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Weekly Update - October 28, 2017: Gmail Add-Ons, Google Lens, Nik Collection

This week there are updates and tips for photographers, Bloggers, YouTubers, and more. This week’s top updates: YouTube announced that they have improved the technology for classifying videos for monetization, and are rolling out an update, significantly reducing the number of videos receiving limited ads (the dreaded yellow $). That means millions more videos will become fully monetized. The new Gmail Add-Ons let you complete tasks right from your email inbox Earlier this year, Google announced that they would no longer be updating popular Nik Collection of photo editing software. But it’s been rescued: DxO buys Nik collection from Google, and will resume development In May, G oogle Lens was announced at Google I/O . Lens lets you take a photo, and have Google Assistant tell you more about what you are looking at. Google Lens is built into the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, and it’s now rolling out to first-gen Pixel and Pixel XLs The new Pixel 2s have unfortunately been generating a lo

Weekly Update - October 21, 2017: Google Calendar Makeover, Google Photos Pet Face Recognition, Advanced Account Security

This week’s updates should be especially interesting to folks interested in account security and abuse prevention. But that’s not all: Google Calendar for web (finally) has a new look and features. This is Calendar’s first redesign since 2011! New features include the ability to add rich formatting and hyperlinks to your Calendar invite, and the ability to manage multiple calendars side by side in “Day” view. If you want the new look, you can opt in now! Google Photos face recognition can now recognize your cat or dog. That’s especially nice if you want to create an album, movie or photo book featuring your pet. October is National Cyber Security Awareness month , and Google is celebrating with some new features. The new Advanced Protection Program provides extra account security for those most at risk of attack, such as journalists, political workers, celebrities, folks seeking safety from an abusive relationship. And Google Account Security Checkup now has personalized advice -

Weekly Update - October 14, 2017: YouTube Creators Hub, Android Video Calling, WordPress & Google

This week there were nice updates for video creators, bloggers, and more: The YouTube Creators Hub got a makeover, and has launched a series of Master Class videos YouTube has expanded their “harmful and dangerous content” policy to prohibit videos “that demonstrate how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly”. Some in the firearms community aren’t happy with the change If you use WordPress for your blog or website, you can now easily insert Google Photos images and the new VCP Events Plugin lets you easily embed YouTube live streams + Google+ comments on your site. Google is making video calling from the Phone, Contacts, and Messages apps easier on Android phones. If your carrier supports ViLTE (e.g. T-Mobile ), no app is required, otherwise you will need to install Google Duo. Local Guides are getting new badges on Google Maps Medium has opened its Partner Program to everyone . They call it “the internet’s first open paywall” . You can make your articles membe

Weekly Update - October 7, 2017: Made By Google, Google Assistant, Fake News

There was a lot happening in the Googleverse this week, with some cool new hardware and updates for Hangouts, Webmasters, and Google+. On October 4th Google had it’s big hardware event, where they introduced “ a few new things made by Google ”, showcasing their focus on an “AI-first” world . Google Assistant is everywhere! New products include the new Pixel 2 phones with an excellent new camera and eSIM, earbuds with Google Assistant , Google Home Mini and Max , more integration of Google Assistant with Nest , new AR and VR experiences , the Google Clips AI-enabled camera and the shiny new Pixelbook Chromebook.  Google+ got two excellent new features: the web image lightbox now emphasizes captions and comments  and Community moderators can now remove recent content from banned members. You may have noticed a change to Google Hangouts Contact Search . There are no longer suggestions from across Google and Google+ - all you will see in the results are people from your contacts or