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Creator Weekly: YouTube Limited Ad Time Stamps, Google AI Search Overview Fails, X Profile Likes Removed

This week’s roundup is short and sweet. That’s partially because Google made their big announcements last week. But it’s also because I attended the Google Product Expert Summit in Austin, Texas this week. I’ll share a bit about the event in this week’s live stream on Sunday -- join me on YouTube or watch the video embedded below. I’m writing this up after arriving home on Friday, and I’ll admit I’m running out of steam. So this week I’m going to be brief and to the point. Or at least briefer than my usual writeups. Top news and updates this week Google AI overviews in search can’t tell facts from jokes YouTube Partners can now get time stamps for parts of their video causing limited ads (yellow $) to display YouTube is showing search results with specific segments of long-form videos Canva announces “Canva for Work” and updated AI and video editing tools X is removing the “Likes” tab on

Creator Weekly: AI Overviews in Search, Ask Photos chat, GPT-4o for all

This week was Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference. And -- no surprise -- it was all about AI. There are new AI-powered features across Google products and tools to try. Not to be outdone, OpenAI also announced free-to-use GPT-4o, with splashy new features and a sexy (?) new voice interface. Plus there are updates for video creators, bloggers and more. Top news and updates this week There are new generative AI tools to try! More Gemini extensions for accessing your Keep, Calendar, Tasks and YouTube Music LearnLM AI learning models with Gems, questions on YouTube, and more Google AI Search Overview rolls out to all US users New Google Search “Web” filter to limit search results to links Veo, Google’s new text-to-video model, soon available in the experimental VideoFX tool Imagen 3, Google’s latest text-to-image model, soon available in ImageFX Ask Photos in Google Photos to help find your photos with naturally worded questions Gemini in the side panel of Gmail, Docs, Drive a

Creator Weekly: Open AI Media Manager, Substack Video, Threads Post features

Happy Mother’s Day weekend! I hope you can celebrate your mom or mother-figures in your life. Plus a big 💐 for all mothers reading this! With Google I/O just around the corner, there are few updates from Google or YouTube this week. But there is news from OpenAI, Sustack, TikTok, Threads and more. Top news and updates this week Register for Google I/O OpenAI is building a Media Manager for creators Substack launches video shows and Creator Studio TikTok is labeling AI-generated content Bending Spoons lays off StreamYard team Google Search Central talks about content decay Threads lets you limit who can quote your posts and starts showing post count Jack Dorsey steps down from Bluesky; Bluesky says he doesn’t get what they are doing Google makes it a bit easier to set up 2-step verification Google Sheets pre-built tables make tracking your content, running a project or setting up an event easier Google Chat now lets you get notified of every post in a Space Be sure to check out “M

Creator Weekly: Instagram Recommendations; Passkeys for account security; AdSense policy

May the fourth be with you! In "why I'm feeling ancient news": I recently realized I’ve been using Blogger since May 2004. How can 20 years have passed so quickly? That was several blogs ago, although I’ve been toying with reviving my old personal blog. If only there were more hours in the day! Do you use passcodes, rather than passwords on any of your accounts? Google and Microsoft and other big players want you to do that. Instagram is trying to make the platform better for small creators and posters of original content. And there are updates and tips for website owners, AdSense publishers, video creators and much more. Top news and updates this week Google and Microsoft want you to use a passkey to sign in to your account. Instagram updated their recommendation algorithm to make it better for small creators, and will be promoting original content rather than aggregator accounts. TikTok and Universal Music Group have come to an agreement, so UMG music is back on th