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Create a YouTube Channel for your Brand, Business, Organization or Band

If you are a business owner, pseudonymous vlogger, band, non-profit organization or gamer, you may not want want to use your Google Account personal name for your YouTube channel. To use a different identity, you can create a YouTube channel on a Brand Account.

A Brand Account can have have multiple managers and owners, making it a good solution for collaborative YouTube channels.

A Brand Account channel is not hard to manage. You sign in to your Brand Account channel using the same email and Google account that you usually use to sign in to YouTube. And you can switch between channel identities by clicking your channel icon at top right.

October 2017: New Google My Business listings are no longer created on a Brand Account.

April 2019All Google+ Pages will be deleted with shutdown of consumer Google+ on April 2, 2019. This will NOT affect Brand Accounts or YouTube channels. Only the Google+ Page and its content will be deleted. You can download your Google+ Page data before that date.

August 2021: All new Brand Accounts are YouTube-only. It is no longer possible to add a YouTube channel to an existing Brand Account.

How to create a YouTube channel for a business or brand

1. Sign in to YouTube on a desktop computer
2. Open the YouTube Account Settings (
3. Click See all my channels or create a new channel
4. If prompted to create a channel, click Use a business or other name
5. That opens All My Channels (
        a. If you have an existing Brand Account, click the Brand Account name to add a channel.
        b. If you need to create a new Brand Account, click Create a Channel, then enter your new channel name.
6. Complete the channel creation process, by clicking OK or Create

For detailed instructions read on!

How to create a YouTube channel for a business or brand

1. Sign in to YouTube on a desktop computer

Make sure you sign in with the Google account that manages your existing Brand Account, Google+ Page or Google My Business listing.

If you do not yet have a Brand Account sign in to YouTube with the Google account you want to Own the YouTube channel.

2. Open the YouTube Account Settings (

Click your channel icon at top right, then click the gear icon to open the settings.

3. Click See all my channels or create a new channel

4. If prompted to create a channel, click Use a business or other name

Don't change your Google name to your business name. This will change your name across Google including Gmail, Google+, Google Drive and other products

5. That opens All My Channels (

The top section includes your main Google account identity, and any Brand Accounts that have a YouTube channel.

The bottom section shows Brand Accounts that do not have a YouTube channel.

If your Brand Account does not have a profile image, it will display either a generic head icon (if it does not have a Google+ Profile), or a capital letter icon (if it does have a Google+ Profile).

If you do not see your existing Brand Account, you may not be signed in to YouTube with the correct Google account. Sign out of Google, then sign back in with the correct account.

You have two options: add a YouTube channel to an existing Brand Account, or create a new channel + Brand Account.

Add a a YouTube channel to an existing Brand Account

If you created a Brand Account with a Google+ Page, or Google My Business Listing, you can add a channel to that account.

Note: as of August 2021 all newly created Brand Accounts are YouTube-only.  The option to add a YouTube channel to an existing Brand Account is no longer available.

Click the name of the Brand Account you want to add the channel to:

A confirmation window will pop up. Click OK.

Create a new Brand Account and YouTube Channel

If you don't have a Brand Account yet, you can create a new Brand Account along with a YouTube channel.

First, click Create a new YouTube channel

On the next screen, enter the channel and Brand Account name, then click Create.

Once you have created your YouTube channel's Brand Account, you can add a Google+ Page.

Learn more about YouTube Channels and Brand Accounts


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