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Creator Weekly: YouTube Premium Features, Universal Analytics Shutdown, Threads in the Fedivers

Summer is here! I hope you’re staying cool! There are lots of updates this week, from new features for YouTube Premium subscribers to new ways to share to Threads, and lots more for video creators, live streamers, bloggers and social media folks. Top news and updates this week Google’s Universal Analytics shuts down completely on July 1, so now is the time to back up your content or set up a GA-4 property. New viewing features for YouTube Premium subscribers. New report on YouTube and Fan Culture. Everyone is a fan! Chatbots based on creators are the new AI trend. The Blackmagic Camera App is now available for Android phones. On X only paid subscribers will be able to live stream. Patreon is launching new community building tools. AdSense for Search has updated consent management requirements for ads in Switzerland (no, you probably don’t need to change anything) Bluesky has a cool new feature: Starter Packs Matt Growcoot at PetaPixel has tried to figur

Creator Weekly: YouTube Notes, Threads API, Instagram Reels

This week I experienced some problems with international communication first hand. It was the European edition of the Google Product Expert Summit and I joined virtually from home in California. Unfortunately the shared schedule had times that were all off by one hour. I did figure it out, mostly. But it was frustrating. And it makes me more aware that I need to be clear about the time zones of events I’m promoting. This week there are updates for YouTube, Threads, Instagram and more. Read on for details! Top news and updates this week YouTube Thumbnail Test & Compare tool is now rolled out to eligible channels. YouTube is testing user Notes to add context to video claims. The YouTube video editor no longer has a length limit. Moderate multiple published comments in YouTube Studio Use YouTube’s privacy process to request removal AI deepfakes of yo. New Instagram Reels features. New Substack video clip tool. Google Search spam update rolling out. Beehiiv adds a “Name your pric

Creator Weekly: YouTube Thumbnail A/B testing, Apple Intelligence, X Likes are Private

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all you dads out there! This week YouTube finally started rolling out its much-anticipated thumbnail A/B testing, Apple announced (what else) tons of generative AI features, X decided to make Likes private, plus more for web publishers, video creators and social media posters. Top news and updates this week YouTube is rolling out its thumbnail test and compare tool At WWDC24 Apple announced “Apple Intelligence” features built into iOS, macOS and iPadOS. YouTube handles can now be set in 75 different languages. YouTube is testing a bunch of features powered by generative AI. Twitch launched Power-Ups for live chat, a new fan funding option which are paid for with Bits. Twitch is also launching a new DJ Program that allows live DJs to stream popular music. has a new unified dashboard. X has made Likes private so others can’t see what you’ve liked. X Analytics are no longer available to free accounts. LinkedIn added seve

Creator Weekly: Cara social sites for artists, new Adobe Terms of Service, YouTube Posts & Inspiration

  This week’s updates keep the focus on photographers and artists, with discussions of the new Adobe Terms of Service and growing pains for the anti-AI artist social network Cara. YouTube opened up Posts to almost all channels and is testing an inspiration tool. Plus updates for Instagram, X, the Fediverse and more. Top news and updates this week YouTube’s experimental AI-powered Inspiration tool. New features and wider availability of Google’s NotebookLM. Artist social media platform Cara is going through some expensive growing pains. Adobe has creatives concerned with its latest Terms of Service update. YouTube is expanding Community Posts to (almost) everyone. YouTube is testing sorting Shorts comments by topic. Twitch moderators can use Chat Warnings. Google will only crawl sites with its mobile Googlebot . X now officially allows porn for adults (with a warning). Instagram says that if you’re trying to farm engagement, they won’t recommend your content. Instagram anno

Get inspired with YouTube's experimental new AI tool

YouTube is testing a new generative AI brainstorming tool in YouTube Studio that can provide inspiration customized for your channel and and audience. Note June 7, 2024: this should be broadly available except in the European Economic Area, UK, Switzerland and India. Use the YouTube "Get Inspired" tool If the Get Inspired tool is available on your channel, here's how to use it:  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio on desktop ( ) 2. Click Analytics  on the left menu 3. Click the Inspiration  tab The page shows: Get Inspired or Get Ideas for your Next Video  (see more below) or Explore Topics  Top Searches based on your audience in the past 28 days Recent Videos your audience watched and your saved searches Content Gaps for Shorts which has topics that people are searching for, but that don't have relevant or higher-quality Shorts available 4. Under Get Inspired or Get Ideas for Your

Creator Weekly: AI-generated images, Google Search, TikTok Studio

June is here and summer is around the corner. It’s not just the bees that are buzzing, there have been some hot topics of discussion this week, especially around a leak of Google documents related to search and labeling images created with AI. Plus there are updates from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Threads, and more. Top news and updates this week Play casual games on YouTube Controversy over “Made with AI” labels on lightly edited photos “Leaked” documentation of an internal Google API sparks SEO speculation Google makes changes to fix AI Search Overviews YouTube Partners can now see AdSense payment info in YouTube Studio in currencies other than US Dollars TikTok Studio is a new hub for video creation, analytics, and learning Discord is focusing on “fun and games”, rather than being a community-centric chat app Facebook will be focusing on features for young adults Threads has a new Tweetdeck-like web interface LinkedIn is making shared links look less appealing Tumblr Communiti