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Import videos from Google Photos to your YouTube channel

Update May 2015: you can now import videos from Google Photos to YouTube, both regular videos and automatic "Creations", whether you have a Google+ profile or not.

Uploading video to Google Photos is easy, especially using the Auto Backup option on your mobile device or desktop computer. You can even use Google Photos to combine images and video clips into your own movie creation. And you can use Google Photos to view, organize and edit videos uploaded to Google Drive.

But Google Photos doesn't offer all the video editing, management and promotional tools you can find on YouTube. The solution? Import your videos from Google Photos to your YouTube channel.

Is your YouTube channel on your main Google account? You can import any video uploaded to your main Google Account's Google Photos, including automatic movie Creations and videos uploaded to Google Drive.

Is your YouTube channel connected to a Brand Account for your brand or business? You can import any video from an…

Delete your Google+ YouTube Comments

If you posted a YouTube comment between November 6, 2013 and early August 2015, it's a Google+ comment. There are several ways you can delete Google+ YouTube comments on either your desktop computer or mobile device (deleting old pre-Google+ comments is a bit more complicated).

You can delete (or edit) Google+ YouTube comments in one of several ways: Delete the YouTube comment post from your Google+ Page or ProfileDelete the comment from the YouTube video watch pageUse the Google+ app or YouTube app to delete your comment on your phone or tabletDelete your entire Google+ Profile or Google+ Page to delete your YouTube comments and messages, Google+ posts, and more.Note: YouTube is in the process of separating from Google+, if you posted a comment after July 2015, it can only be deleted on the video watch page or in the YouTube app.

Delete your old pre-Google+ YouTube comments

Have you ever posted a YouTube comment that you now regret? One you want - or need - to delete? As long as you can sign into the YouTube channel that posted the comment, you can delete it.

On November 6, 2013, YouTube switched to the current Google+-based comment system. That means that if you have been active on YouTube for more than a year, you probably posted comments using the old legacy comment system. Pre-Google+ comments cannot be edited, or directly replied to, but they can be deleted.

How to delete your pre-Google+ Legacy YouTube commentsYou can delete old YouTube comments from a video's "ALL COMMENTS" page, as long as you are signed in as the channel that posted the comment.

Just follow the step-by-step directions below on your desktop computer.