s goings-on live on the VidCon YouTube channel . It was also the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, (for marketers and advertising agencies), which was attended by TikTok , Meta and LinkedIn, among other platforms. That means there are a number of updates for video creators this week, with some features rolling out now, and others in beta testing. For web publishers there are new monetization options on, new Patreon free for fans, AI tools and more. Creator Weekly In Your Inbox Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live  Want to chat about this week’s updates? Or would you rather watch than read about them? The live Creator Weekly is Sunday, 10:30AM Pacific time. Join me live or watch the recording . YouTube Trends for 2023 YouTube publ

Creator Weekly: YouTube Partner Program Fan Funding, Google Domains Sold, Instagram Broadcast Channels

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all you dads and father figures. Also happy Juneteenth weekend! There was a lot announced this week. There are monetization updates on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook; new creator tools Facebook; Broadcast Channels on Instagram; and much more. Plus learn how the sale of Google Domains and the removal of the Google Album Archive may affect you. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Album Archive will be removed July 19. Don’t panic! Did you get an email from Google with the subject line An Update to Album Archive ? I’ve seen a bunch of posts from people who didn’t realize Album Archive even existed, and so are especially confused about it shutting down. But it's likely it won't significantly affect you. I’ve written up an overview of what the shutdown of Album Archive means, how to find the images you uploaded to Google products, and how to create a downloadable archive in Google Takeout. The short version is that you shou

Your Google Album Archive will be removed July 19. You probably won't even notice the change.

Today Google announced that the Album Archive will shut down July 19. You likely received an email notice if you used Google's Picasa Web Albums or Photos, shared images in Hangouts, have a Blogger blog or otherwise uploaded images to your Google account.  It may sound worrying, but it's likely you won't even notice the change. Email notice from Google with the subject "An Update to Album Archive":  You're receiving this email because you've viewed Album Archive recently or you may have some content that is visible in Album Archive. Starting on July 19, 2023, Album Archive will no longer be available. We recommend that you use Google Takeout to download a copy of your Album Archive data before then.  There are currently a number of different Google services that let you upload images, including: Google Photos Google Drive Google Sites Google Docs Google Slides Blogger  YouTube Cha

YouTube Partner Program open to more creators with new fan funding tier

Today YouTube announced a new fan funding partnership level that lets creators start earning money with fewer subscribers, views and watch time than the full YouTube Partner Program. In September 2022, YouTube announced their plans to expand the YouTube Partner Program to more creators in 2023. That included: Expand advertising revenue sharing to Shorts Create a new fan funding-only YouTube Partner Program level Shorts feed revenue sharing launched in February . And with today’s announcement, YouTube is now offering a fan funding-only monetization tier. Note that this update does not affect channels that are already in the YouTube Partner Program. Get an update of the new YouTube Partner Program fan funding eligibility requirements and features ( watch on YouTube) : YouTube Monetization Options If your YouTube channel is approved for the YouTube Partner Program, you will be able to monetize your videos in a number of differen

Creator Weekly: Twitch Terms, Apple Vision Pro, Reddit Protest

This week Apple announced their new mixed reality “spatial computing” headset, Twitch updated their terms, and there is backlash against Reddit’s effective shutdown of third party tools. WordPress now has an AI assistant. Google Meet has improved it’s picture-in-picture on the web. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live Sunday I’ll be live with a recap of this week’ top updates! It’s scheduled for 10:30 AM Pacific time (5:30 UTC). Set a reminder or join on YouTube here . Watch last week’s episode . What do you think of this week’s updates? Would you use the new Apple AR goggles? Join the live chat! Pride Month June is Pride Month and most platforms are highlighting LGBTQ+ creators. YouTube has new Pride emotes from artists Mia Saine and Wednesday Holmes. You can use these in live chat and comments on YouTube. They are also highlighting LGBTQ+ creators on the official YouTube channel. Google is celebrating Pride in a number of ways: a new Meet rain

Creator Weekly: Instagram Algorithm, WordPress Newsletters, News Media on Social Media

  New this week: Instagram’s ranking algorithms, social media versus news media, paid Newsletters on, plus updates for YouTubers, web publishers and more. And of course AI updates. Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live Join me on Sunday for a live recap of this week’s top updates! It’s live at 10:30AM Pacific time (5:30 UTC).  Set a reminder or join on YouTube here . Watch last week’s episode . What do you think of this week’s updates? Join the live chat. Chat about Blogging  I’m hosting this week’s #OnEBoardChat on Twitter on Sunday immediately after Creator Weekly Live (11AM Pacific time).   The topic is blogging and these will be the discussion questions: Q1: What are important features for blogging or for following blogs? Q2: Where and how do you read blogs? Q3: What kinds of topics are good for blogging? The discussion is open to everyone whether you are a blogger, a blog reader, or are just interested in the topic.  Visit my Twitter pro