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New Google Meet Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year background

Google Meet adds temporary holiday-inspired backgrounds to make your meetings more festive. The latest celebrates the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year, Tết, 설날), which begins February 1, with an illustration of the Year of the Tiger.

Watch the video for a quick tutorial on how to change your background in Google Meet, or read on for detailed instructions. 

新年快乐! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 새해복많이받으세요!

Change Your Google Meet Background on Desktop

Note that if you are using a school or work account, your organization may have disabled background effects. 

Change your Meet background before joining a meeting

1. Open your Google Meet meeting by clicking a meeting link or entering a meeting code

2. On the Join page, click the Effects icon at the bottom right of your video preview

3. In the "green room" select the background you want to use

4. Close the settings by clicking the X at top right

5. Join the meeting

Change your background during a Meet meeting

1. Click the 3 dot menu icon at the bottom of the Meet window

2. Select Apply Visual Effects

3. Select the background you want to use

4. Click the X at the top right of the Effects menu to close it

Change Your Background in the Meet Mobile App

Device eligibility

Google Meet effects are available on select devices.

For Android devices
  • Android P (Android 9) or higher
  • Devices like the Pixel 3 (and up), Samsung Galaxy 3 (and up), and similar devices
For iOS devices
  • iPhone 8 and up
  • iPad 5th generation and up
  • iOS 12 or above
Add Meet background effects on a mobile device

1. Open the Meet app

2. Either before you join or during a meeting tap the Effects icon on your video feed (self view)

3. Scroll through the options on the bottom of the window

4. Select your background

5. Tap Done or the X at the top right