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Weekly Update - June 19, 2021: Google Workspace, Meet, Chat

June is hot and buzzing, and there is a lot to celebrate this weekend. Today is Juneteenth , the commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States and a brand new Federal holiday. Sunday is Father’s day, honoring dads everywhere. But just as we are heading into peak summer, Google is updating it’s work tools. Their “future of work” is designed to help remote workers connect with their in-office colleagues. Google Workspace is now for everyone . If you have a free personal Google account you can now use Google Chat, along with Meet, Calendar, Gmail, Docs and other integrated apps. There will also soon be a new Google Workspace Individual paid subscription with more features. Unlike other Google Workspace education and business accounts, you will be able to sign up with your Google account. Google Meet is getting new features designed for hybrid work situations , where part of the team may be in the office and the rest in remote lo

Weekly Update - June 12, 2021: YouTube, Meet, Google Photos

This week California businesses will have most COVID-19 distancing and capacity restrictions lifted . Is this a good idea? Locally almost 80% of 12-and-ups have had at least one vaccine dose, so that seems like it should be safe. But I don’t see businesses really getting back to pre-COVID “normal” for a while yet. This week’s highlights: YouTube announced improvements in copyright takedowns to prevent reuploads, expansion of the Shorts video editor across the Americas and in the UK, and the ability to to add cards, captions and midrolls while your uploaded video is processing. The Google Photos Locked Folder feature that lets you hide certain images is rolling out. Google Meet now lets you replace your background on (selected) Android devices, and will be rolling out video backgrounds on the web. And this week was the Apple WWDC with a few interesting updates, including FaceTime on the web with a demo of it working on a

Weekly Update: June 5, 2021: YouTube Analytics, Twitter, Google Meet

This week there are updates for YouTube creators, web publishers, Meet conferencers, Docs users and more. Plus Twitterers in Canada and Australia can subscribe to Twitter Blue to get that sweet “Undo Tweet” feature and organize Bookmarks. Tutorial FeedBurner’s RSS to email service will end July 1. You can remove the Follow by Email gadget from your Blogger blog to prevent people from signing up. And no, before you ask, I haven't decided on a replacement for my own email list yet. Join us! Join OnEBoard for the premiere of Spring 2021 video on Sunday, June 6. It includes photos contributed by OnEBoard members from around the world. YouTube and Video YouTube launched new metrics in Analytics to better understand your channel’s Membership stats. To be eligible for Memberships your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and be in the YouTube Partner Program. If your YouTube channel is in the YouTube Partner Program, and your revenue increases or declines because of

Remove the Follow by Email gadget from your Blogger blog

FeedBurner will be shutting off it's RSS feed to email service in July. This service powers Blogger's Follow by Email gadget which will also stop working. If you want to stop people from continuing to sign up to receive your blog posts by email via FeedBurner, you can remove or hide the gadget from your blog's Layout, or hide the gadget in the Theme Designer. Note that you will not be able to reactivate or add back the gadget once it is deactivated. You will be able to download your blog's email subscriber list from your FeedBurner account even after you have removed the Follow by Email Gadget. When (and if) you choose a new email service you can add a link or subscribe button by adding the code to a HTML/Javascript gadget.  Remove the "Follow By Email" gadget in your blog's Layout 1. Sign in to your Blogger account ( ) and make sure you are viewing the correct blog. You can switch blogs by clicking the b

Weekly Update - May 29, 2021: YouTube Community Posts, Photos Storage Manager, new Meet Interface

Can it really almost be June? Where has the time gone? You may want to spend time this weekend backing up photos and videos to your Google Photos account. On June 1st all newly uploaded images (except those backed up by eligible Pixel phones) will start counting towards your storage quota. Google will also  help you find blurry and large files, and estimate how long your storage will last. New and updated Docs, Slides, Sheets, Jamboards and Forms will also count toward your limit. You can use your Google account Storage Manager to clean up your Google Drive files and Gmail messages. What else is happening to your Google account June 1: If your YouTube channel is in the YouTube Partner Program, and you are outside the United States, you need to submit your US Tax information by May 31. Google will start withholding taxes on earnings from US viewers. If you do not submit your tax details, Google will withhold 30% of your entire earnings. The new YouTube Terms of Service will be go

