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Picasa Web Albums is the new (old) home of your public photo gallery

Note: August 1, 2016, Picasa Web Albums will be retired. All albums can be accessed in the new Google Album Archive. You can share a link to the Album Archive for others to view your public and shared albums. 

The URL is :[21-digit user ID]

Learn more about how to use the Album Archive.


In December 2013 Google+ removed albums from the profile Photos tab,  changing the profile design to display photos of you and "Highlights". If you figured out the link to your Google+ album gallery page, you could share it. That worked until last week when all Google+ Photos links started redirecting to Google Photos.

I think Google Photos is pretty good for basic image editing and album organization, but it's designed for private storage and sharing of your photos. You can share a link to individual images or albums, but there is no publicly accessible "Gallery" you can use to showcase your photos to the public.

But never fear! Your photos can also be found in Picasa Web Albums, which does offer a public Gallery link. Yes, the interface is dated, but it works.

To get your Picasa Web Albums Gallery page link to add your Google user ID to the end of

My Google+ page:
Picasa Web Album

Anyone viewing your Gallery will be able to see the following albums

  • Public photo albums
  • Private albums shared with the viewer
  • Profile Photos
  • Scrapbook Photos (cover art)
  • Photos from Posts
  • Hangouts albums, if the viewer was a participant in the Hangout

Note that Picasa Web Albums can only display 1000 images per album, even though each album can hold 2000 images. Those non-visible photos aren't gone - you should be able to see them by accessing your album in Google Photos ( If you want others to see more than 1000 images in an album, you will have to share the album from Google Photos.

Also if you want to take advantage of the unlimited free storage for High Quality Photos, you should upload the image via Google Photos.

Find the public Picasa Web Album Gallery link for your Google+ Profile or Page

Find the Picasa Web Album Gallery link for your Google+ Profile or Google account

To find the link to your Google+ Profile's Picasa Web Albums Gallery

  1.  sign in to Picasa Web Albums (
  2.  click the photos link under your profile name at top right
  3.  copy that URL from the address bar

If you are on the My Photos tab you can also click the Public Gallery link (Unlisted Gallery includes your albums that are only visible with a link).

You can also find the Public and Unlisted Gallery links in your Picasa Web Album settings:
         Top right gear icon > Settings > General > Public Gallery URL or Unlisted Gallery URL
            (reset your Unlisted Gallery link on this page)

Yes, I've changed the unlisted gallery URL

Find the Picasa Web Album Gallery link for your Google+ Page 

If you sign in to your Google+ Page directly, you can find it the same way you do for a Profile. Because there isn't any way to switch to a Google+ Page identity in Picasa Web Albums, you'll otherwise have to construct the URL.

Your Google+ page ID is a 21-digit number.  If you have not set a custom URL, it's the last part of your Page URL.

If you have a Custom URL for your Page, alt-click or right-click your profile photo on any Google+ post  or comment and copy the link address. The copied link will include your user ID number.

Your Page's Public Gallery link ID

For example:

The official Google+ Page:     
The official Google+ Page's Gallery:

Manage albums in Picasa Web Albums

To edit or share your album, open the album, and click one of the album options in the right sidebar:

1. Change the album visibility Public, Limited (anyone with the link), or Only You (you cannot change the circles it's been shared with)
There is no option to limit visibility to individuals or Google+ Circles

2. Share to Google+, Blogger or Twitter

3. Get the link to share or to embed the album on your website

4. Enable or disable whether viewers can see the photo locations on the map

Manage albums in Google Photos 

Google Photos offers different options for managing albums. One thing you cannot do is change the album visibility.

1.  Change the order of photos and videos

2. Change the cover image

3. Add or remove photos and videos

4. Restore deleted photos from the trash

5. Create a Story, Movie, collage or animated GIF

6. Share to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter or get a shareable link

Get Help with Picasa Web Albums

I'm hoping Google is working on an alternative public Gallery - or at least an update to Picasa Web Albums - but this is the only current option.


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