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View AdSense Payments in YouTube Studio

If you monetize on YouTube, you have probably been frustrated that while you can view your estimated earnings in YouTube Studio, you need to sign in to AdSense directly to view your payments. And AdSense doesn't show estimated YouTube earnings. That means checking two different places for earning and payment details.

YouTube just announced a helpful update. You can now view your payments in the YouTube Studio app. 

How to View Payment History in the YouTube Studio App

1. Sign into the YouTube Studio app (Android, iOS)

2. Tap the Earn tab

3. Tap View Payment Activity

You will see: 

  • Progress towards your next payment (This is similar to the progress you see in your AdSense account Balance if you are monetizing your own website.)
  • Up to 12 months of payment history. Only months where a payment was issued are displayed.

Your AdSense account will still show your AdSense for YouTube payments, with more transaction details. Plus it will indicate if there are any payment holds you need to resolve. 

View Payment History in your AdSense Account

To view your YouTube payments in your AdSense account: 

1. Sign in to AdSense (

2. Click AdSense for YouTube at the top of the left menu (if you are only monetizing YouTube you may not need to do this)

3. On the box with your Balance and Last Payment click the 3 dot menu icon at top right.

Note that the Balance will be zero if a payment was issued, but the month's estimated YouTube revenue has not yet been finalized. The new YouTube Studio app payments details will show your estimated balance and progress towards a payment.

4. Select View Payments

5. On the Payments page click View Transactions

6. Click a payment for details. 

Why don't I see the payment history in YouTube Studio?

There are several reasons why you may not see your payment history in YouTube Studio: 

  • This feature is currently rolling out (as of November 2, 2023).
  • It is only available to accounts monetizing one YouTube channel.
  • It is only available to accounts with payments in US Dollars
YouTube "plans to expand this more broadly in the future".

Announcement: A new way to view your YouTube payments