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Weekly Update - August 22, 2020: AdSense, YouTube, Meet

It has been a heck of a week here in Northern California. In the midst of a historic heatwave, there was a spectacular lighting storm that set hundreds of fires, many of which have been burning out of control for almost a week. Conveniently, Google has started showing almost real-time fire perimeters on Maps, which is useful information. I’m hoping the weather will become less interesting soon. 

This week there are changes for AdSense payments, YouTube Partners, updates to Blogger’s post editor, Google Meet can be cast to your TV and Zoom is popping up on all sorts of smart displays. YouTube comes out strongly against Australia’s proposed News Media Bargaining Code. Plus there are updates for webmasters, map lovers and more.

AdSense & Monetization

In the news

Blogger and Webmaster Updates


Social Media


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Note: there was a problem with the links in last week’s email edition of the Weekly Update. Apologies! You can get last week’s update with the correct links here.

Image: Lightning photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels. Free to use.


  1. I clicked through to the links about Blogger and Meet, and both went to the Google Support pages. Is this something Google employees are doing now? Instead of actual update blog posts, they're turning the Help forums into a place to release updated info now? And of course offering no way to subscribe to the information. Why can't they just use a Blogger blog for this content? Their choices really boggle me sometimes.

    1. My observation is that they use the forum for updates too small to warrant a blog post. There sometimes will be a blog post rounding up all the updates, but that is usually after the fact. You can subscribe to individual posts, like this YouTube thread for YouTube Studio Release Notes. And @TeamYouTube on Twitter usually links to the announcements.

      However, that's part of the reason why I link the information here, so more people are likely to see it.


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