Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to restore a deleted Google+ Page (and its YouTube channel) at Google My Business

A Google+ Page is like a sub-account of your main Google account. It lets you use a different identity for Google+ or YouTube than your main Google account identity or real name.

In September management of Google+ Pages was moved from Google+ ( to Google My Business ( That is where you can manage your existing Google+ Brand Pages or create a new Brand Page.

You can also restore deleted Google+ Pages on your Google My Business dashboard.

Why is this important? Until very recently, a Google+ Page could not be deleted if it was connected to a YouTube channel. The channel had to be moved or deleted before its Page could be deleted.

Now a Page can be deleted even when it's connected to a Google+ Page, which also deletes the Page-connected YouTube channel.

But if you did inadvertently delete your Page, don't panic! Your Page and its YouTube channel can be restored in your Google My Business account.

How to restore a deleted Google+ Brand Page and its YouTube channel

1. Sign in to Google My Business ( with the same email you use to sign in to manage your Page and YouTube channel

2. Click the 3 line menu icon at top left

3. Near the bottom of the menu select Restore deleted pages

4. That will open Manage deleted pages  (

5. Click Restore page to the right of your deleted Page.

6. A confirmation will pop up. Click Restore

Your Page and all its Google products and services (such as YouTube) should be restored.

Check your YouTube channel to make sure your videos and playlists have not been set to private.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning the link: []
    Google have changed everything in this new look and there is no option to recover pages i was searching for it from last 6 hours and was unable to see any option in the menu but here i got the direct click which took me to the /recoverpages directly.

    Thank you so much team. Love. Peace.