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Creator Weekly: Halloween Treats, Microsoft Ads, Google Image Facts

Are you creating spooky content for Halloween? There are new effects and filters you can use, and hashtags for your content to get seen. Plus it’s easier to fact check images, monetize your blog or website, automatically create videos and more. Have a spooky and safe pre-Halloween weekend! Top news and updates this week Halloween effects, hashtags and other features. Fact check images in Google Search AdSense Auto Ads updates for Related Search and Vignette ads Monetize your blog or site with Microsoft pubCenter ads Google Photos new tool automatically creates a video from a library search X has new usage numbers and subscription options Read on for details and additional updates! Creator Weekly In Your Inbox 📨 Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live 🔴 What do you think about this week’s updates? Join the live Creator Weekly on Sunday, 10:30AM Pacific time (5:30PM UTC) to chat! Join me live or watch the recording . OnEBoa

Creator Weekly: YouTube Viewer Features, Twitch Updates, Adobe AI Tools

This week’s Creator Weekly news is a double edition. This past week I was in London for the Google Product Expert Summit. I had a fantastic time seeing friends old and new, learning new things about Google products, and sightseeing. It was both exhilarating and exhausting. If you are interested in seeing public photos of the event check out the #PESummit23 hashtag on X/Twitter and Instagram , and the Google Produce Expert Program YouTube channel. Top news and updates the past two weeks YouTube announced a whole bunch of updated viewer features. My faves? The automatically highlighted Subscribe button and rotating top comments. It’s easier for monetized YouTube creators to tag products in videos. YouTube introduced news topic watch pages Multiple new features announced at TwitchCon, including for Stories, Featured Clips, Stream Together, moderator controls, and ad performance insights. Plus updates to Twitch Embeds, Off-Service Conduct Policy and

No Creator Weekly This Week

➡️ I'm traveling this week, so no Creator Weekly edition or live stream.  Join me next week for a double good edition! Take this week's creator quiz ✅ What do you know about London tech companies? Take the Creator Quiz. Creator Weekly In Your Inbox Subscribe to get the Creator Weekly by email. Creator Weekly Live Watch the recording of last week's live stream.

Creator Weekly: Magic AI tools in Google Photos & Canva, YouTube Partner Program, X removes headlines

This week Google announced new AI editing tools in Google Photos and Canva announced a whole Magic Suite of AI editing tools. It seems like an ongoing theme. There are also updates from YouTube, Google Search and for Google Drive, Calendar, Meet and Chat. Top news and updates this week Google announced the new Pixel phones and new Google Photos editing tools. Canva launched Magic Studio, a suite of generative AI image, video, presentation and text tools. Patreon now allows all creators to include free members and use the Commerce platform to sell audio, video and other digital files. Plus it has a blobby blurry new logo. Is it still worth it to share links on social media? Traffic from X (Twitter) and Facebook to news sites has plummeted and X is no longer showing link previews. Google Earth projects are now stored in Google Drive, accessible from all of your devices and available for collaboration. Goog