Weekly Update - May 22, 2021: Google I/O, Smart Canvas, Photos

You may want to pour a cup of coffee, because there is a lot of news this week. There are updates from Google I/O for Docs, Meet, Photos, Lens and more. Chrome is testing out a sort-of RSS feed reader. And YouTube is improving estimated earnings reporting and other Studio features. This past week was Google I/O , the annual developers conference. Last year’s event was cancelled, and this year it was entirely virtual. As of this writing you can still go on an I/O adventure , collect swag, watch demos, learn about Google’s updates for developers, and play a few games. If you have a website, be sure to check out the Web/Chrome dome. Or if that is too silly for you, you can get most of the content on the Google I/O website . Google I/O highlights Collaboration and productivity : Smart Canvas is a new improved design for Google Workspace applications. This means more flexible and “smart” formats, and deeper integration between products. And yes, most of these features

Weekly Update - May 15, 2021: YouTube Shorts, Clubhouse, Meet

This week there are updates for YouTubers, web creators and more. Note: if you received an email yesterday that one or more of your Blogger posts were removed for violating the “Malware and Viruses”, as of this writing Blogger is working on a fix.  Upcoming May 18-20: are you ready for Google I/O ? Register to set up your schedule and sign up for networking and other live events. Or if you rather just watch on YouTube, the Keynote live stream begins at 9:40AM on May 18th. Be sure to check out the official playlists of scheduled Google I/O Keynotes and I/O Sessions . I’m looking forward to the Google Search Central sessions: Prepare for the page Experience update , Immersive storytelling on the we b, What’s new in Search and Core Web Vitals AMA . May 27: Google Marketing Livestream will look at the “Future of marketing”, including how to use privacy-safe techniques for measurement of advertising pe

Weekly Update - May 8, 2021: YouTube Shorts, Google Passwords, Identity

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all you moms! I hope you are able to celebrate with your kids, even if only online.   This week there are tips and tutorials for YouTubers, bloggers and other web creators and social media mavens. Tutorial Use a different identity for your YouTube channel than you use for other Google services - no Brand Account required (although you may still want to use one). Top Updates Google celebrated World Password Day by explaining how they go beyond passwords to keep your account safe. Notably, Google will soon be automatically enrolling accounts in two-step verification if they are “appropriately configured”. There will be an option to opt out . Google’s free Password Manager also now lets you import up to 1000 passwords at a time. The YouTube Shorts camera is now available to all channels in the US . New features include a “Shorts” section on your Channel home, viewers can watch Shorts in their subscription feed, and they are t

Use a separate identity for YouTube and other Google Services

You can now easily create a YouTube channel identity that is different from your Google account identity without having to use a Brand Account.  You can use your real name and serious photo for your Google profile, which is used across Google products like Gmail, Chat, Meet and Drive. Then on the same account use a different name and icon exclusively for your YouTube channel.  If you have had your YouTube channel for more than a decade, you will recall this was how YouTube identity worked before Google+ integration . Linking to  Google+ Pages (now Brand Accounts) were introduced as way to have a YouTube identity separate from your main Google account identity. But Brand Accounts work similarly to Google accounts. An important note:  if your channel has a verification check mark, changing the channel name will remove the badge. You would then need to reapply under the current eligibility criteria, which requires at least 100,000 subscribers.  

Weekly Update - May 1, 2021: Spotify Podcast Subs, Twitter Spaces, Zoom Immersive View

This week is a quiet one in the Googleverse (unless you count YouTube’s dispute with Roku) . Top updates: Spotify has launched paid podcast subscriptions, and creators keep 100% of the revenue (until 2023). If you are in the US and your podcast is hosted on Spotify’s Anchor, you can apply for the waitlist. If you use the Twitter Android app, you can now create a “Space”, Twitter’s Clubhouse-like audio chatroom. Zoom has launched a new “Immersive View”, similar to the Microsoft Teams “Together Mode”. Now a webinar panel can actually look more like they are together on a panel. Read on for more updates and tips. Upcoming Google Web Creators virtual Web Stories workshop is May 6. Registration is required and space is limited. I’ll be there! The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University is hosting “Reimagine the Internet” , a free virtual conference May 10-14. Register now for access.