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Creator Weekly: Twitch monetization, AI tools in Chrome, EU users split Instagram and Facebook

Here were are in the last week of January already! Dear readers, I hope the weather isn’t getting you down. Now that we have reached the peak of winter, I’m looking forward to spring. This week there are updates for Twitch streamers, more news for European social media users, new generative AI tools and tips for bloggers and YouTubers. Top news and updates this week Twitch announced an expanded Plus Program for monetization European users can separate Facebook and Instagram Chrome has new generative AI features for tabs, themes and writing Submit your suggestions for new “mythbusting” videos from YouTube’s Creator Liaison X may offer Amplify video monetization program to more creators If you are using StreamYard’s video editing tools to repurpose your videos, you can now add captions to Reels and Shorts Are you seeing redirect errors in Google Search Console for your Blogger blog? Don’t panic! X is having trouble keeping up with the flood of sexually explicit deep fakes posted to th

Creator Weekly: European Digital Markets act, YouTube Tips, Meet Video Effects

It’s finally starting to feel like the holidays are done and the new year has begun. I can’t believe we’re already three weeks into January! This week there is news for European Google users, plus tips for YouTubers, updates for video calls, social media and more. Top news and updates this week European users get more choices on Google (thank the Digital Markets Act). Tips for YouTubers to kick off 2024. Twitch bans Drops farming. Live streamers can apply for Live Studio access on TikTok. Follow Bluesky profiles in your favorite RSS feed reader. Check your privacy settings for X video and audio calls. Google Meet lets you use combined AR and background effects and adjust your lighting and audio. You can now join a Meet meeting anonymously from the Meet mobile app. Gmail is making it easier to unsubscribe to bulk mailings. There are interesting articles on the death of Ello, writing about OnlyFans as part of the creator econ

Creator Weekly: Podcasters move to YouTube, Google Assistant feature removal, AdSense consent messages

This week there are updates for podcasters, web publishers and video creators. AdSense and AdMob publishers need to make sure their GDPR consent message is set. And Google is removing a bunch of features from Assistant (boo). Top news and updates this week AdSense and AdMob publishers should make sure a GDPR-compliant consent message is set before January 16. Share a link to a specific time in a Google Drive video. Cast TikTok videos to your TV with Chromecast. Podcasters can upload audio episodes to YouTube with their RSS feed. YouTube is updating its policies to prohibit depicting victims of crimes describing their own death. Google Assistant is removing a bunch of features. The Verge published an article claiming “Google shapes everything on the web”. Is it a SEO hit piece? X (formerly Twitter) removed NFT Profiles, has a spam bot problem, and is looking to focus more on video. Share a Google Drive file di

Creator Weekly: Google Slides image editor, Facebook Link History, Twitch Attire Policy

  I hope you had a fun (and safe) New Year! Most of the tech world was still on holiday this past week, so there are only a few updates. To finish up the year, I published the last of my 2023 roundup, looking at the updates for Google Chat and Meet . And next week, I expect everyone will be back to business! Top news and updates this week Google is testing Tracking Protection in Chrome Twitch updated its attire policy to prohibit implied nudity Facebook is pushing people to save their Link History in the app A new AI tool in Google Slides lets you remove image backgrounds Read on for details and additional updates! Creator Weekly In Your Inbox 📨 Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live 🔴 What do you think about this week’s updates? This week is a special holiday edition! Join the live Creator Weekly on Sunday, 10:30AM Pacific time (6:30PM UTC). Join me live or watch the recording . Take this w

2023 in Review: Chat, Meet and Google Workspace Communication

  One of the trends for 2023 was the simplification and deeper integration of Google Workspace products. That, and, of course, integration of generative AI features . In 2020 Google G Suite became Google Workspace , with new icons for Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet and Chat. They use a common set of permissions and promised “a better home for work.” Since then Google has been working towards better integrating the supported products and shutting down those it doesn’t need. My personal focus is on Google’s communication and collaboration tools, especially features available to personal Google Accounts or personal accounts with a Google Workspace Individual subscription . Highlights from 2023: Google Chat is the messaging platform for businesses and organizations. It includes “Chats” conversations and Spaces, which can have linked Tasks and Documents. With the migration of Currents Communities and Hangouts conversations complete, a new Chat design launched, with more features