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Who owns your business's Google+ Page and YouTube channel?

When consumer Google+ shuts down on April 2, 2019, all Google+ Pages and their content will be deleted. This will NOT affect your YouTube channel or the underlying Brand Account. Make sure to download a copy of your Google+ Page's data before April. Learn how to save your data.

Are you the owner of your business's YouTube channel and Google+ Page?  

Creating and maintaining a YouTube channel, Google+ Page and other social media profiles can require a significant investment in time, energy and expertise. It's natural that many business owners often delegate social media management to hired experts, employees, or even interns.
But what business owners often don't appreciate is that having someone else create your accounts can mean losing control if that employee quits, is fired, or doesn't keep a record of the account's username and password.
So how can a business owner ensure that they retain access to their YouTube channel and Google+ Page?
1. Create a Google Accou…

Reply to YouTube and Google+ comments from anywhere online

Did you know you can respond to YouTube comments from (almost) anywhere online with the Google+ Notifications Chrome extension?

Since YouTube switched to Google+ comments, comments can be viewed and replied to under the Google bell notification icon (also goofily known as +Mr. Jingles).  The notifications bell is visible on the top right of the screen when you are signed into your Google account and using most Google products, including Google Search, Blogger, Google Drive, Gmail and (of course) YouTube.

But if you want the option to easily read and reply to YouTube and Google+ comments from wherever you are surfing on the web - and are using the Chrome browser - you can install the Google+ Notifications extension to immediately see new notifications from wherever you are online.

1. When you have a new notification the bell icon will turn black with a red number indicating the number of new notifications. The bell is black if there are old notifications you haven't dismissed.