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Weekly Update - January 29, 2022: YouTube plans, Data Privacy Day, Lunar New Year

This week YouTube shared their plans for 2022, Google and Facebook explained how they keep your data private (really!), new backgrounds and stickers help you celebrate Lunar New Year and more. If you are interested in Web Stories, join this week’s #OnEBoardChat on Twitter. It’s Sunday 11AM Pacific, 6PM UTC. And if you want the Weekly Update in your email inbox,  sign up for my newsletter . Year of the Tiger You can celebrate Lunar New Year (beginning February 1) with the Year of the Tiger background in Google Meet . Note that holiday-specific backgrounds are usually only temporarily available. Detailed instructions for changing your background in Google Meet. Also try s earching Google for “Lunar New Year”, “Chinese New Year” or Year of the Tiger for a surprise. Instagram has Lunar New Year stickers and a special AR effect  to help you celebrate. Top Updates YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki posted her first “letter to creators” of the year, looking back at 2021 and forward t

New Google Meet Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year background

Google Meet adds temporary holiday-inspired backgrounds to make your meetings more festive. The latest celebrates the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year, Tết, 설날), which begins February 1, with an illustration of the Year of the Tiger. Watch the video for a quick tutorial on how to change your background in Google Meet, or read on for detailed instructions.  新年快乐! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 새해복많이받으세요! Change Your Google Meet Background on Desktop Note that if you are using a school or work account, your organization may have disabled background effects.  Change your Meet background before joining a meeting 1. Open your Google Meet meeting by clicking a meeting link or entering a meeting code 2. On the Join page, click the Effects icon at the bottom right of your video preview 3. In the "green room" select the background you want to use 4. C

Weekly Update - January 22, 2022: Meet Companion Mode, YouTube earnings, Live Control Room management

Welcome to the first weekly update for 2022! This first edition of the year is later than planned, as it turned out I really needed a longer break than I originally expected. My commitment focus for 2022 is “Reflection” and that is part of what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. I’ve realized that I feel most creative when I have a chance to work on projects away from home. In the Before Times I often went to the library or a cafe or other comfortable space to work on things. But with COVID, that hasn’t been a practical option. I’m still working out what will work best, but I feel like just trying to work that out is a step in the right direction. I’ve also set aside some time for a couple of personal projects that had fallen by the wayside. That means less time for blogging, but it’s been good for my spirit. As I write this I’m feeling more mentally energized than I have for several months, so it’s been a good thing. And now I’m back for your weekly updates. Onward into 2022! T

YouTube and other AdSense earnings will have separate payments accounts

YouTube earnings and other AdSense earnings will have separate payments accounts starting in March 2022.  If you are a YouTube Partner you should have received an email from AdSense this week with the announcement.   Email from AdSense:  A new way to manage and view your YouTube earnings Do YouTube Partners need to make any changes?  No. Your YouTube earnings and payment information will still be available from your AdSense account.  Your current payment method and any custom payment threshold will automatically be applied to the new YouTube payment account. Any unpaid YouTube earnings will be transferred to your new YouTube payment account when that becomes available. You will continue to be able to access your already-paid YouTube earnings and payments information in your AdSense payments account.  As now, you can see your YouTube channel's estimated revenue and ad performance reports in Ana