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Reply to YouTube and Google+ comments from anywhere online

Update March 2019: The Google-wide notification bell has been removed, however YouTube has its own notification bell on where you can view and respond to new comments.

Did you know you can respond to YouTube comments from (almost) anywhere online with the Google+ Notifications Chrome extension?

Since YouTube switched to Google+ comments, comments can be viewed and replied to under the Google bell notification icon (also goofily known as Mr. Jingles).  The notifications bell is visible on the top right of the screen when you are signed into your Google account and using most Google products, including Google Search, Blogger, Google Drive, Gmail and (of course) YouTube.

But if you want the option to easily read and reply to YouTube and Google+ comments from wherever you are surfing on the web - and are using the Chrome browser - you can install the Google+ Notifications extension to immediately see new notifications from wherever you are online.

1. When you have a new notification the bell icon will turn black with a red number indicating the number of new notifications. The bell is black if there are old notifications you haven't dismissed.

2. Click the bell icon and you will see a list of your unread notifications:

3. Click on the comment or post you want to reply to and type your response in the comment box.

4. Click Post comment, and you're done!

It's easy, especially if your YouTube channel is connected to your personal Google+ Profile.

There is a catch if your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ Page. You will need to be signed into your YouTube channel and Google+ Page's Google account directly in Chrome for the Notification extension to work. That means you will first need to set a password for your Google+ Page, then sign in with your Page's username - either the automatically created address or an added email.

While that is an added step, it's worth setting up if you primarily use your YouTube channel's Google+ Page identity online.

Install the Google+ Notification extension from the Chrome Web Store:

Learn how to set up multiple user accounts in your Chrome browser:

Set a password for your Google+ Page:

There are significant limitations to the Google+ notifications bell. Your YouTube comments and replies to your posts are all mixed together with +1s and people adding you to their circles and whatnot. And if your videos get a lot of comments, it may not be practical to answer them as they are posted.

You can always review and respond to all the incoming comments on your videos and channel on your YouTube Comments page ( or your individual video comment pages.

(Last update: March 2019)


  1. Excellent post. I’m experiencing some of these issues as well..

  2. I gave you a thumbs up.. but I have already live 66 years without these add on's and been very blissful in my ignorance, so I shall continue blindly going down the road if you do not mind.. well done video anyway.. and immensely interesting.. especially that dark thingy.. but since my eyes are shot anyway what the heck eh? carry on.. have fun and most of all be happy!

    Harold Burton


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