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Get inspired with YouTube's experimental new AI tool

YouTube is testing a new generative AI brainstorming tool in YouTube Studio that can provide inspiration customized for your channel and and audience.

Note June 7, 2024: this should be broadly available except in the European Economic Area, UK, Switzerland and India.

Use the YouTube "Get Inspired" tool

Screenshot of the YouTube Studio Inspiration Tab

If the Get Inspired tool is available on your channel, here's how to use it: 

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio on desktop (

2. Click Analytics on the left menu

3. Click the Inspiration tab

The page shows:

  • Get Inspired or Get Ideas for your Next Video (see more below) or Explore Topics 
  • Top Searches based on your audience in the past 28 days
  • Recent Videos your audience watched and your saved searches
  • Content Gaps for Shorts which has topics that people are searching for, but that don't have relevant or higher-quality Shorts available
4. Under Get Inspired or Get Ideas for Your Next Video type an idea in the search box and hit return

There is a disclaimer: "AI-generated content varies in quality, may be inaccurate or inappropriate. Use discretion before you create or use anything provided. Not professional advice. Don't include personal info about yourself or others."

The results will show: 
  • Recent related audience activity from the past 28 days
  • Suggestions for related ideas
  • Related videos watched on YouTube
  • Related YouTube searches
If you see Explore Topics, you do not have access to the AI tool. You can do a search to research topics, find content Gaps, and save your favorite topics for later.

5. Click the colorful Create Outline button to generate a general outline related to your idea

Tip: Give it a thumbs up if you think it's good, a thumbs down if you think it's bad, or click the Feedback button to let YouTube know more about what you think about the results. 

6. Click Copy at bottom right to copy the text. You can paste it into a Google Doc or your favorite text editor to refine and expand your idea.

Tip: If you subscribe to Google One AI Premium or you signed up for the free Google Workspace Labs (sign up) you can use Gemini in Google Docs to help you write or refine your outline or get more ideas.

Save your favorite ideas for later

In my experience there are more topics than I have time to actually work on. 

Fortunately, you can save topics on your Inspiration page. Click the bookmark save icon on ideas you enter or on the suggested related ideas. 

Update: You may see a heart icon instead of a bookmark icon. It works the same way.

When you return to the Inspiration tab, click Saved to see and manage your saved topics. Click on a topic to start exploring and generate a new outline.

Why use the YouTube Inspiration tool?

There are a myriad of different generative AI tools out there, and all of them can be used for brainstorming. 

The advantage of using the Inspiration tool in YouTube Studio is that YouTube can show you audience interest, similar content from other YouTube channels, content gaps and related topics. You aren't just brainstorming, but you are seeing how the ideas fit into what's already available on YouTube and what viewers are searching for. 

So you aren't only getting a suggested outline, but also seeing how other YouTubers have approached the topic. Was the latest related video posted 10 years ago? Can you find a new angle to explore? Maybe it's time for a fresh version. 

As with most generative AI tools, the suggestions need human input to flesh out the ideas, make sure the information is accurate, and make sure the story you are telling is interesting and informative. But you can use this to kick off the creative process and provide some ideas. 

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