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Week in Review - November 21, 2015: New Google+, Google Photos and more

This week the new Google+ launched, with a snappier interface, redesigned profiles and simplified features. The new Google+ is “focused around interests” with an emphasis on Collections and Communities. It’s still a work in progress, and you can opt in (and back out) on the web by simply clicking a link.

Where is everything?
There are more details below.

If you try the new Google+, be sure to send feedback to Google+ directly to let them know what you like, dislike and which features are essential to you.
What else was new this week? Google Photos now lets you convert your "Original" images to "High Quality" images that don't count towards your storage limits. You can also easily remove already-backed-up photos from your phone. Folks without a Google account can join a Hangouts video call. YouTube introduced new translation tools. Plus more updates, tips and articles. 

Note some of the links are listed under more than one category below.

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